Virtual, global Mozilla l10n sprint — Report

I want thank everyone who both accomplished their Spring Release work before the l10n sprint and participated in the l10n sprint. As you know, the Spring Release is one of the two major releases this year and a big opportunity for new users to download and install your localization work. When they do so, we want to make sure they’re installing the most localized version of the browser(s) yet! In order to be sure that your localization is one of those shipping an update in the Spring Release, please sign off on your projects by 30 April.

Here’s what we accomplished before and during the sprint:

Firefox 38 desktop:

  • pre-sprint 48% signed off,
  • post-sprint 53% signed off (rm, tr, fa, ko)

Fennec 38:

  • pre-sprint 64% signed off,
  • post-sprint 66% signed off(pt-PT)

Web parts:

  • eo, kn, bn-IN, sk were able to bring their and other projects up-to-date.

The following locales were done with Firefox/Fennec spring release before the sprint. Congratulations and thank you:

  • af
  • an 
  • ar 
  • az 
  • bg 
  • bn-IN
  • br 
  • cs 
  • cy 
  • dsb 
  • es-CL 
  • es-ES 
  • et 
  • eu 
  • fi 
  • fr 
  • fy-NL 
  • ga-IE 
  • gd 
  • hr 
  • hsb 
  • id 
  • is 
  • it 
  • kk 
  • lv
  • my
  • nl 
  • pt-PT
  • pl
  • ro 
  • ru
  • sk 
  • sl 
  • sq 
  • sr 
  • sv-SE 
  • uk 
  • zh-CN 
  • zh-TW

The following locales made progress on localizing Spring Release products (Firefox/Fennec) during the sprint. Thank you for your involvement:

  • bg
  • br
  • cs
  • de
  • es-MX
  • fa
  • hi-IN
  • kn
  • ko
  • lt
  • nn-NO
  • pl
  • pt-PT
  • rm
  • si
  • ta
  • tr
The Beta cycle is not yet over and we all still have time to ship the most linguistically accessible version of the Firefox browsers yet! If you have not yet signed off on your localizations, please do so by 30 April. We will be reaching out to individual locales between now and then to see how we can help you ship a complete update for Spring Release!

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