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Mozilla Platform: 2014-08-05

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Need To Know

(Release and system issues that may impact engineering this week.)

Notices/Schedule (lsblakk/sylvestre)

Next Merge: September 1, 2014 Next Release: September 2, 2014
Central: 34 Aurora: 33 Beta: 32 Release: 31
  • Firefox 32 beta 4 ships today
  • Fennec 32 beta 4 ships tomorrow

Build Changes (gps)

(Build changes of which engineers should be aware.)

RelEng (catlee)

(Repo, test, and other information for engineers from the release engineering team.)

Upcoming Outages/Upgrades

(System outages/upgrades and tree closures that impact engineering.)

  • Tree Closing Window (TCW) this Saturday, August 9. (Normal 6 week cycle).
    • some network work will impact build & test environments
    • some vcs failover testing will occur
    • more details and timeframes in bug 1048340

Quality Programs

(An opportunity to hear about status with the various quality programs that do not have a formal team structure.)

OrangeFactor (ryanvm)

<Read Only>

  • Past week’s OrangeFactor: N/A (bug 1046162 and bug 1048920 track the current issues) (Previous Week: N/A).
  • 16 intermittent failures fixed in the last week – List – Thanks!.

CritSmash (dbolter)

  • BLACK HAT is this week! Please be on the ready for jumping on potential security disclosures.

MemShrink (njn)

  • B2G: Ghislain Aus Lacroix changed some backgrounds that used subtle radial gradients to instead use solid colour, saving around 2.5 MiB of memory.

Stability (kairo/bsmedberg)

<Read Only>

  • topcrash in Nightly. fix in progress. some changes backed out.
    • bug 1043426 and 1045608 – mozilla::layers::CompositorD3D11::DrawQuad(mozilla::gfx::RectTyped<mozilla::gfx::UnknownUnits> const&, mozilla::gfx::RectTyped<mozilla::gfx::UnknownUnits> const&, mozilla::layers::EffectChain const&, float, mozilla::gfx::Matrix4x4 const&)

Team Stand-ups

(In <2 mins, what did your team accomplish last week, on what is your team working on this week, and on what, if anything, is your team blocked? No questions during the stand-ups. All questions should be asked during the roundtable.)

Developer Tools (robcee)

Profiler Update

Last week, Victor Porof (:vp) attempted to land the New Profiler UI in bug 879008. He had to back it out due to leaks occurring in the Profiler back-end. We logged bug 1047124 to investigate this and some quick discussion with Benoit Girard suggested there was a leak.

We’re going to land the new Profiler front-end with the 15 or so tests that cause this leak disabled.

A little further investigation showed the tests from our original in-tree Profiler were disabled back in February bug 973974 and never re-enabled.

We’re going to talk to Kannan Vijayan this week to ask if he has any chance to look into this. He’s been fixing Profiler crashes for nearly 6 months and rewriting the JS backend of the profiler in his spare time. Hopeful we’ll be able to get these tests working again as we’ve been running blind since they were disabled.

Any additional help or insight please contact me (robcee) or Victor (victorporof) in email or IRC.

17 Bugs Fixed

Hacks Post for 33

DOM (jst/overholt)

  • The DOM module now has a new peer! The new peer is Andrea Marchesini (baku) who’s made a ton of amazing contributions to the DOM in the past couple of years!

Electrolysis (e10s) (blassey)

  • e10s team held a QMO testday last week focused on testing add-ons with e10s. We are tracking a list of known compatible and incompatible add-ons on (“Are we e10s yet?”).

Firefox Desktop (gavin)

Summary of Work In Progress

  • You can find the most recently completed iteration performance report here
  • You can see the status of the current iteration in progress here

Summary of Recent Landings

  • Team landed 54 bugs over the last week, for a total of 92 for the 34.1 iteration.
  • Details of landings from the past week can be seen here

Firefox Mobile (snorp)

Work In Progress

You can find more on upcoming feature plans in the[roadmap]

Landings from the past week

Nightly (34)
  • Enable search activity in Nightly builds ( Bug 992963 )
  • ButtonToast doesn’t do anything with duration parameter ( Bug 1018417 )
  • Auto-selecting a phone number does not stop at element breaks ( Bug 1023418 )
  • Fail to launch webapp with TypeError: navigator.mozApps is undefined ( Bug 1035867 )
  • support tab casting to chromecast ( Bug 1037015 )
  • Regression: lost the ability to set and or remove an existing master password ( Bug 1042657 )
  • Reader mode (ambient light detection) prevents device from sleeping (holds CPU wakelock) ( Bug 1043920 )
  • Add architecture to logged library load errors ( Bug 1046369 )

Firefox OS Connectivity (vchang)

<Read Only>


Firefox OS Devices/Porting (ericchou)

<Read Only>

  • Gonk team (led by Thomas Tsai)
    • Team Summary
      • Tarako: Solving gating issues which were reported by Spice/Intex
      • Dolphin: SPRD PTR2 and perf issues
      • Woodduck: github code sync and function ready lists
      • Flame: waiting for T2M KK + v1.4 release
  • Bluetooth (members: Shawn Huang, Ben Tian, Jamin Liu, Jocelyn Liu)
    • Worked on Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) API design.
    • Planned a meeting on 8/5 with Google Chrome OS bt team to discuss more about WebBluetooth API.
  • Media Playback (members: Bruce Sun, Blake Wu, Star Cheng)
    • bug 1038134 – Audio playback pauses for 2 secs when home button is tapped – WIP (2.0+)
      • Star has been still looking for the root cause.
    • bug 941302 – PlatformDecoderModule for FirefoxOS – r+ (2.1 feat+)
    • bug 1033337 – [dolphin][perf] It took about 2.9s for music to start play – WIP (1.4+)
    • bug 1041453 – MediaCodecReader crashes while parsing / playing some WebM files – landed
  • Device Storage & Stability (members: Alphan Chen)
    • MTP is now working on FxOS (pref-off by default) when the host is either Windows 7 or Ubuntu.
    • bug 1043264 – [MTP] Find out the needed MTP API – WIP

Firefox OS Media (slee)

<<Read Only>>

  • ImageCapture API
    • implementing
    • bug 916643
  • Media test cases failure
    • fixing
    • bug 1044773, 1046837, 1048080, 1039901,
  • async codec threading part
    • implementing
    • bug 1033912, 1043900

Firefox OS RIL (htsai)

<Read Only>


GFX (milan)

  • No update, more of the same from last week.

JS (naveed)

  • For lack of a better place to announce it (beyond in newsgroups): mfbt has a new UniquePtr class, which you should use to manage new‘d allocations that aren’t refcounted or similar; see this blog post for lots of info
    • Also, mozilla::Scoped is deprecated — use UniquePtr instead!

Layout (jet/dbaron)

No update this week.

Media (mreavy)

<Read Only>

  • About solved the Win32 GMP OpenH264 crashes with IPC (bug 1044245)
    • Lots of uplifts of GMP fixes to 33
  • Researching a Flame audio+video capture startup delay
  • Whitelisting for screen/window sharing is in (media.getusermedia.screensharing.allowed_domains in about:config)
    • With the whitelist, now enabled by default – will be uplifted to 33 in the next day or so
    • Further improvements to Screensharing UI and flow in 34
  • GMP decryption APIs landing

Seceng (grobinson)

<Read Only>

  • Old JS implementation of CSP has been removed from mozilla-central (bug 994782)
    • Should not affect anything (it was off by default), but it’s gone now! woo!


(Comments and questions that arise during the course of the meeting or otherwise do not have a section.)

<Read only beyond this point>

Mailing List Threads

(Threads that are likely to be of interest to engineering from various mailing lists.)

Good Reads

(Links to blog posts, books, videos, etc. that you think will be of interest to others.)

irc #planning Log From This Meeting

14:01 lmandel:
14:02 milan: which (physical) room in SFO?
14:02 milan: thanks.  the invite still had NoisePop
14:02 blassey: milan: warfield
14:03 gavin: which room in MV?
14:03 gavin: alien nation?
14:03 blassey: yup
14:04 blassey: robcee: we can see your nose hairs...
14:04 blassey: (because of the camera zoom, not the size of nose hairs)
14:06 robcee: our self view shows the whole room
14:06 robcee: so I'm going to take the nose hairs comment personally
14:07 blassey: robcee: it's now full room
14:07 blassey: davidb fixed it
14:07 robcee: I see.
14:08 robcee: afk, grooming.
14:08 davidb: :)
14:08 davidb: i am the zoom master
14:09 ctalbert: robcee: what kinds of help do you need with the leak issues for the profiler?
14:10 robcee: ctalbert: figuring out what's causing them in the backend
14:10 robcee: I've spoken to benwa and djvj abuot it
14:10 robcee: about*
14:10 robcee: I think djvj may be able to help us assuming he has the time
14:10 ctalbert: robcee: oh ok yeah that sounds like a better fit than any help I can offer.
14:10 robcee: I'll take any help I can get :)

Engineering Meeting Details

  • Tuesday 2014-08-0511:00 am Pacific Standard Time
  • Dial-in: conference# 98411
    • US/California/Mountain View: +1 650 903 0800, x92 Conf# 98411
    • US/California/San Francisco: +1 415 762 5700, x92 Conf# 98411
    • US/Oregon/Portland: +1 971 544 8000, x92 Conf# 98411
    • CA/Vancouver: +1 778 785 1540, x92 Conf# 98411
    • CA/Toronto: +1 416 848 3114, x92 Conf# 98411
    • UK/London: +44 (0)207 855 3000, x92 Conf# 98411
    • FR/Paris: +33 1 44 79 34 80, x92 Conf# 98411
    • US/Toll-free: +1 800 707 2533, (pin 369) Conf# 98411
  • Engineering Vidyo Room / Air Mozilla / MTV Alien Nation / TOR Finch / SFO Warfield / PDX Hair of the Dog
  • join #planning for back channel

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