Jeff Beatty

L10n team in Brussels

We have had a very exciting week! Last week we had the privilege of traveling to Brussels for a team work week and the FOSDEM 2012 conference. We discussed both … Read more

Updated tools tutorials

It has just become easier to use Mozilla L10n tools. Recently we completed a very much needed documentation update for two of our most widely used L10n tools: Narro and … Read more

i18n vs l10n — what’s the diff?

Internationalization (i18n). Localization (l10n). Globalization (g11n). Localizability (l12y). What does it all mean? In this business, there are so many alphanumeric acronyms that it can be really difficult to keep … Read more

Future of Mozilla L10n tools

For those of you who were able to attend, I’m sure that you can agree that  MozCamp EU 2011 was phenomenal! The sessions were informative, personal, and sincerely thought-provoking. Once … Read more

And so it begins

Welcome to the new Mozilla L10n blog! If you are applauding while reading this, it’s to be expected! After all, we’re all applauding while writing it 🙂 We’re extremely happy … Read more