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Firefox Status: 2016-03-01

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Actions from last meeting

  • None

General Topics / Roundtable

(tips/tricks/FYI, productivity improvements, industry news)

  • Focus is on e10s test fixing for most of the Desktop Experience team (Dolske+Panos)
    • [MattN] is useful
      • You can use SpecialPowers.loadChromeScript with a file or function to synchronously run code in the parent from a mochitest. This is very useful for fixing mochitests that were relying on synchronously running code that now needs to be in the parent process. Example:
      • [mikedeboer] Assert.jsm is coming to ContentTask!
    • [RyanVM] Lots of e10s intermittents in Firefox/Toolkit hanging off bug 984139 –
  • [MattN] is alive again!
  • [florian] Mozilla has been accepted as a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code 2016
  • [mconley] We have some Outreachy projects posted as well:
  • [mconley] MozReview double-click commenting was removed, and put into a WebExtension instead:
    • The MozReview team is getting together in a few weeks to work on some front-end bugs, specifically for reviewers
    • The MozReview team got some time from UX, and they’re helping them re-think the workflows

Friends of the Firefox team

(Give a shoutout/thanks to people for helping fix and test bugs. Introductions)

  • Resolved bugs (excluding employees):
    • More than one bug fixed:
      • Eric Hu
      • Sebastian H. [:aryx][:archaeopteryx]
      • Vidhuran Harichandra Babu

Project Updates


  • Beta 46 will force requiring signed add-ons
    • Any test add-ons in the tree need to be signed or loaded temporarily


  • Thanks everybody for the big push in helping to make tests work. Highly appreciated.
  • Kan-Ru and his team from Taipei are going to start helping with e10s. blassey is having them work on stability.
  • Some (maybe all?) of our release criteria has been turned into bugs blocking M9:
  • A bunch of us are working on talos regressions
  • A new tab open Talos test is being created
  • E10s rollout plans

Go Faster


  • Stabilising Hello for various releases.
  • Tested out the Go Faster update system on 45 beta (“empty update”), to a small number of users. As far as we know it was successful.
  • Starting to get a lot of process worked out – working on documenting it as we go.
  • FF 45 will be shipped with “1.0” built in. We are looking at doing an update (aka “1.1”) to 45 users after release.
  • Pointer sharing is now in nightly, click indications coming soon.


  • HTTPS sites with user-added security exceptions will now use the grey lock with yellow triangle icon in the identity box and control center (bug 1201437)
  • Added a button to revoke security exceptions in the control center (bug 1220753)

Quality of Experience

  • Bunch of individual bugfixes, mostly…
    • Installer wasn’t pinning to Windows taskbar in some cases, make Firefox stop doing the default-browser prompt if you opted-out in the installer, make the default browser “always ask” pref always apply when Firefox *is* the default browser.
    • Bookmark panel shows on first click now, main bookmark menu shows 5 most-recent bookmarks
    • Onscreen keyboard disabled for Windows 8 in 45
    • Edge bookmark & reading list migration fixes uplifted to 45
  • WIP patches for improved awesomebar results UI and search hijacking remediation
  • Landed and uplifted numerous fixes around startup and shutdown crashes related to Places
  • The Search bar & URL bar unification telemetry experiment concluded, we are now in data gathering phase to determine next steps

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