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L10n Report: June 2020 Edition


New community/locales added

New content and projects

What’s new or coming up in Firefox desktop


Upcoming deadlines:

  • Firefox 78 is currently in beta and will be released on June 30. The deadline to update localization was on Jun 16.
  • The deadline to update localizations for Firefox 79, currently in Nightly, will be July 14 (4 weeks after the previous deadline).

Fluent and migration wizard

Going back to the topic of how to use Fluent’s flexibility at your advantage, we recently ported the Migration Wizard to Fluent. That’s the dialog displayed to users when they import content from other browsers.

Before Fluent, this is how the messages for “Bookmarks” would look like:


That’s one string for each supported browser, even if they’re all identical. This is how the same message looks like in Fluent:

browser-data-bookmarks-checkbox =
  .label = { $browser ->
     [ie] Favorites
     [edge] Favorites
    *[other] Bookmarks

If all browsers use the same translations in a specific language, this can take advantage of the asymmetric localization concept available in Fluent, and be simplified (“flattened”) to just:

browser-data-bookmarks-checkbox =
  .label = Translated_bookmarks

The same is true the other way around. The section comment associated to this group of strings says:

## Browser data types
## All of these strings get a $browser variable passed in.
## You can use the browser variable to differentiate the name of items,
## which may have different labels in different browsers.
## The supported values for the $browser variable are:
##   360se
##   chrome
##   edge
##   firefox
##   ie
##   safari
## The various beta and development versions of edge and chrome all get
## normalized to just "edge" and "chrome" for these strings.

So, if English has a flat string without selectors:

browser-data-cookies-checkbox =
    .label = Cookies

A localization can still provide variants if, for example, Firefox is using a different term for cookies than other browsers:

browser-data-cookies-checkbox =
    .label = { $browser ->
        [firefox] Macarons
       *[other] Cookies

HTTPS-Only Error page

There’s a new mode, called “HTTPS-Only”, currently tested in Nightly: when users visit a page not available with a secure connection, Firefox will display a warning.

In order to test this page, you can change the value of the preference in about:config, then visit this website. Make sure to test the page with the window at different sizes, to make sure all elements fit.

What’s new or coming up in mobile

Concerning mobile right now, we just got updated screenshots for the latest v27 of Firefox for iOS:

We are trying out several options for screenshots going forwards, so stayed tuned so you can tell us which one you prefer.

Otherwise our Fenix launch is still in progress. We are string frozen now, so if you’d like to catch up and test your work, it’s this way:

You should have until July 18th to finish all l10n work on this project, before the cut-off date.

What’s new or coming up in web projects

Firefox Accounts

A third file called main.ftl was added to Pontoon a couple of weeks ago in preparation to support subscription based products. This component contains payment strings for the subscription platform, which will be rolled out to a few countries initially. The staging server will be opened up for localization testing in the coming days. An email with testing instruction and information on supported markets will be sent out as soon as all the information is gathered and confirmed. Stay tuned.

In the past month, several dozens of files were added to Pontoon, including new pages. Many of the migrated pages include updates. To help prioritize, please focus on

  • resolving the orange warnings first. This usually means that a brand or product name was not converted in the process. Placeables no longer match those in English.
  • completing translation one page at a time. Coordinate with other community members, splitting up the work page by page, and conduct peer review.

Speaking of brands, the browser comparison pages are laden with brand and product names, well-known company names. Not all the brand names went to the brands.ftl. This is due to some of the names being mentioned once or twice, or limited to just one file. We do not want to overload the brands.ftl with too many of these rarely used names. The general rule for these third party brands and product names is, keep them unchanged whenever possible.

We skipped WNP#78 but we will have WNP#79 ready for localization in the coming weeks.

Transvision now supports in Fluent format. You can leverage the tool the same way you did before.

What’s new or coming up in Foundation projects

Donate websites

Back in November last year, we mentioned we were working on making localizable the remaining part of the content (the content stored in a CMS) from the new donate website. The site was launched in February, but the CMS localization systems still need some work before the CMS-based content can be properly localized.

Over the next few weeks, Théo will be working closely with the makers of the CMS the site is using, to fix the remaining issues, develop new localization capabilities and enable CMS content localization.

Once the systems are operational and if you’re already translating the Donate website UI project, we will add the following two new projects to your dashboard with the remaining content, one for the Thunderbird instance and another one for the Mozilla instance. The vast majority of this content has already been translated, so you should be able to leverage previous translations using the translation memory feature in Pontoon. But because some longer strings may have been split differently by the system, they may not show up in translation memory. For this reason, we will enable back the old “Fundraising” project in Pontoon, in read-only mode, so that you can easily search and access those translations if you need to.

What’s new or coming up in Pontoon

  • Translate Terminology. We’ve added a new Terminology project to Pontoon, which contains all Terms from Mozilla’s termbase and lets you translate them. As new terms will be added to Pontoon, they will instantly appear in the project and be ready for translation.There’s also a “Translate” link next to each term in the Terms tab and panel, which makes it easy to translate terms as they are used.
  • More relevant API results. Thanks to Vishnudas, system projects (e.g. Tutorial) are now excluded from the default list of projects returned by the API. You can still include system projects in the response if you use set the includeSystem flag to true.


  • Want to showcase an event coming up that your community is participating in? Reach out to any l10n-driver, and we’ll include that (see links to emails at the bottom of this report)

Friends of the Lion

  • Robb P. , who has not only become top localizer for the Romanian community, but has become a reliable and proactive localizer.

Know someone in your l10n community who’s been doing a great job and should appear here? Contact one of the l10n-drivers and we’ll make sure they get a shout-out (see list at the bottom)!

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