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Mozilla Platform Meeting Minutes: 2010-07-13

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Meeting Agenda

We agreed to change the format of this meeting. Instead of going group by group and asking for any updates, we will discuss specific progress on goals for this quarter:

We’ll keep the notices, schedule, and blocker report sections for now.

Notices / Schedule

Firefox 3.6.7

  • Shipped to beta last Friday, have about 430k ADU (likely due to FF4)
  • Found a crash regression (bug 578150). Got a fix for it yesterday
  • We will be spinning a build #2 today, hopefully it will go to beta tomorrow

Firefox 4 Beta (Version 2)

  • would like to ship on or about July 22nd
  • means freezing early next week, on or about July 19
  • what are the big pieces we want to get in?
    • Tabs-on-top on OSX
    • Add-Ons Manager UI post-install confirmation/notification
    • CSS transitions
    • Retained Layers
    • currently too many blockers
      • suggest that drivers resist marking things betaN unless they are absolute P1 next-to-do items
      • otherwise should mark blocking final+ and then pull them back to betaN

Blocker Report

JavaScript Team

We have a plan for our Q3 goals:



Other work

  • work on Function.prototype.bind beginning, considering two approaches (one cleaner but larger, one smaller but slightly more hackish)
  • tweaks to RegExp.lastIndex to conform to ES5’s tighter verbiage on the property awaiting review
  • arguments.toString() === "[object Arguments]" changing shortly in bug 509733, an incompatible change in ES5

Firefox Development

  • Feature complete Firefox 4


  • CSS transitions on transforms landed (with parts of calc)
  • Retained layers passing tests on try-server, but a few bugs to work out found by testers
  • Layer-based CSS transforms (including accelerated 3D transforms) in demoable state!

Windows 7 Test Status

We must have our trees green on Windows 7 to ship Firefox 4.
We need owners to make this happen (some already got owners since yesterday’s owner-hunter – thanks to rsayrer!).

  • tracking bug for the various win7 32-bit unit tests orange bug 562489:

Review of the proposed assignees:

Here is also the Direct 2D oranges which need assignees:

  • bug 578110 – [tracking bug] reftest Direct 2D oranges
  • bug 578127 – no assignee – bidi/visualmarquee.html, logicalmarquee.html
  • bug 578134 – no assignee -box-shadow/boxshadow-rounded-spread.html
  • bug 578135 – no assignee -box-shadow/boxshadow-onecorner.html
  • bug 578114 – no assignee -bugs/289480.html#top
  • bug 578116 – no assignee -379349-1b.xhtml, 379349-1c.xhtml
  • bug 578118 – no assignee -385569-1a.html, 385569-1b.html
  • bug 578121 – no assignee -456219-1{a,b,c}.html, 456219-2.html
  • bug 578124 – no assignee -555388-1-ref.html

Win7 64-bit

  • RelEng most likely won’t be ready for Beta 2 on the 19th


If you haven’t already, try the Bugzilla Tweaks extension, it might make working with Bugzilla easier for you.

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