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Mozilla Platform Meeting Minutes: 2009-06-09

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Notices / Schedule

Firefox 3.0.12

  • Schedule on the wiki
  • Currently 34 unfixed blockers. If you’re on that list, you own a blocker.
  • Code freeze is in one week! June 16 at 11:59pm (but don’t perendinate too long!)

Firefox 3.5 RC1

  • closed mozilla-central to all but approved patches and blockers on May 21
  • only a few blockers (mostly Javascript correctness) remaining
  • delivered “Firefox Preview” update to 800k+ beta users to get more feeedback and testing on the changes we’ve made over the past month
  • build and QA are waiting on cutoff, ready-to-roll
  • RC will be built when it’s ready

Blocker Report


  • excluded the rest of the stats; they’re not really relevant
  • we are fixing blockers very quickly, our test suites keep running further and finding that “one more issue”
  • very strict on approvals now
  • triage should be done at least twice a day
    • need to only block on absolutely can’t-ship-without-it issues
    • need to think about backing out regression sources instead of trying to fix

Browser / Front End

  • Blockers: 1 remaining & 0 nominations
    • remaining bug is done, really – holding open in case any late-breaking locales go green
    • oh yeah, we have a new product icon thanks to the hard work of Alex, Anthony at the IconFactory, and our distributed visual design team who helped us work through the iterations

GFX Update

  • 1.9.1
  • GFX team working on finishing up Q2 goals and starting on 1.9.2 work
    • Windows 7 integration work, including jump lists.
      • Question: will the drivers want Windows 7 patches backported to 1.9.1.x?
    • Pixman maintenance and performance – different image scalers
    • @font-face spec work, fixed Firefox 3.5 firstrun page by discovering broken font
    • Imagelib API work
    • Investigational work on multiprocess graphics
      • Multiprocess graphics definitely impacts HW accel, both in schedule and functionality. Ramifications aren’t clear. Joe in MV next week for multiprocess meetings, should know more after then.
    • Canvas3D integration status – in trunk next week!

Layout Update

Content Update

  • Content Blockers: None!
  • Work on HTML 5 parser
    • First patch landed. Might affect web compat.
    • Actual parser changes being reviewed.
  • Slim wrappers
  • Multiprocess
  • Starting work on XBL2

Mac OS X Update

JS 1.9.1

General 1.9.1

These are bugs that fall outside of components covered by the Gfx, Content, Layout and JS groups:

Mobile 1.9.1 Update

  • blocking-fennec (1.0b2+, 1.0b3+ & 1.0+) [bugs]



  • RPC communication is up
  • plugins: load and initialize in a separate process, chat with parent process. not much “hard” work left (on Linux/Windows)
  • more detailed update forthcoming, to be posted at

Tree Management

  • No more missing entities in l10n nightlies since 29may – details in bug 478436
    • needed for doing l10n nightly updates
    • let us know if you see problems
  • Been holding off making any changes until FF3.5beta99 went out.
  • now making first set of infrastructure fixes; explicit *non*-downtime
    • bug 491298 rename win32 slaves
    • bug 474572 OPSI production rollout
    • bug 495533 upgrade java on win slaves
    • bug 494971 add ten new slaves to talos try (well 8 really until 2 are reimaged)
    • bug 495610 Clean up whitespace in
  • once all thats in, we’ll figure out what other queued changes we can roll out in production later this week, before tree is reopened. Stay tuned


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