Firefox L10n Report – Aurora 53

Current Aurora Cycle – Firefox 53

Key dates for this cycle:

  • Beta (52): localization updates for already shipping locales must be completed before 22 February.
  • Aurora (53): localization updates must be completed before 6 March. That’s the Monday, also known as merge day, before the next release of Firefox.

String breakdown:

  • Firefox Aurora desktop has 303 added strings (182 obsolete). About 25% of the new strings are for Developer Tools.
  • Fennec Aurora has 60 new strings (46 obsolete). 9 new strings are Fennec-only (in /mobile).

There are currently no pending requests to uplift patches with strings to Aurora.

For further details on the new features you can check the release notes (they’re usually published a few days after release):

Noteworthy Changes Available in Aurora

These are some of the interesting changes introduced in the last cycle.


Several strings were updated in Preferences, switching from “I/me” to ”You/your”. Depending on the way you translated them before, following closely English or using your own style, you might be able to reuse the existing translations.


Permission dialogs (sharing microphone, camera, location, etc.) have been redesigned to have a consistent layout and message. The result is that there are about 50 new strings to translate, in /browser and /toolkit (for password dialogs). You can use this website to test most permission dialogs.


There are several new strings related to managing WebExtensions-based add-ons. To give you an idea, the permission system is similar to the one available in a mobile OS, and you need to review them before installing or updating add-ons:


A few strings changed without a new ID to fix the use of “login” (noun) instead of “log in” (verb). They will show up as fuzzy in Pootle, but you should be able to confirm your existing translation



There’s a new string that is missing a comment (will be fixed, but not in time for this aurora cycle): “Open tabs” in pref_private_data_openTabs is a preference to clear open tabs, so “Open” is an adjective in this context, not a verb.



Localization is still broken for Debugger. In addition to that, a problematic changeset landed at the very end of the cycle: 7 strings changed without a new ID, and a few of them have issues (no plural form, one unclear). All issues should be fixed in the next Aurora cycle (this version of Debugger is enabled by default only on Nightly and Developer Edition).


New Languages

New locales reached release with Firefox 51:

  • Georgian (ka) and Kabyle (kab) in Firefox desktop.

Congratulation to all the teams involved! It’s been a long time since we added new language to release.

We currently have 5 other locales working on Firefox desktop, and we really look forward to release them in the next versions of Firefox:

  • Latgalian (ltg)
  • Burmese (my)
  • Nepali (ne-NP)
  • Tagalog (tl)
  • Urdu (ur)

The following locales are moving to Beta with Firefox 52 for Android:

  • Asturian (ast)
  • Georgian (ka)

If you want to know more about the process of releasing new locales, or if you speak one of these languages and want to know how to help the localization teams, please get in touch with us.

To all localizers: Thanks again for all the time and effort you put in localizing and promoting Firefox in your language.

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