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Mozilla Platform Meeting Minutes: 2010-06-29

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Notices / Schedule

DOWNTIME IN PROGRESS NOW before possible respin

  • Firefox 3.6.4
    • Went out last Tuesday, yay!
    • Too early for specific metrics yet (and we have been messing with throttling). OOPP looks good so far though (no worse than 3.6.3 at the very least)
  • Firefox 3.6.6 (where’s 3.6.5?)
    • Quick chemspill release to increase the OOPP hang detector timeout (ONLY bug 574905)
    • Created late Friday night, went out Saturday
      • Thanks to everyone that gave up 1/2 their weekend
  • Firefox 3.6.7 and 3.5.11
    • Any approvals are now implicitly for
    • Codefreeze was Friday
    • Schedule is really tight with holidays, summit, and BlackHat

Blocker Report

Firefox 3.6.7 and 3.5.11

  • Codefreeze was Friday
  • Still have too many open blockers
    • 11 for 3.6.7, down from 12 yesterday
    • 6 for 3.5.11, down from 8 yesterday
  • Most are security fixes we need to fix them on branches before BlackHat (end of July)
  • Only taking blockers at this time, and we need to get them all in TODAY.

Firefox 4 Beta

  • Beta 1 candidate builds available on FTP
    • there are a couple of new beta 1 blockers which require a respin, so build2 on its way
  • time to start working on beta2 blockers, everyone!
  • QA wants us to work with everyone to manage large invasive landings so that we get testing before they hit mozilla-central

Browser / Front End

Team’s been chasing down bugs for the beta, and now cranking on beta 2.

Fix those branch blockers!

GFX Update

  • D2D antialiased clipping is about to land
  • Some basic D3D9 layer retention is ready to go

Layout Update

  • Retained layers (bug 564991)
    • Passes tests
    • Still being reviewed … ETA “this week”
    • Karl still mopping up X/Flash issues
  • Units changes (bug 537890)
    • New patches up
    • Adds “mozmm” physical unit
    • Waiting for review
  • Importing Chromium combined video scaling+YUV-conversion code
    • faster, works well, fits nicely into our layers framework
  • Enabled JS inside of IFRAMEs in editors to allow anti-clickjacking scripts to work (bug 519928)
    • Temporary fix; ultimately we want to enable script in all editable content and let authors use sandboxed iframes to selectively disable script
    • So, need sandboxed iframes

Content Update

  • WebSockets and IndexedDB are in the tree and everyone is doing well
  • Speculative parser regression test harness now functional, in releng’s hands now (bnewman)
  • Multi process Jetpack API in mozilla-central (bnewman)
  • DOM code deAgnostification has started bug 575431 (mrbkap)

Platform-specific Support Update


  • ES5
    • Object.getOwnPropertyNames (get array of all properties directly on an object) patch up, being reviewed
    • Object.preventExtensions/isExtensible also in good shape, some tiptoeing with another major patch also in flight
    • JSAPI requirements changes
      • new enumeration hook will take a new op, JSENUMERATE_INIT_ALL, to iterate over all properties (not just enumerable ones)
      • old enumeration style must now also resolve into place non-enumerable properties in addition to enumerable ones
      • object ops will grow a function for some of this stuff, still in progress


  • e10s branch will merge today
    • multiprocess tabs on fennec
  • static-xpcom-registration will land tomorrow, probably.
    • killing EM-restart soon after in a separate landing

Startup Performance



Tree Management

  • Mobile build coverage on project branches?
    • android, maemo4, maemo5gtk, maemo5qt, desktop-pseudo-mobile
    • already have on tracemonkey and electrolysis
    • anyone else – and please be careful of infrastructure load
  • Windows 7 unit tests
    • current filed oranges – bug 562489
    • only 4 test suites are perma-oranges (TODO file bugs for each)
    • reftests-d2d are running but Jeff says that it should not be GREEN! (we will loan him a machine to help him figure what’s going on)
  • Downtime in progress bug 575307
  • Powering off TB2 machines, which are the last cvs machines!


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