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Mozilla Platform Meeting Minutes: 2009-12-22

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Notices / Schedule

Firefox 3.0.16 / Firefox 3.5.6

  • released last Tuesday, a few hours late but otherwise on schedule
  • contained regression for users with NTLM authenticating proxies (see bug 535193)
  • at the same time as (but unrelated to) this release, Norton IPS extension updated and is causing startup crashes, see bug 535345

Firefox 3.0.17 / Firefox 3.5.7

  • adjusted schedule to go for early January release to update users with fix for bug 534090 which affects major updates
  • also took a fix to the NTLM regression as well as for the #1 topcrash on branches
  • builds available as of this morning

Firefox 3.0.18 / Firefox 3.5.8

  • proposed schedule at links above, tree is open, please work on blockers
  • schedule tracks to one week later than original 3.0.17/3.5.7 schedule

Firefox 3.6 Beta Testers

  • approaching 600,000 ADUs, though lowering during the holidays
  • Beta 5 builds shipped last week with over 130 fixes from Beta 4

Firefox 3.6 Release Candidate

  • gonna go through the blocker lists today
  • long poles are now some JS issues and potential new crashes due to plugin architecture changes

Firefox Future Releases

  • Proposed 2010 release roadmap written up after workweek discussions. Represents a change in plan where Firefox early next year “Lorentz” will come from 1.9.2, not 1.9.3. Ready for wider promulgation?

Blocker Report

Firefox 3.6 RC Code Completion

All Blockers (includes website, release management, etc)
See more Firefox 3.6 related blocker queries, or learn about the new status and blocker flags

Browser / Front End

  • not a lot of news
  • team’s working on personal projects and continuing existing work
  • check Planet Firefox for updates!

GFX Update

  • bug 533691 – Violation of Microsoft’s copyright in IENUMFE.CPP / IENUMFE.H – our only remaining blocker. Just needs landing.
  • D2D not going to make it in to mozilla-central before the end of the year.

Layout Update

Content Update

Platform-specific Support Update


Startup Performance



Plugin work continuing. Fairly quick turnaround on issues discovered since last week: except for bug 521377 the major issues have landed in e10s repo and should land in m-c today.

Major issues to resolve before turning OOPP on by default:

  • crash reporting in the plugin process, bug 516759
  • NPRuntime races, bug 521377
  • Windows hangs, bug 535036
  • Also need to deal with updater issues (mozilla-runtime not executable on Linux when delivered via partial update), bug 535090

Filed bug 536188 to create a project branch for Firefox “Lorentz” based off of 1.9.2. The intention is to do betas starting in mid-January and doing weekly betas until release in March or April.

In mobile-land, work starting to port e10s to the Qt event dispatch/widget system.

Tree Management

  • Rebasing Talos machines in January
    • current hardware obsolete, starting to buy, rack new hardware
    • rebasing waiting until after FF3.6
  • FF3.0.17, 3.5.7 wrapping up
  • Waiting for go for: Fennec1.0rc1, FF3.6rc1.


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