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Mozilla Platform: 2014-03-04

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Hot Bugs

(Important bugs for which we need to find owners or additional help. If known, please include suggested team or knowledge needed to advance the bug.)

Orange Factor
  • The dom/downloads tests have joined dom/apps and dom/datastore as disabled on B2G due to frequent failures (bug 961014, bug 949451, bug 947167, etc) and lack of progress finding a fix. Unlike dom/apps and dom/datastore, these were also failing on B2G desktop builds. Filed bug 979446 for fixing and re-enabling.
  • bug 970052/bug 970053 – browser_URLBarSetURI.js disabled on debug Linux/OSX for frequent timeouts.


The Need To Know

(Release and system issues that may impact engineering this week.)

Notices/Schedule (lsblakk/sylvestre)

  • Second to last Android beta 28 shipping this week
  • Desktop 28.0b8 ships today, two more betas – only taking tracked & sec-critical issues at this point
  • input=color was disabled, should ship in 29
Next Merge: March 17, 2014 Next Release: March 18, 2014
Central: 30 Aurora: 29 Beta: 28 Release: 27
53 bugs (47 bugs last week) 41 bugs (44 bugs last week)
Unresolved Aurora 29 Trackers (non-security, not tracked for Beta) Unresolved Beta 28 Trackers (non-security)

Build Changes (gps)

(Build changes of which engineers should be aware.)

RelEng (catlee)

(Repo, test, and other information for engineers from the release engineering team.)

  • We won’t be resetting Try repository as part of the regular 6 week tree closure windows. If pushing to Try becomes too slow, please file a bug with IT to coordinate resetting.

Upcoming Outages/Upgrades

(System outages/upgrades and tree closures that impact engineering.)

Team Stand-ups

(In <2 mins, what did your team accomplish last week, on what is your team working on this week, and on what, if anything, is your team blocked? No questions during the stand-ups. All questions should be asked during the roundtable.)

Accessibility (dbolter)

  • No update.

Firefox OS Communications (scravag)

<Read Only>

Firefox OS Devices/Porting (ericchou)

<Read Only>

  • Bluetooth
    • Spent much time on defining the new Bluetooth API (before pairing).
    • Currently we use devices which use BlueZ as backend. We started to change to use Bluedroid as primary backend since it’s the only backend which is supported by post-JB android.
  • Media Playback
    • Features (Integrate MediaCodec into gecko & PlatformDecoderModule for FirefoxOS) are in progress.
    • Media Playback work week will be held from 3/10 to 3/14 at Mozilla Taiwan office in Taipei.
  • Device Storage & Stability
    • New API “mount”, “unmount” got r+ and landed today. (bug 971612)
    • Ready to raise a topic for defining Device Information API for our app developers to get device information more easily and also for the compatibility of Cordova. (

Firefox OS Media Recording (cjku)

<Read Only>

  • bug 971641 – [MediaEncoder] Support AMR audio format in 3GP
  • bug 938034 – [B2G] GetUserMedia can provide recording callback in media stream
  • bug 975930 – [LayerScope] All textured buffers show RB swapped which is incorrect.
  • bug 959089 – Separate GrallocBuffer allocations from Compositor thread
  • bug 959505 – [Display][gonk-kk] Porting GonkNativeWindowClient, GonkBufferQueue, and FakeSurfaceComposer
  • bug 924692 – [Touch Caret] Display a touch caret according to caret postion in input element

Firefox OS Performance (mlee)

<Read Only>

2014.02.28: Last Sprint

  • Focused on Scrolling FPS, Memory, Launch Latency and Automation.

2014.03.14: Current Sprint

  • Focus on Automation, Scrolling FPS, Power and Tarako.

Firefox OS Telephony/WIFI/NFC (kenhkchang)

<Read Only>

  • QC Blocker list,
    • bug 881174 – B2G CDMA: support conference (3-way) call.
    • bug 960865 – B2G RIL: support dun apn type.
    • bug 969218 – B2G RIL: using promise for telephony.dial() and dialEmergency()
    • bug 975813 – Support IPv6 in Network Manager
    • bug 900429 – (b2g-ril-cdma) Personalization state for CDMA.
    • bug 973771 – B2G RIL: Preferred Network types for LTE.
    • bug 881174 – B2G CDMA: support conference (3-way) call
    • bug 960865 – B2G RIL: support dun apn type
    • bug 973842 – support adding routes in secondary routing tables
    • bug 961571 – B2G RIL: support ims apn type
  • To fix 1.3+ bugs,
    • bug 964228 – Race condition in NetworkStatsService.jsm
  • To fix 1.4+ bugs,
    • bug 975356 – [DSDS][RIL] iccId is not correctly set on the message received from SystemMessenger
    • bug 945089 There is some case that concatenated SMS data is lost
  • NFC,
    • bug 933588 – B2G NFC: Rewrite NFC Worker in C++.
    • bug 978671 – B2G NFC: Add ro.moz.nfc.enabled system proprty to Nexus-5 (hammerhead).

Firefox OS Systems – Front End (gwagner)

<Read Only>

  • Fixing up integration tests
  • Various fixes to the Download API/Manager
  • Fixes to cards view
  • Getting OOP turned on by default in Linux B2G desktop

GFX (milan)

  • focus for the graphics team for the next two weeks:
    • 942750 – no checkerboarding (likely includes enabling tiling)
      • the tiling has two competing/complementary approaches being investigated; will make a call this week
    • 957323 – hardware composer fence on B2G 1.4 (done)
    • 854795 – image downsize on decode (done)
    • KitKat support (Nexus 5 for now)

Identity (jedp)

  • Desktop Sync (ckarlof)
    • Everyone keep testing FxA and Sync
  • FxA on FxOS (spenrose)
    • Down to fewer than 10 blockers for landing preffed-off. (See bug 955951.)
    • Big blocker is UI review from Settings peer.
    • Beginning Q/A process.

JS (naveed)

<Read Only>

    • Compiler (JIT)
      • bug 948229 – Fixed last crash with inline-frame-profiling-removal patch
      • Opened bug 976260 – for instrumenting profiler with optimization info.
    • Garbage Collection
    • Front End and Other
      • SharedArrayBuffer landed on Nightly! Spent the last week working through fuzz bugs and re-testing to get a green landing.
      • bug 972712 Landed JS memory reporter improvements (bug 972712): script sources are now attributed to files, and objects/shapes are attributed to classes.

Layout (jet/dbaron)

<Read Only>

  • Bug 966992 – Implements overflow-clip-box: content-box
  • Bug 978612 – Perf optimization for static-positioned elements
  • Bug 978608 – Memory optimizations in font configuration shutdown
  • Bug 976364 – CSS ‘perspective’ now creates a stacking context.
  • Bug 973767 – Fix race conditions in compositor testing code
  • Bug 947588 – Improve rendering of invalid characters (aka hexboxes)
  • Bug 975900 – SVG imgUtils now converted to Moz2D
  • Bug 969460 – <html> (root element) now accepts ‘display:flex’
  • Bug 63895 – fixed many longstanding table element positioning issues
  • Bug 962440 – Text performance implements async font loader
  • Bug 735577 – Logical direction API’s starting to land to prepare for Vertical Text
  • Bug 977891 – e10s compositor fixes
  • Bug 976877 – Performance optimizations for scrolling
  • Bug 968555 – backface-visibility shouldn’t trigger creation of a stacking context

Media (mreavy)

<Read Only>

  • Many of us are attending the IETF conference in London this week. Expect updates next week.

Necko (dougt/jduell)

  • no update this week.

Performance (vladan)

  • No update this week

WebAPI (overholt)

  • No update this week

Quality Programs

(An opportunity to hear about status with the various quality programs that do not have a formal team structure.)

CritSmash (dbolter)

  • Thank you to those who fixed security bugs, great activity in the past couple of weeks.
  • Pwn2Own is coming (March 13-14), be prepared!

MemShrink (njn)

  • JS memory reporting has improved: script sources are now attributed to files, and objects/shapes are attributed to classes.

OrangeFactor (ryanvm)

  • Past week’s OrangeFactor: 5.72 (Previous Week: 4.64).
  • 16 intermittent failures fixed in the last week – List – Thanks!.

Stability (kairo/bsmedberg)


(Comments and questions that arise during the course of the meeting or otherwise do not have a section.)

<Read only beyond this point>

Friends of the Tree

There were great changes by volunteers in Core and Toolkit during the past week. Thanks to all of these contributors for their passion and hard work! Here are some highlights:

Mailing List Threads

(Threads that are likely to be of interest to engineering from various mailing lists.)

Good Reads

(Links to blog posts, books, videos, etc. that you think will be of interest to others.)

irc #planning Log From This Meeting

13:58 lmandel_:
14:00 dveditz: KaiRo: I was re-watching Trading Places recently and was surprised to see everyone in New York (and maybe Philadelphia?) dressed up in costumes for New Years. Haven't seen that on the west coast
14:00 jedp: dveditz amazingly, i just re-watched that last week.  and yes.
14:00 dveditz: then again it was a plot point (gorilla/man-in-gorilla-suit confusion) so maybe they just made it up for the movie
14:01 KaiRo: dveditz: interesting
14:02 dveditz: jedp: I wasn't intending to, just stumbled on it on a lazy rainy day so why not?
14:03 catlee: :'-(
14:03 dveditz: catlee?
14:03 catlee: lmandel_ is stepping down running these platform mtgs
14:03 overholt: RyanVM|sheriffduty, I'm working on the dom downloads bugs
14:04 RyanVM|sheriffduty: overholt: thanks
14:04 catlee: we need a going away party
14:05 lmandel_: catlee: Happy to have a party thrown.
14:06 RyanVM|sheriffduty: catlee: we only store logs for 30 days, so I'm wondering if we really need to save the history older than that
14:07 catlee: probably not
14:08 Pike: catlee: the only real counter-argument for strip is pushlog coming out of sync, right?
14:09 catlee:!topic/
14:09 catlee: Pike: yeah, I think so
14:09 Pike: ... and if so, would the revlog storage proposal change that?
14:09 catlee: not sure
14:12 RyanVM|sheriffduty: lsblakk++
14:12 lsblakk: ?
14:12 KaiRo: after all, we have "10 F***ING DAYS" to ship a fix!
14:13 lsblakk: that's right :)
14:13 Pike: lmandel_: so was your last meeting the shortest?
14:13 lsblakk: so doing it in 4 is icing
14:13 dveditz: so who is going to be leading the mtg?
14:13 jedp: thank you, lmandel_
14:13 johnath: dveditz: cpeterson
14:14 dveditz: thanks
14:14 dveditz: and yes, thank you lmandel, especially for your reformatting of the mtg and stern hand keeping it on track -- lots of information in a short amount of time
14:15 dveditz: one of my more useful meetings of the week for time spent
14:25 jesup: dveditz: You were probably seeing the Philadelphia "Mummers" Parade.  Mardi Gras-ish costumes, string bands/dancing, and comics.  Been going since the ?late 1800's? on Jan 1.  The troupes build constumes and practice year-round more or less
14:28 lmandel_: dveditz, jedp: My pleasure. I'm glad to hear that you find the meeting useful. That was my goal.
14:29 jedp: lmandel_ very helpful.  short and sweet updates; lots of info efficiently delivered.

Engineering Meeting Details

  • Tuesday 2014-03-0411:00 am Pacific Standard Time
  • Dial-in: conference# 98411
    • US/California/Mountain View: +1 650 903 0800, x92 Conf# 98411
    • US/California/San Francisco: +1 415 762 5700, x92 Conf# 98411
    • US/Oregon/Portland: +1 971 544 8000, x92 Conf# 98411
    • CA/Vancouver: +1 778 785 1540, x92 Conf# 98411
    • CA/Toronto: +1 416 848 3114, x92 Conf# 98411
    • UK/London: +44 (0)207 855 3000, x92 Conf# 98411
    • FR/Paris: +33 1 44 79 34 80, x92 Conf# 98411
    • US/Toll-free: +1 800 707 2533, (pin 369) Conf# 98411
  • Engineering Vidyo Room / Air Mozilla / MTV Warp Core / TOR Finch / SFO Warfield / PDX Hair of the Dog
  • join #planning for back channel

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