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Firefox Status: 2016-02-16

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Actions from last meeting

  • None

General Topics / Roundtable

(tips/tricks/FYI, productivity improvements, industry news)

  • [MattN] mozscreenshots in automation
    • Preferences and default Devtools are now also captured on Nightlies
  • Project ideas and mentors wanted for Summer of Code 2016 & Outreachy
  • MozReview can be pushed to with Git:
  • Double-clicking on diffs to open comments in MozReview will be user-optional soon:
  • rstrong on indefinite leave, ping bsmedberg if you need assistance
  • Please consider taking some time this week to doublecheck non-fixed security bugs you have access to, whether they have owners, and are otherwise in a ‘good’ state.
    • Q: is there a way to see how many security/restricted-access bugs there are in a component?
      • If you are in the relevant security group for that component, you can bugzilla quicksearch for “group:security” combined with whatever other quicksearch terms for open/closed bugs, components, etc.
        • I do not believe there is a way to determine this number if you are not in the relevant security group; if you think you should be in a particular group and aren’t, speak to your manager. If you are a volunteer and think you need access, I’m not sure what to do, but you could ping me (Gijs) and I’ll find out.
        • It may or may not be useful to have counts per component more accessible than they currently are. I’m not the right person to talk to and/or make a decision regarding that, consider talking to Emma Humphries with ideas/thoughts about that.

Friends of the Firefox team

(Give a shoutout/thanks to people for helping fix and test bugs. Introductions)

  • nhnt11 has returned for another internship
  • Resolved bugs (excluding employees):
    • More than one bug fixed:
      • Edouard Oger [:eoger]
      • Jeffrey Tran
      • Tim Nguyen [:ntim]

Project Updates



  • Very few M8’s remain. We have a short list of M9’s as well (M8 is “things we truly believed we needed to fix for 46”, and M9 is “things we discovered needed to be fixed from Telemetry / beta bug reports”)
  • First Experiment has concluded (e10s enabled on beta for users with and without add-ons)
    • Even with add-ons, the main process crashes less when e10s is enabled, which is good
    • However, when you sum the number of parent + content process crashes, e10s seems less stable than non-e10s, even for users without add-ons
      • has been filed to track stability bugs
  • Got some janky add-ons data too:
  • Second Experiment started on Friday
    • This is going to blanket a good chunk of our beta population, and is going to be used to inform a go/no-go for e10s on for users without add-ons for Release 46.
    • We’re also going to make sure our “switching” logic works to ensure that users that aren’t supposed to get e10s (have add-ons, a11y stuff), truly don’t get it.
    • felipe has details
  • e10s tests:
    • still looking for owners for the long tail
    • mochitest-chrome wasn’t running at all, a fair bit of work going on there

Go Faster


  • The 1.2 release is in-progress
    • Working through the release process with Release Management


  • Working on improvements to malware download prevention and certificate override indication and removal

  • Hijacking remediation: (bug 1203168) Implementing an interstitial prompt to show when searching with a default engine that is suspected of being there due to hijacking:
  • Fixing bugs, with a focus on improving performance.

Quality of Experience

  • Still focusing on onboarding work (metabug 1229599)
    • Bookmark menu shows 5 most-recently added bookmarks (1219804)
    • show bookmark panel when clicking star (1219794)
    • fix Edge bookmarks / readline list import (1229076)
    • fix stub installer pinning (1229626)
    • when Firefox is your default, check on startup (1189038)
  • Created a metabug (1244854) for broader / upcoming QX work
  • Mike de Boer moving over from Hello to work on QX

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