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Mozilla Platform Meeting Minutes: 2010-09-21

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Notices / Schedule

Firefox 3.6.10 and Firefox 3.5.13

  • Went out last Wednesday
  • Looks to have fixed the startup crash (bug 594699, graph)
  • Thanks to mrbkap for jumping on the issue quickly

Firefox 3.6.11 and Firefox 3.5.14

  • Schedules are posted
    • Let me know if anyone sees any issues, happy to change the schedule for good reasons
  • Code freeze is a week from today (Tuesday 2010-09-28 @ 11:59 pm PDT)
    • Nag emails will start shortly
  • Final ship is scheduled for Thursday, 2010-10-14
  • Still working through all approval and blocking requests

Blocker Report

Firefox 4 Beta

Firefox 3.6.11

Firefox 3.5.14

Firefox Mobile 2.0

Firefox Development

(from our goals):

  • [ON TRACK] Feature complete Firefox 4
    • [DONE] Switch to Tab
    • [DONE] App Tabs – Scope for 4.0 reduced (non-global), near feature complete.
    • [DONE] Extension Manager – Bug list is converging, still a lot of work to do.
    • [DONE] Web Console** [ON TRACK] Notification UI – Geo and EM notifications done, http auth next.
    • [ON TRACK] New Theme – Windows and Mac good, Linux catching up now
    • [AT RISK] TabCandy
    • [AT RISK] Silent updates on Windows
    • [DROPPED] Inspector
    • [DROPPED] Account Manager – WIP patches posted, but we can’t contain the review load and code risk.
  • [AT RISK] Dirty profile startup within 20% of clean profile startup (modulo extensions, plugins; on windows)
    • Current status: Lots of data has been collected and analyzed, but no solid conclusions have shaken out.
    • Details page
    • Shawn has an updated blog post. Read it for more info.
    • Bugs on file that help:
      • Excessive cookie i/o bug bug 572223 (fixed)
      • Session Restore negatively impacts startup time based on the number of tabs loaded bug 582005
      • Suboptimal SQLite page size bug 416330 (fixed)
      • Provide a global VACUUM component bug 541373


(there is a team-by-team goals breakdown, as well)

  • [ON TRACK] Javascript performance near or even with Chrome 5 on their benchmarks (within 20% on SS, 30% on V8), with substantial wins on our benchmarks. (Windows, in-browser.)
  • [MISSED] Hardware acceleration of video and other HTML and SVG content, as well as user interface, on by default for compatible hardware on all Tier-1 desktop and mobile platforms.
  • [ON TRACK] Fully support the WebGL 1.0 spec, with support turned on by default in a Firefox 4 beta on platforms that support OpenGL or OpenGL ES.
  • [MISSED] security: zero reproducible high/crit > 30 days
  • [DONE] Support multi-process Fennec.
  • [DONE] Support Jetpacks running in separate processes and never blocking the Fennec UI. NOTE: jetpack team hasn’t actually integrated this code yet, but it works in small test environments.


  • Only one bug – bug 596784 – blocks us from turning on OpenGL accelerated compositing on Mac.
    • OpenGL compositing on mac is ready for general testing, as long as you don’t mind slow scrolling; set the pref layers.accelerate-all to true and restart.
    • Note: Personas don’t paint in the titlebar with OpenGL. It’s understood, but a bit of work to fix.


  • Dynamically sizing disk cache landed (byronm, jduell)
  • Virtual properties work moving along well after JM merge (peterv)
  • Zimbra perf regression due to d2d (bug 598202 on file, investigating…)

Tree Management

  • IT downtime last Sunday rolled back after problems; tree reopened ~8pm PDT instead of 5pm.
  • new colo coming online
    • IT installing racks, power.
    • more ix machines being imaged in new colo
  • Following new features enabled *without* needing a downtime
    • Maemo 4 builds disabled on mozilla-central and all project branches
    • TryChooser updates
    • links to builds in try emails


  • OSX Universal (i386+x64) build
    • Have to switch off old i386+ppc build at the same time as enabling new i386+x64 build
    • Releng needs around 1 day for sanity checking + 1 day to make sure tests aren’t blowing up. Unknown if there are any new oranges.
    • 32-bit debug tests will be run on builds compiled on leopard machines
    • Confident that updates from previous 4.0 betas to universal build will work
    • Some issues with major updates from 3.6 need to be figured out
    • Resolve bug 561350 before going live?
  • Crashiness [beltzner]
    • need to start focusing on topcrashers to ensure we’re releasing stable
    • beta7 will be promoted to a more consumer-focused audience, hope to ramp to 2M ADUs PDQ
  • Triage [beltzner]
  • <bsmedberg> tab candy is really slow on all my computers, to the point where accidentally clicking the button can make FF freeze for seconds. Is there a plan to make the performance better, or turn it off if we can’t?
  • (ehsan) – Should we release beta7 with the changes that have landed so far and move the feature freeze to beta8?
    • Upside: get some more beta coverage and feedback since the last beta (practically beta5)
    • Any downsides?
    • a heated discussion occurred!
    • decided to lock tree to beta7 (and fennec beta 1) blockers only to improve focus
    • can revisit decision later

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