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Firefox L10n Report (Aurora 40)

Hello localizers!

Thank you all for your great work with Firefox 38 and 39. Here’s an outline of what is currently in Aurora this cycle (40) and what we accomplished together last cycle:

This cycle (Fx40) — 11 May – 29 June

Key dates:
– Beta (39) sign-offs for new locales must be completed by 9 June.
– Beta (39) sign offs for already shipping locales must be completed before 16 June.
– Aurora (40) sign offs must be completed before 29 June.
– Firefox 39 released 12 May.
– Firefox 38.0.5 (Northern Spring Release) releases 2 June.

Remember that the schedule for the next few cycles is going to be odd. Here are the basics:
– May 11 – June 29 — This cycle will be 7 weeks in order to catch up to the regular schedule after cutting the Fx38 in Aurora cycle short by one week.

– Approximately 239 new string changes landed in Firefox Aurora desktop and 35 for Fennec Aurora exclusively (unshared).
– 40% of desktop string changes are related to devtools. 13% are related to e10s and add-ons. 9% are related to Firefox Hello and 10% are related to new tabs and new prefs. Please see for more info.
– 2 devtools files, ( and were moved from browser (browser/locales/en-US/chrome/browser/devtools) to toolkit (toolkit/locales/en-US/chrome/global/devtools). Tools like Pootle will automatically detect this change; if you’re localizing directly on Mercurial, you should move the files using ‘hg mv’. Feel free to ask more information on the mailing list or IRC (#l10n) if you need any help.
– 50% of the Fennec strings changes are related to tab queue management. ~30% are related to doorhangers firstrun, and onboarding, and prefs. ~20% are related to tab queues. 37% are obsolete strings that need to be removed from your repo.
– In addition to Firefox and Fennec, Firefox for iOS will launch it’s first version after the Northern Spring Release. I’m hoping to have more information about this next week.

Please remember that sign offs are a critical piece to the cycle and mean that you approve and can vouch for the work you’re submitting for shipment. For the 38 Northern Spring Release sign-offs, Axel and I made the decision to accept sign-offs for locales who had spent a long time trying to come up-to-date but have struggled to complete translation for all necessary parts. Our rationale was that it was better for a new user to receive the most up-to-date localization, even if that localization is only 80% localized, rather than a localization of Firefox that was 65% localized. If anyone has questions about this, please feel free to find Axel and I.

Last cycle — 30 March – 11 May

Noteworthy events:
82% of all locales shipped Firefox 38 on desktop updates on time. Congratulations to everyone who signed off and shipped this last cycle! This is a stunning 11% increase in locale coverage between Firefox 37 and Firefox 38! Hooray!
87% of all locales shipped Fennec 38 on time. Congratulations to everyone who signed off and shipped this last cycle! This is a stunning 12% increase in locale coverage between Fennec 37 and Fennec 38! Hooray!
– The Azerbaijani [az] team launched their first localizations of Fennec with Fennec 38. Please reach out to them with your congratulations!
– The Persian [fa] team launched their first complete localization update of Firefox desktop in nearly two years with Firefox 38. Please reach out to them with your congratulations! Here’s to many more Persian localizations of Firefox!

Thank you to everyone for all of your dedication and hard work this last sprint. As always, if you note anything missing in these reports, please let me know.

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  1. Sara Mansouri wrote on

    Great! It wouldn’t be possible without your attention Jeff.
    A big thank you from Persian localisation team 🙂


  2. bittin wrote on

    yay also Sweden is done for 39 and 40 now just wait until the 41 cycle 🙂


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