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L10n report: April edition

Please note some of the information provided in this report may be subject to change as we are sometimes sharing information about projects that are still in early stages and are not final yet.


New localizers

Are you a locale leader and want us to include new members in our upcoming reports? Contact us!

New content and projects

What’s new or coming up in Firefox desktop

The deadline to ship localization updates in Firefox 67 is quickly approaching (April 30). Firefox 68 is going to be an ESR version, so it’s particularly important to ship the best localization possible. The deadline for that will be June 25.

The migration to Fluent is progressing steadily, and we are approaching two important milestones:

  • 3 thousand FTL messages.
  • Less than 2 thousand DTD strings.

What’s new or coming up in mobile

Lot’s of things have been happening on the mobile front, and much more is going to follow shortly.

One of the first things we’d like to call out if that Fenix browser strings have arrived for localization! While work has been opened up to only a small subset of locales, you can expect us to add more progressively, quite soon. More details around this can be found here and here.

We’ve also exposed strings for Firefox Reality, Mozilla’s mixed-reality browser! Also open to only a subset of locales, we expect to be able to add more locales once the in-app locale switcher is in place. Read more about this here.

There are more new and exciting projects coming up in the next few weeks, so as usual, stay tuned to the Dev.l10n mailing list for more announcements!

Concerning existing projects: Firefox iOS v17 l10n cycle is going to start within the next days, so keep an eye out on your Pontoon folder.

And concerning Fennec, just like for Firefox desktop, the deadline to ship localization updates in Firefox 67 is quickly approaching (April 30). Please read the section above for more details.

What’s new or coming up in web projects

  • firefox/whatsnew_67.lang: The page must be fully localized by 3 May to be included in the Firefox 67 product release.
  • navigation.lang: The file has been available on Pontoon for more than 2 months. This newly designed navigation menu will be switched on whether it is localized or not. This means every page you browse on will show the new layout. If the file is not fully localized, you will see the menu mixed with English text.
  • Three new pages will be opened up for localization in select locales: adblocker,  browser history and what is a browser. Be on the lookout on Pontoon.

What’s new or coming up in SuMo

What’s new or coming up in Fluent

Fluent Syntax 1.0 has been published! The syntax is now stable. Thanks to everyone who shared their feedback about Fluent in the past; you have made Fluent better for everyone. We published a blog post on Mozilla Hacks with more details about this release and about Fluent in general.

Fluent is already used in over 3000 messages in Firefox, as well as in Firefox Send and Common Voice. If you localize these projects, chances are you already localized Fluent messages. Thanks to the efforts of Matjaž and Adrian, Fluent is already well-supported in Pontoon. We continue to improve the Fluent experience in Pontoon and we’re open to your feedback about how to make it best-in-class.

You can learn more about the Fluent Syntax on the project’s website, through the Syntax Guide, and in the Mozilla localizer documentation. If you want to quickly see it in action, try the Fluent Playground—an online editor with shareable Fluent snippets.


  • Want to showcase an event coming up that your community is participating in? Reach out to any l10n-driver and we’ll include that (see links to emails at the bottom of this report)

Friends of the Lion

  • Kudos to Sonia who introduced Mozilla and Pontoon to her fellow attendees. She ran a short workshop on localization at Dive into Open Source event held in Jalandhar, India in late March. After the event, she onboarded and mentored Anushka, Jasmine, and Sanja who have started contributing to various projects in Punjabi.

Know someone in your l10n community who’s been doing a great job and should appear here? Contact on of the l10n-drivers and we’ll make sure they get a shout-out (see list at the bottom)!

Useful Links

Questions? Want to get involved?

Did you enjoy reading this report? Let us know how we can improve by reaching out to any one of the l10n-drivers listed above.

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  1. Sanjna wrote on

    Thanks to L10N for mentioning my name….but i just want to tell you that my name is Sanjna not sanja.


    1. Théo Chevalier wrote on

      Oops, it’s been fixed, sorry! And welcome again to the community


  2. Sonia wrote on

    A huge thanks to Peiying and l10n team for guiding me throughout <3

    Cheers Sanjna, Anushka and Jasmine 🙂


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