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Firefox Aurora 26 Localization Report

Hello localizers!

Thank you all for your great work with Firefox 25 and 26. Here’s an outline of what is currently in Aurora this cycle (27) and what we accomplished together last cycle:

This cycle (28 October – 10 December)

Key dates include:
– Beta sign offs must be completed before 02 December.
– Aurora sign offs must be completed before 10 December.
Firefox 26 releases 10 December.

– Approximately 145 new strings were added to Aurora desktop, 37 for Aurora mobile.
– Many of the new desktop strings cover the addition of devtools, the addition of DNT to Firefox metro, as well as crash error messages in toolkit (see previous threads on the mailing list for more details on metro and
– Many of the mobile strings include improvements to context menus on about:home as well as download alerts and helper apps (see ).

Please remember that sign offs are a critical piece to the cycle and mean that you approve and can vouch for the work you’re submitting for shipment.

Last cycle (17 September – 28 October)

Noteworthy accomplishments:
– 65% of all locales shipped Firefox 25 on desktop updates on time. Congratulations to everyone who signed off and shipped this last cycle! This is a 7% decrease in locale coverage between Firefox 24 and Firefox 25!
– In Firefox 25, three new locales were added to Firefox for Android: Irish (ga-IE), Ukrainian (uk), and Romanian (ro)! Congratulations! We’re continuing to add Android supported locales to this list with each new cycle in a staged approach.

Thank you to everyone for all of your dedication and hard work this last cycle!

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