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Mozilla 2 Meeting Minutes: 2008-06-18

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Mozilla 2/StatusMeetings/2008-06-18

From MozillaWiki

  • Video, roc/cdouble:
  • Compositor, roc:
  • Worker Threads, bent:
    • Moving along well, was blocked by a few JSeng and XPConnect bugs but now all known problems resolved (thanks brendan, jst, jorendorff!).
    • Arun and Sicking helping with API design discussion.
    • Johnny recommended an arch change to avoid future XPConnect bugs that will take a day or so.
  • JS Tracing, brendan:
  • Acid3, dbaron:
    • All the bugs that we need to fixed have been analyzed.
    • There’s still a good bit of work to do on some of the bugs.
    • A bunch at risk.
    • SMIL @ risk, SVG fonts at risk.
    • roc has patches for all the layout bugs.
  • Protected/Low Rights Mode, mconnor/jim:
  • SVG CSS, roc:
  • CSS transforms – keith (dholbert’s intern): Started two days ago, so probably not much progress here.  🙂
  • pixman/cairo perf, vlad: Out this week. Last status:
    • we’ve got stuff coming from antoine/fred
    • will turn on SSE opts
    • will need ARM stuff
  • offline, dcamp: Working with honzab implementing remaining features in the offline spec (versioned app caches, fallback uris)

1.9.1 Discussion

  • mozilla-central status? How are things going? Bumps in the road? Easy? Complaints or suggestions?
    • Need a guilty list. John O has a bug for this. (bug 419949)
    • Need a query facility, like bonsai.
    • Cycle times are seemingly slower on moz-central (about an hour slower). Need to look into this. John O to investigate.
  • graph server changes:
  • Major progress, wanted1.9.1+ bugs that are in trouble?
    • Layout 1.9.1 Update:
    • Content 1.9.1 Update:
    • GFX 1.9.1
      • Only one blocking1.9.1+ bug, but several wanted1.9.1+
      • A worrying number of wanted1.9.1+ assigned to Joe Drew, but most of them are highly related
        • Do we have an update on SVG fonts and/or bz’s work to make <img src=”foo.svg> possible?
      • Two still assigned to nobody
      • Vlad, Stuart off for another week and a half (roughly). JOEDREW! off next week and 1/2 of the week after.
    • JS 1.9.1 Starting to land stuff that missed Fx3, mostly perf and conformance bugs. Strategy for performance improvements:
      • gradual codegen evolution with the aim of less dispatch overhead, Acid 3 bug (dmandelin/shaver)
      • JSObject ops makeover
      • direct threaded interpreter loop on Windows
      • SDK / compiler adjustments on Mac
      • Profile guided input improvements

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