Do you speak Assamese, Interlingua, Lao, Latgalian, Maithili, Malayalam, Nepali, Tagalog? Mozilla needs your help

Firefox 56 for desktop ships in 96 languages, with 5 more only available in the Nightly channel. To give you an idea of what this number represents, while getting the exact list of languages shipping in competitors is really hard, it’s roughly twice the number of languages shipping in Google Chrome, and over 3 times the number of localizations available in Apple Safari.

That’s possible thanks to the incredible work of our Community, since Firefox localizations are maintained by contributors, coordinated by a handful of employees (aka localization drivers).

Unfortunately, there comes a time in the life cycle of a localization when contributions stall: life gets in the way, priorities shift, and there’s no more time to dedicate to Mozilla and localization. As localization drivers, we usually try to identify new community owners, and facilitate the transition process, but that’s not always possible. In some cases, we need to remove a localization, because the amount of untranslated or mixed content reaches a point where the experience for users is simply not good enough.

There are currently 3 languages close to being removed:

They’re all available on Pontoon for translation: if you want to contribute to these localizations, please get in touch with us via our mailing list or #l10n o IRC. If you know people that might be interested, or you are part of the larger localization community, please share this message with your social contacts 😉

Five languages are currently available in Nightly, and they’d welcome help reaching completion or testing their builds:

All Nightly builds for these languages can be downloaded from this page. If you’re interested in helping, feel free to reach out to the respective teams.

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