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Mozilla Platform: 2013-07-23

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Hot Bugs

(Important bugs for which we need to find owners or additional help. If known, please include suggested team or knowledge needed to advance the bug.)

Orange Factor



The Need To Know

(Release and system issues that may impact engineering this week.)

  • While there were dromaeo failures on talos for the changeset we built our Desktop FF23.0b8 with, we’re going to let it ride since the offending changeset has been backed out, a fix is in, and we have a Thursday Desktop beta
  • We’ll respin the mobile beta for a couple of addons that we want before our final beta next week
    • bug 886576 – Unable to show the dynamic address bar on short Twitter pages

Notices/Schedule (akeybl/lsblakk/bajaj)

48 bugs (52 bugs last week) 36 bugs (48 bugs last week)
Unresolved Aurora 24 Trackers (non-security, not tracked for Beta) Unresolved Beta 23 Trackers (non-security)

Build Changes (gps)

(Build changes of which engineers should be aware.)

Upcoming Outages/Upgrades

(System outages/upgrades and tree closures that impact engineering.)

Key Issues

(Non team specific issues that impact engineering.)

releng (joduinn)
  • birch as b2g-inbound has been great success. Official “b2g-inbound” branch is coming, soon “birch” will revert to being normal twig again. Details in bug 875989 or ask hwine.
  • “integration/fx-team” will get sheriff coverage, landing to mozilla-central. We will monitor this experiment for next few weeks.
    • If you are on fx-team, please land on “fx-team” instead of “mozilla-inbound” unless directed otherwise by sheriffs.
  • Try-repo-reset last week to address performance problems. If you see delays while pushing to try, please let sheriffs or RelEng know (or file a bug!)
  • Talos-on-mozharness change coming tomorrow (Wednesday 24th). Details here:!topic/
    • Note: need to refresh to recent changeset before pushing to try.
  • OSX Builder+tester reduced capacity from 06:00-10:00 PDT on Tues (30jul), Wed (31jul) and Thurs (01aug) for power-construction work in SCL3 colo. Details in bug 850852.
    • We do not expect this to cause a treeclosure, but please be careful when landing patches in this window. Sheriffs will meter-checkins or close trees if things go bad.

Team Stand-ups

(In <2 mins, what did your team accomplish last week, on what is your team working on this week, and on what, if anything, is your team blocked? No questions during the stand-ups. All questions should be asked during the roundtable.)

Accessibility (dbolter)

B2G Services (dougt)

Developer Tools (dcamp)

  • Break on DOM events backend landed
  • A large chunk of the remote inspector landed
  • Browser debugger stepping fixed
  • Remote scratchpad near landing
  • Content process debugging ready to land, will be preffed off until a Unix Domain Socket connection patch is ready.
  • Looking into a solution for Developer Profiles: Thread

DOM (jst/dougt)

Firefox Desktop (gavin/dolske)

  • bug 870100 landed, enables the background thumbnailing service. No more blank thumbnails on about:newtab!
  • This week’s Australis update

Firefox Metro (bbondy/jmathies/mbrubeck)

<Read Only>

  • File downloads appbar work landed
  • Various front end bugfixes and polish
  • Async Pan Zoom Controller in review, landing pref’ed off this week

Firefox Mobile (mfinkle/blassey)

Firefox OS Browser (blassey)

  • kick off work week last week
  • currently in our fist 2 week sprint.
  • daily standups in #gaia at 10:30am EDT
  • looking for other apps to handle share web activity (bug 895484, bug 821519 and bug 895480

Firefox OS Devices/Porting/Bluetooth (mchen)

<Read Only>

  • Bluetooth
    • AVRCP 1.3 – Reviewing.
    • A2DP/AVRCP 1.0 – Enabling on master branch.
  • Devices/Porting
    • Bluedroid – Working on pairing function.
    • Evaluate ram usage of SC/TC IME for China Unicom.
    • Create build system for Tablet project.
    • Improve Gaia make system for adding B2G flags.
  • Blocking Bugs
    • 889730, 892371, 887650, 894805, 778453

Firefox OS Media Apps (hema)

<Read Only>

  • Last Week
    • Bugs: 873937, 890427, 894435, 857674, 884720, 893282, 888821, 891797, 894040, 876782, 894891, 873937, 881664, 894734, 884273, 882993
    • 1.2 features
  • This Week
    • 1.1 blocker bugs
    • Start triaging koi? bugs that fall under media apps team
    • Continue working on 1.2 features
  • Blockers
    • None

Firefox OS Media Recording (cjku)

<Read Only>

  • WebRTC
    • bug 896391: memory copy from graphic buffer, which is generate in camera module, has bad performance, since CPU cache disable.
    • bug 853356: Display camera/ microphone permission acquisition prompt.
  • Graphic
    • bug 894262: Merge GonkIOSurfaceImage to GrallocPlanarYCbCrImage
    • bug 894847: WebGL is horrible slow when hardware composer unavailable
  • Media recorder
    • MP4 muxer library investigation.
    • bug 847763: Prevent virtual keyboard iframe from getting focus

Firefox OS Productivity (doliver)

<Read Only>

Last week:

This week:

  • Close out v1.1 blockers
  • Expect to land the majority of the marionette enhancements for 891696 that will at least allow teams to start writing integration tests
  • Meeting with team of contractors from Bocoup — they’ll be working on the Clock application for 1.2, implementing new features and working on establishing best practices for Gaia development.


Firefox OS Radio/GPS (kenhkchang)

<Read Only>

  • Last week
    • Fix Leo+ issues.
    • CDMA,
      • Implemeting call waiting/switching, RSSi, OTASP, nsIDOMMozMobileCellInfo, network select mode, and ECB for gecko part.
      • To get the UX for Gaia part.
    • WAP Push(SI and SL), to clarify the requirements.
    • OMA CP, to clarify the requirements.
    • NFC, to understand the NFC specifications.
    • WPA-EAP, to move Crypto to WebIDL
  • This week
    • Fix Leo+ issues.
    • CDMA,
      • Implemeting call waiting/switching, RSSi, OTASP, nsIDOMMozMobileCellInfo, network select mode, and ECB for gecko part.
      • Based on UX to implement Gaia part.
    • WAP Push(SI and SL), based on UX to implement Gaia part.
    • OMA CP, to clarify the requirements and plan to only support APN setting for CP function now.
    • NFC, to analyze how to design NFC architecture for all NFC user stories and share them to team members.
    • WPA-EAP, to move Crypto to WebIDL
  • Blockers
    • Need UX for CDMA and WAP push.

Firefox OS Systems – Front End (lucas, gregor)

<Read Only>

Kickoff meeting this week in SF (Wed – Fri)

  • Customization features: Single Variant based on SIM.
  • Notification features: Be able to close, iterate, change notifications.

Firefox OS Systems – Platform (timdream)

<Read Only>

  • Functional group discussion and spun up
  • Engineering on-going for 3rd-party keyboard feature
  • hi-res v1.1hd branch have started QA, assets catching up
  • Engineering discussion on future versions and maintenance/refactor plan on-going
  • Discussion on-going on Gaia build script and work with Fx app manager

GFX (milan)

<Read Only>

  • D2D1.1 landed
  • TextureHost/TextureClient changes landed, disabled with gralloc on B2G
  • All unit tests are now ported to GTest
  • A few people are visiting Skia folks in North Carolina in August

JS (jandem)

<Read Only>

  • Last Week
  • This Week
    • Compiler (JIT)
      • bug 891541: Ship VTune support for Odin (asm.js) in Nightly
      • Land bug 866888: Ion-compile try-catch
    • Garbage Collection
      • bug 894971: Hashing out a potential alternate approach to avoid needlessly entraining garbage in closures
      • Fix remaining rooting hazards
    • Front End and Other
      • Standalone alpha release of mozjs24
      • Finish up ICU memory situation, figure out if any other issues need to be solved before enabling Intl stuff in all desktop builds
  • Blockers
    • None

Media (jesup)

  • getUserMedia() – Fix for 44100 mics (on windows) landed and uplifted to Beta — bug 886886
    • Fixes ever-increasing audio delay when talking from Windows with certain (common) headsets and Lenovo W520/530 built-in mics
  • Shout-out to :mwu for jumping in an helping with bug 825112 (audio getUserMedia input on Gonk) – Thanks!
  • Fixes for dictionary and large transfers (from Windows) for DataChannels. Chrome will be supporting DataChannels very soon.
  • Landed bug 866675 (new audio output backend for windows)
  • WebRTC on Android nearing beta – if you’re on one of the bugs for that, please help get them resolved ASAP
  • Recording API initial landing (audio only)

Top work items:

  • Audio latency/quality: WebRTC Audio Issues
  • Video framerate and resolution adaptation
  • Performance, especially on mobile
  • Working towards heavier internal dogfooding

Necko (jduell)

<Read Only>

  • some new network APIs will be getting exposed (work still in progress)
  • We are turning off user prompts when websites use appcache! (bug 892488)
    • could mean DOS attacks, but gives us parity w/other browsers, and may result in appcache being used more.
  • We’re close to a fix on bug 887753 (Server not found after reconnecting to etherpad)

Performance (vladan)

<Read Only>

See last week’s update for projects in progress

Bugs of note:

  • bug 888373: A new simple API to detect how the last session exited. It should replace the existing mechanisms with a single, better performing implementation


Seceng (mmc)

  • Personnel changes: Welcome Christoph Kerschbaumer! Farewell Ian Melven 🙁
  • Time for another round of disabling side-installed addons?

WebAPI (overholt)

<Read Only>

Quality Programs

(An opportunity to hear about status with the various quality programs that do not have a formal team structure.)

MemShrink (njn)

Luke Wagner reworked asm.js parsing. The parsing memory peak in the Unreal demo has dropped from 800+ MiB to less than 10 MiB; parsing is a bit faster, too.

Justin Lebar, Kyle Huey, Andrew McCreight, and others have been making ongoing progress on fixing slow leaks in B2G (gecko + gaia). This is *extremely* important work.

OrangeFactor (ryanvm)

  • Past week’s OrangeFactor: 4.98 (Previous Week: 3.75).
  • The Windows XP xpcshell tests stopped timing out on m-c (?!). No clue why.
  • 16 intermittent failures fixed in the last week – List – Thanks!.

Stability (kairo/bsmedberg)

  • Overall numbers are good, Android trunk is still high, bugs are being worked on, though.


(Comments and questions that arise during the course of the meeting or otherwise do not have a section.)

  • New meeting rooms for this meeting (lmandel)
    • SFO Warfield
    • TOR Finch
    • PDX Widmer

<Read only beyond this point>

Mailing List Threads

(Threads that are likely to be of interest to engineering from various mailing lists.)

Good Reads

(Links to blog posts, books, videos, etc. that you think will be of interest to others.)

Engineering Meeting Details

  • Tuesday 2013-07-2311:00 am Pacific
  • Dial-in: conference# 98411
    • US/International: +1 650 903 0800 x92 Conf# 98411
    • US toll free: +1 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf# 98411
    • Canada: +1 416 848 3114 x92 Conf# 98411
    • FR/Paris: +33 1 44 79 34 80, x92 Conf# 98411
  • Engineering Vidyo Room / MTV Warp Core / TOR Finch / SFO Warfield / PDX Widmer
  • join #planning for back channel

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