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Mozilla Platform Meeting Minutes: 2010-07-20

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Notices / Schedule

  • Ideally, around September 1, we *should* be wrapping up our last beta with new features.

Firefox 3.5.11/3.6.7

  • releasing today

Firefox 3.5.12/3.6.8

  • planning on shipping after BlackHat

Firefox 4 Beta 2

  • final changeset happened just now!
  • spinning builds ASAP, hoping to have them available late today
  • will get a QA estimate at tomorrow’s meeting
  • aiming for Friday, July 23, might slip to Monday, July 26

Firefox 4 Beta 3

  • as per the Firefox Beta Plan this is due to ship on 6th of August
  • code freeze scheduled for Monday, August 2 at 11:59pm PT

Blocker Report

Firefox 4

Browser / Front End

  • The UX Team has collected and prioritized a list of Startup Experience bugs with some additional context for why they are important — take a look at the list and see if there’s anything you think you can help with! If you have feedback on feasibility and which things you think we can land for Firefox 4, that would be appreciated too.

Firefox Development

  • Feature complete Firefox 4
    • Gotta figure out a better way to high level this – projects page is too noisy
  • Jetpack API-complete for 1.0
    • 0.6 scheduled for 07-27


  • GFX Goals Update:
    • Direct2D is coming along well.
      • Making progress on getting Direct2D reftest failures fixed. Tracking in bug 578110.
      • There are also a couple of perf fixes needed because of the Direct2D clipping fixes. These are in bug 576169 and bug 576170.
      • Current plan is to enable Direct2D by default only on DirectX 10-compatible hardware.
      • My handwavy plan is to aim D2D at Firefox 4 beta 4.
    • Hardware-accelerated layers have fewer updates.
      • OpenGL on GLX is coming along, with lots of fixes landing recently. It’s now possible to run a full content window in OpenGL HW accelerated layers mode, and things mostly work.
      • Direct3D 9 is on the back burner while we work on Direct2D.
      • Still unscoped: running (ref)tests for HW accelerated layers.
  • JS Goals Update:
  • Content Goals Update:
    • How are we doing on the Zimbra perf tests?
    • 3.2% Dromaeo (CSS) increase from bug 564266 (peterv)
  • Layout Goals Update:
    • Retained layers fallout
      • A few ugly regressions, notably bug 579262, difficult because it’s Flash + Windows cross-process HWND interactions
    • Where are we on content/chrome rendering integration (bug 130078)?
      • Knocking off test failures and other bugs, tn’s patches are landing on mozilla-central as we go
      • Still finding new issues, so still difficult to estimate. Weeks, not days.
    • Multi-process layer backend ready to land in mozilla-central after beta2. The remaining work depends on de-widgetizing the content process completely. Not sure if we’ve thought through all of the implications of this WRT focus and gecko assumptions.

Windows 7 Test Status

We must have our trees green on Windows 7 to ship Firefox 4.
We need owners to make this happen.

  • bug 562489 [tracking bug] for the various win7 32-bit unit tests orange
  • bug 562955 – jrmuizel – mochitests-4/5 – test_bug458898.html
  • bug 574042, bug 574040 – Enn / jimm (toolkit / widget) widgets/test_popupincontent.xul
  • bug 558403 – smontagu
  • bug 578448 – Mossop – browser_bug435788.js times out
  • bug 575748 – Dão Gottwald – browser_overflowScroll.js (WIP patch posted)
  • bug 562967 – Justin Dolske – test_uriloader_exthandler\unit\test_handlerService.js
  • bug 562957 – Enn

Direct 2D oranges:

  • bug 578110 – [tracking bug] reftest Direct 2D oranges
  • bug 578127 – no assignee – bidi/visualmarquee.html, logicalmarquee.html
  • bug 578134 – no assignee -box-shadow/boxshadow-rounded-spread.html
  • bug 578135 – no assignee -box-shadow/boxshadow-onecorner.html
  • bug 578114 – no assignee -bugs/289480.html#top
  • bug 578116 – no assignee -379349-1b.xhtml, 379349-1c.xhtml
  • bug 578118 – no assignee -385569-1a.html, 385569-1b.html
  • bug 578121 – jrmuizel -456219-1{a,b,c}.html, 456219-2.html
  • bug 578124 – jrmuizel -555388-1-ref.html

Tree Management

  • Changing TryServer to *not* run Talos by default. bug 579573
    • dev.planning thread: [1]
  • Use same changeset for nightlies. bug 570814
    • dev.tree-management thread:[2]
  • Re-enabling 10.6 unittests on tryserver bug 579887
  • Switching unit tests from builders to minis
    • disabling TrackeMonkey unit tests on builders this week
    • enabling this week unit tests on minis for Fedora (32/64-bit) and 10.5/10.6 for *all* remaining project branches
    • we are not going to run unit tests on minis on 1.9.1/1.9.2 branches since it would require a great deal of backporting of the perma-oranges fixes. Branch tests will continue to be run on builders.
  • Windows 64-bit
    • switched from VS2010 to VS2008 to have jemalloc support
  • Automated cleaning of old builds on stage.m.o StageCleanupPolicy


  • Windows 64 bit shipping plan (beltzner)
    • not synchronous with Firefox 4 ship
    • trying to hit shortly afterwards
  • beta 2 roundup (beltzner)
  • beta 3 planning (beltzner)
  • pushes without linux tests (Mossop)
  • What makes it hard to diagnose and fix random oranges? Are any teams or people interested in taking on the pain points we have identified? -Jesse
  • bsmedberg proposed that the tree stay restricted to blockers-only until we branch.
    • And that we shouldn’t branch until Jaegermonkey lands
    • Certainly can’t branch until dewidgetification and XP-layers lands
  • Unified template library — mozilla/tl? bug 580314

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