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Mozilla Platform Meeting Minutes: 2009-07-28

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Notices / Schedule

Firefox 3.0.13

  • work on your blockers
  • code freeze on August 4
  • please request approval before landing

Firefox 3.5.2

  • targeting next week for release
  • please land your patches!
    • if you don’t land by 11:59pm tonight, your patch will not make it
  • please fix your blockers!

Firefox 3.6a1

  • code freeze tomorrow EOD or thursday AM
  • builds on thursday
  • release targeted for Friday
    • There are several bugs related to ireflow that bz must fix.
    • Phase I of Compositor is to land after dbaron finishes review.
    • All bugs that block the branch must be marked blocking-1.9.2+ and have P1 priority status. Please mark immediately.

Blocker Report

Gecko / Firefox 3.5.2

Gecko 1.9.2 / Namoroka

Browser / Front End

  • Asynchronous location bar: will land in time for alpha
  • Focus rewrite: regressions being tracked off of main bug 178324
  • Form awesomecomplete: bug 370117 landed, and bug 446247 should be coming later today
  • Responsiveness: in addition to fixed TSnappiness bugs, we also plan on getting bug 462809 completed by alpha to improve perception of performance
  • Ctrl-tab: landed required changes, moved behind pref by bug 465076

GFX Update

  • bug 753 landed, two regressions found and fixed the day after.
  • Decode-on-draw looking very good, but won’t make it for alpha or branch. Some layout and content dependencies/changes needed. bug 435296
  • OpenGL backend work has started, but might be deprioritized for Electrolysis/Fennec bug bug 505847
  • XBM file format being removed. bug 504822

Layout Update

  • Compositor phase 1 landed; a few regressions, fixes in hand for all but perhaps one or two
    • Removing widgets from <deck> for 1.9.2
  • Feature logjam for 1.9.2: background-size, CSS gradients, -moz-image-rect
  • fantasai patches for removing float continuations; probably not to land on 1.9.2

Content Update

  • mrbkap’s COW wrappers landed and no one noticed, which is exactly what we wanted!
  • bz is done with interruptible reflow crash regression fixing. Still some functional tweaks to do, but nothing super urgent.
  • bnewman making progress improving the Java-to-C++ HTML5 parser translator (reducing generated code [bug 505602] by ~15kloc, addressing perf issues [bug 506090]).
  • cjones making progress on infallible malloc.
  • peterv keeps knocking %s off of Dromaeo.

Platform-specific Support Update

  • Mac OS X fullscreen capabilities landed. Just needs Firefox UI to enable (see bug 505699).
  • Cocoa NPAPI in review.
  • Steven on vacation for a bit.
  • Win7 taskbar features progressing, working on build sdk update for landings.


  • Concurrent sweep added to GC. helps with animations.
  • 11-13% additional dromaeo improvement on TM tree right now.
  • Graydon et al. have a huge nanojit merge ready. What do we do with it?



  • all multi-process activity preffed off by default to make unit tests go green and separate plugin and tab work
  • Joe working on tilebrowser graphics… ETA?
  • Other project spinning up, but slowly due to existing 1.9.2 sprints and security work

Tree Management

  • intermittent woes:
    • talos redness caused by failed posts to new graph server. bug 476208

    • win32 build failures caused by NTFS file system woes “circular directory” bug 496712
  • Electrolysis branch done
  • filling out Tracemonkey
    • enabling mobile linux-arm builds tomorrow morning bug 505219
    • unittests, talos coming next week?
  • Note: mobile pool-of-slaves still unable to keep up with load; more devices coming after discussions on what model to get.
  • One VM to robarnold for win7
  • Spinning up more machines


  • feature list for 1.9.2 (beltzner)
  • test plans for 1.9.2 (beltzner)
  • string freeze on mozilla 1.9.2 for mobile (Axel)

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