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Firefox l10n report (Aurora 42)

Hello localizers!

Thank you all for your great work with Firefox 40 and 41. Here’s an outline of what is currently in Aurora this cycle (42) and what we accomplished together last cycle:

This cycle (Fx42) — 11 August – 21 September


Key dates:
– Beta (41) sign-offs for new locales must be completed by 2 September.
– Beta (41) sign offs for already shipping locales must be completed before 9 September.
– Aurora (42) sign offs must be completed before 21 September.

– Approximately 394 new string changes landed in Firefox Aurora desktop and 87 for Fennec Aurora exclusively (unshared).
– 100% of the Firefox desktop string changes are showing in the dashboard as new strings/files that need translation, however, many of these strings are part of devtools refactoring (i.e., they were moved from one location to another, in several cases existing strings got new IDs). For those of you working directly with HG, this will be helpful to understand these changes: . For those of you working on Pootle, the system’s translation memory should automatically provide you with translation matches as suggestions from when you translated these strings previously.

  • ~30% of the new strings in devtools.
  • ~27% are in dom.
  • ~16% are related to privacy settings, tracking protection, and private browsing.
  • ~7% are related to password management.
  • ~6% are related to Firefox Hello (loop) and Firefox Accounts.
  • Finally, about 4% are related to WebRTC.

Please see for more info.

– 68% of the Fennec strings changes are new strings/files that need translation.

  • 15% of those new strings are related to performing remote operations in the browser.
  • ~17% of them  are related to login prompts and credential management.
  • ~40% of them are related to private browsing, tracing protection, and privacy settings.
  • Finally, 13% of them are related to mixed content and tabbed browsing.

Please see for more information.

Last cycle — 29 June – 10 August


Noteworthy events:
75% of all locales shipped Firefox 40 on desktop updates on time. Congratulations to everyone who signed off and shipped this last cycle! This is a 7% increase in locale coverage between Firefox 39 and Firefox 40! Congratulations!
78% of all locales shipped Fennec 40 on time. Congratulations to everyone who signed off and shipped this last cycle! This is a 1% increase in locale coverage between Fennec 39 and Fennec 40. Congratulations!
– We had the single largest number of locales ever to sign off on the launch of a Mozilla product today with Firefox for iOS. iOS users will be able to access Firefox in up to 36 languages in the first release! This is a major accomplishment for the Mozilla localization communities! Please take a moment to celebrate a job extremely well done.
– We’re looking forward to congratulating the Croatian team next cycle for launching their first localization of Firefox for Android. We’re also looking forward to seeing the Purépecha and Kaqchikel localization teams launch their first Mozilla localizations in Firefox for Android soon.

Thank you to everyone for all of your dedication and hard work this last sprint. As always, if you note anything missing in these reports, please let me know.

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  1. bittin wrote on

    Swedish is done with Fennec for Android and iOS still a bunch of strings to translate for Desktop etc tough and a bunch of Java strings etc i don’t really know how to translate and i stepped down from Desktop as i got less and less time as i got a full time job last week, me and Jeff are gonna have a meeting and try to find someone else


  2. Ricardo Palomares wrote on

    Some time ago, I remember you posted not just the variation in shipped locales compared to previous versions, but also the total number of locales released. Could I get that information somewhere? I vaguely remember hearing Firefox was the most localized software on Earth (no info yet from other planets), 😉 but I don’t know if that’s still the case.


    1. Jeff Beatty wrote on

      This says 90 locales –

      My own research into a competitive view of language coverage shows that Firefox is more like the second most localized browser on Earth.


      1. Ricardo Palomares wrote on

        Thanks! I didn’t know of that file. You know, us the localizers stop at mozilla-beta nowadays. 🙂


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