Articles from 2012

Awesome L10n community: Urdu

This is the first in a series to spotlight the efforts and practices of awesome mozilla L10n communities and contributors alike. Urdu (ur) Date founded: March 2011 Number of members: … Read more

Add-on L10n with Jetpack

The Jetpack team has been working tirelessly to make it easier to create add-ons for mozilla products. They know that 70% of Firefox users are non-English-speaking, and thus understand that  … Read more

L10n team in Brussels

We have had a very exciting week! Last week we had the privilege of traveling to Brussels for a team work week and the FOSDEM 2012 conference. We discussed both … Read more

Updated tools tutorials

It has just become easier to use Mozilla L10n tools. Recently we completed a very much needed documentation update for two of our most widely used L10n tools: Narro and … Read more