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Mozilla Platform Meeting Minutes: 2010-07-27

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Notices / Schedule

  • Blackhat is this week

Firefox (Supported Branches)

  • Initial schedule for 3.6.9/3.5.12 is up at Releases/Firefox_3.6.9.
    • Code freeze is currently scheduled for Thursday August 12 @ 11:59 pm PST
    • Please let christian or release-drivers know if there are issues with the schedule
  • Initial post-mortem dates & times have been scheduled
    • Firefox 3.6.7/8: 2010-08-03 @ 1:00 pm PST, duration 45 mins
    • Firefox 3.6.4/6: 2010-08-10 @ 1:00 pm PST, duration 1 hour
  • I know they are in conflict with critsmash meetings, let me know if that is an issue (probably only matters for 3.6.4/6, so I may move that one to a different day)

Firefox (Beta)

  • should be shipping Firefox 4 Beta 2 around noon PT today
  • code freeze for Firefox 4 Beta 3 is set for next Monday, August 2nd, 23:00 PT

Blocker Report

Firefox 3.6.9

  • There are 22 open blockers
    • Code freeze is currently scheduled for Thursday August 12 @ 11:59 pm PST
    • Let’s try to not get them all in on the last day. I’ll be bugging people furiously this week and the start of next

Firefox 3.5.12

Firefox 4 Beta

Browser / Front End

johnath at BlackHat this week, frontend Q3 Goals updated with team status.

Firefox Development

(from our goals):

  • [NEW] Feature complete Firefox 4
    • Extension Manager – Functionality there, lots of bugs to fix.
    • Account Manager – Partial work, restaffing to get this one done.
    • Notification UI – Geo done, WIP patches on others.
    • TabCandy – Initial reviews. Big patch, might take iteration, but getting traction now
    • Integrated Sync – Patches up, no reviews yet
    • New Theme – Substantially done on Windows and Mac, Linux lagging.
    • App Tabs – Basic UI in place, several functionality follow ups to get to feature complete
    • Switch to Tab – Done
    • Inspector – In progress
    • Web Console – In progress
    • Silent updates on Windows – In progress
  • [NEW] Dirty profile startup within 20% of clean profile startup (modulo extensions, plugins; on windows)


  • GFX Goals Update:
    • D2D
      • Down to 33 reftest failures bug 578110
      • We’re having some problems with the way gradients are implemented in D2D bug 582236 and not sure how to solve them at this point. We’ll need to figure out how bad this is and what we can do about it
  • JS Goals Update:
    • JaegerMonkey plan is on target
    • VM perf wins (strings, arrays) being checked in
    • ES5
      • Landings
        • Added U+FEFF to whitespace in bug 581067 (discovered while writing another test)
        • /a/.lastIndex is now a nearly plain-vanilla property, settable to any value (coerced to number for internal use), bug 465199
        • Killed special handling (except for a new warning) of eval called with two arguments in bug 531675
        • Function.prototype.apply no longer requires arguments to be an array or an arguments value — any array-like object is valid now, bug 562448 (includes recent spec erratum spawned by work on this)
      • In progress
        • Updating parseInt to reject octal input in strict mode (ES5 rejects everywhere, we’re concerned about compatibility) in bug 577536; also significantly reorganized/cleaned up decade-old integer parsing code, much more understandable now with fewer mandatory special-case behaviors to internalize
        • Requiring object-literal getters/setters to have 0/1 arguments, bug 536472, plus some prerequisite cleanups
        • Yak-shaving to be able to make JSON.parse reject trailing commas
  • Content Goals Update:
    • Got a couple of boosts on Dromaeo last week! graph (peterv and smaug)
  • Layout Goals Update:

Windows 7 Test Status

We must have our trees green on Windows 7 to ship Firefox 4.
We need owners to make this happen.

  • bug 562489 [tracking bug] for the various win7 32-bit unit tests orange
  • bug 562955 – jimm – mochitests-4/5 – test_bug458898.html
  • bug 574042, bug 574040 – Enn / jimm (toolkit / widget) widgets/test_popupincontent.xul
  • bug 578448 – Mossop – browser_bug435788.js times out (waiting on manual retest from armen) – underlying issue is bug 542504
  • bug 575748 – Dão Gottwald – browser_overflowScroll.js (WIP patch posted)
  • bug 562967 – Justin Dolske – test_uriloader_exthandler\unit\test_handlerService.js
  • bug 562957 – Enn
  • bug 581734 – smontagu?? – mochitest-chrome timeout in toolkit/content/tests/chrome/test_bug558403.xul
  • comment 19 of bug 561350 (but not the rest of the bug) – no owner – xpcshell test failing: test_punicodeURIs.js – underlying issue is bug 542504
  • bug 582315 – felipec?? – intermittent orange in test_taskbarprogress_downloadstates.xul and test_taskbarprogress_service.xul

Direct 2D oranges:

  • bug 578110 – [tracking bug] reftest Direct 2D oranges
  • bug 578127 – no assignee – bidi/visualmarquee.html, logicalmarquee.html
  • bug 578134 – jrmuizel -box-shadow/boxshadow-rounded-spread.html
  • bug 578135 – jrmuizel -box-shadow/boxshadow-onecorner.html
  • bug 578114 – jrmuizel -bugs/289480.html#top
  • bug 578116 – Bas Schouten -379349-1b.xhtml, 379349-1c.xhtml
  • bug 578118 – Jonathan Kew -385569-1a.html, 385569-1b.html
  • bug 578121 – jrmuizel -456219-1{a,b,c}.html, 456219-2.html
  • bug 578124 – jrmuizel -555388-1-ref.html

Mac OS X 10.6/64-bit test oranges:

  • bug 561350 – josh – test_punycodeURIs.js fails (was timing out) on 10.6 opt xpcshell test

Tree Management

To be announced:

  • we want to disable unit test on builders tomorrow Wednesday if no objections (Windows 2003 builder will wait until we have all test suites GREEN)

For reference:


  • Hands-up for what’s going into Beta 3 (beltzner)
    • new JS values – could affect add-ons that use JSAPI
    • OSX uses UNIX filesystem code instead of OSX filesystem code
    • Sync UI built in (needs review)
    • SQLite 3.7.0
  • Quick overview of new tree rules (beltzner)
    • patches on blocking (mozilla2.0, fennec2.0) bugs are always approved
    • NPOTB and tests are always approved
    • bustage fixes and backouts are always approved
    • question: bugs that block blockers – explicit approval/blocking status?
      • no explicit approvals/flags needed until we see abuse
    • question: meta bugs allowed to block?
      • still no, for now

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