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L10n Report: August Edition

Please note some of the information provided in this report may be subject to change as we are sometimes sharing information about projects that are still in early stages and are not final yet.


New localizers

Are you a locale leader and want us to include new members in our upcoming reports? Contact us!

Important updates

Mozilla’s Pootle instance is closing down on September 1st, we’ll move existing active localizations to Pontoon. Read this blog post if you’re interested in more details.

New content and projects

What’s new or coming up in Firefox desktop

New content to localize for Firefox desktop is mostly focusing around two areas:

  • Onboarding experience (tour and in-product notifications).
  • Preferences reorganization.

While the Onboarding experience will be an ongoing effort, with content updates between versions of Firefox, the reorganization of preferences should be mostly completed (and it was a complex problem to solve). Unfortunately, another consistent change landed right before merge day for preferences, finally bringing some terminology consistency (website vs site).

In the meantime, still a lot of visible changes in the UI are happening in Firefox, as part of the ongoing Photon project.

Activity Stream (the redesigned about:newtab) is currently scheduled to ship in Firefox 57, with some locales tested as an experiment in 56 (A/B study), while Firefox Screenshots is still scheduled to ship with Firefox 55 for all locales (staged rollout during August, with an increasing number of users receiving the feature over time).

What’s new or coming up in Test Pilot

Test Pilot launched 3 new experiments, two of them are localizable in Pontoon.

Notes adds a simple one-page notepad in Firefox sidebar, to store notes while browsing the web.

Firefox Send, on the other hand, is the first stand-alone web service distributed as part of Test Pilot: it’s a website where you can upload a file, encrypt it and obtain a link to share it. Once the file has been downloaded (or within 24 hours), it gets removed from the server. Basically, a one-time, secure file sharing website that will work with any browser, not just Firefox.

The third project, currently available only for English, is called Voice Fill, and lets you talk with search engines (Google, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo), using AI for speech recognition.

What’s new or coming up in mobile

  • Greek (el) and Lao (lo) are reaching release version of Firefox for Android with Firefox 55 release (today is merge day, next week is the launch). Congratulations! You can download Firefox for Android here.
  • Belarusian (be) and Zapoteco (zam) are now shipping in the Play Store! They’ll reach release with Firefox for Android 56. Congratulations! Try them out on Beta now.
  • More than 1,000,000 Focus for Android downloads! Impressive! If you still haven’t tried it out, come get it here!
  • We have 12 new locales ready to go for Focus iOS v3.4! Afrikaans (af), Danish (da), Greek (el), Spanish from Mexico (es-MX), Hindi (hi-IN), Malay (ms), Romanian (ro), Tamil (ta), Telugu (te), Tagalog (tl), Urdu (ur), and Uzbek (uz). Congratulations! You can try out Focus for iOS here.
  • We are now moving to a bi-weekly cadence for both Focus projects. Check out what that means for l10n by looking at the Focus iOS schedule here and the Focus Android schedule here. In fact, our releases will be schedule driven rather than dictated by feature development progress. Both features and fixes will be allocated to the next available release upon completion. This will give us the ability to respond much more quickly to bug reports and user feedback.

What’s new or coming up in web projects

  • continues its makeover to position for the new Firefox launch in autumn with new content and the new templates. Since our last report, nine web pages appeared on your web project dashboard. We have a few more in the work, so stay tuned. Keep an eye on the replacement pages and the web dashboard for pending projects.
  • Germany and Taiwan are two of the focused markets for the Firefox campaigns. The communities have more content than others to localize. Additionally, they are adjusting their localization process in order to include multiple parties in this collaborative effort.
  • Snippets: The August campaign focuses on Test Pilot, in time for the rollout of new features.
  • Community Participation Guide is localized in 6 locales: de, es, fr, hi-IN, pt-BR and zh-TW. We are working on an amendment. These communities will need to review the update once the updates are localized.
  • The Firefox Privacy Notice has been revised continuously in the last few months. The document is localized in select locales. If your community has the bandwidth and/or expert knowledge in legal language, please review the document.

What’s new or coming up in Foundation projects

  • will get a content update over the summer! The website will get a clear timeline of events for the Copyright reform and it should be easier to take action. We are also investigating the addition of a call tool so that people can directly call their MEPs to be real copyfighters, so stay tuned!
  • The IoT survey has been localized in de, es, fr, it, pt-BR and we’re launching it very soon! We’re supporting a few more locales than with the previous survey, and are expecting to get even more people taking it! 💪
  • Fundraising update: we’re looking into supporting SEPA transfers! It’s a very long process due to bank regulations, and we can’t guarantee anything yet, but we’re trying hard to get it set up this year. This means your contributions will help us raise even more money to create an Open Internet movement, as wire transfers are the #1 request from European people to our donor support team. Oh, and we’re supporting a few more currencies, check it out!

What’s new or coming up in Pontoon

  • Terminology management (WIP) is coming quickly to Pontoon, starting with terminology suggestions in translate view. Check-out this mock-up!

Newly published localizer facing documentation

Kekoa – our tireless intern – is working on documenting how to use the translation interface in Pontoon.


  • The Telugu L10n Meetup happened last weekend in Hyderabad, it’s a joint event by Mozilla, Swecha and Telugu Wikipedia. We can’t wait to know how it went!

Want to showcase an event coming up that your community is participating in? Reach out to any l10n-driver and we’ll include that (see links to emails at the bottom of this report)

Localization impact in numbers

  • Snippets currently support 8 locales and has recently tested in 4 RTL languages. Thanks to the communities who support this time sensitive and high priority project request on a monthly basis. We’d like to share some high-level Q2 snippet metrics with you:
    • Impressions: Localized snippets received approximately 1,471,993,100 impressions in Q2. 35% of world-wide snippet impressions were non-en.
    • Clicks: approximately 2,869,700 (44% of snippet clicks).
    • Average CTR (click through rate): .21% (.03%) higher than our en audience.
    • Average block rate: .21% (only .01% higher than en block rate)
  • The fundraising campaign has not even started ramping up that we already have some positive numbers to share with you 🙂 Here’s how much the top fundraising locales helped us raise money for Mozilla since January, so you can expect these numbers to get much higher very soon!
    • de: $18,837
    • fr: $16,669
    • es: $5,454
    • it: $3,044
    • ru: $1,769
    • ar: $1,572
    • nl: $1,129

Friends of the Lion

Image by Elio Qoshi

  • Rodrigo single-handedly worked on Zapoteco (zam) on Firefox for Android – which is going to ship with Firefox 56. A warm thank you for all this effort!
  • Elio joined the Italian l10n team volunteering to localize Thimble, he’s been keeping up with this task until the present day with passion and perseverance. More recently he joined the Mozilla Italia L10n Guide project, part of the Open Leadership Training initiative, and contributed to the translation of the Internet Health website.
  • Congratulations to the Greek team for reaching the goal of zero missing strings in Firefox. It’s been a long and adventurous journey.
    • Special shout-out to Jim, who has made possible with his massive contribution to catch up on most of the Mozilla projects (Firefox etc).
    • Another special shout-out to Mike who has joined the team recently and is making great suggestions! Welcome 🙂
  • Thanks to Georgianizator for doing a great job in localizing several projects in Georgian (ka).
  • Othman Wagiman leads the Malay community making significant progress in all products and projects, turning the project dashboard on Pontoon from gray to green. Impressive!!!
  • Ton of the Dutch team identified quite a few inconsistencies in the usages of the most common phrases in our recent web project copies. His feedback is greatly appreciated by all the people and functions who are responsible in putting the content on the web.

Know someone in your l10n community who’s been doing a great job and should appear here? Contact on of the l10n-drivers and we’ll make sure they get a shout-out (see list at the bottom)!

Useful Links

Questions? Want to get involved?

Did you enjoy reading this report? Let us know how we can improve by reaching out to any one of the l10n-drivers listed above.

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