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Introducing source string comments in Pontoon

Published on behalf of April Bowler.

When we first shipped the ability to add comments within Pontoon we mentioned that there were some additional features that would be coming, and I’m happy to announce that those features are now active.

What are those features, you say? Let’s have a look:


If you have a comment that you need to ensure is seen by a particular person on the project, you can now ‘mention’ that person by typing the “@” symbol and their name. Once the comment is submitted that person will then be notified that they have been mentioned in a comment.

Pinned Comments

Project Managers can now Pin comments within the Comments panel in the 3rd column. This will not only add a visible pin to the comment, it will also place the comment within the source string Metadata section in the middle column and make it visible globally across all locales.

Request Context or Report Issue

Also present in the top section of the middle column is a new button that allows localizers to request more context or report an issue in the source string. When utilized this button will open the Comments panel and insert a mention for the contact person of the project. This will ensure that the contact person receives a notification about the comment.

Request context or report issue

Request Context or Report Issue button allows localizers to ping Project Managers, which can pin their responses to become globally visible for everyone.

Final Thoughts

As you can probably tell by the descriptions, all of these features work hand-in-hand with each other to help improve the workflow and communication within Pontoon.

For example, if you run into an ambiguous string, you can request context and the contact person will clarify it for you. If the meaning of the source string is not clear for the general audience, they can also pin their response, which will make it visible to everyone and even notify users who already translated or reviewed the string.

It has truly been a pleasure to work on this feature, first as part of my Outreachy internship and then as a contributor, and I hope that it has a positive impact on your work within Pontoon. I look forward to making continued contributions.

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