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Mozilla Platform Meeting Minutes: 2010-10-05

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Notices / Schedule

Firefox 4 Beta 7

  • GC Compartments is estimated to be on mozilla-central by early next week, will require bake time
  • some small cosmetic changes around progress indicator also remaining
  • update issues from 32->64 bit were resolved last week
  • see roundtable for discussion of onward plans

Firefox 3.6.10 Advertised Update

  • Plan to release it tomorrow…objections?

Firefox 3.6.11

  • Released to beta yesterday, throttled so only 15% of beta users see it
  • We will be increasing the throttling over the week
  • Email release-drivers if there is a regression found

Firefox 3.5.14

  • Releasing to beta today, throttled so only 15% of beta users see it
  • We will be increasing the throttling over the week
  • Email release-drivers if there is a regression found

Blocker Report

A handy list of Firefox 4 triage queries is available:

Firefox Development

(from our goals):


  • [CARRY OVER] API-Complete Jetpack
    • Joint with Jetpack team
  • [NEW] Stand up basic Firefox with Electrolysis
    • Joint with Platform
    • UI may not be functional, should launch and open a web page.

Developer Tools

  • [NEW] Ensure that Firefox 4 ships with a compatible version of Firebug
  • [NEW] Publish a roadmap for integrated developer tools in Firefox, including console, inspection, and js debugging
  • [NEW] Develop long term plan for Skywriter maintenance/support


Real list found here. Quick overview:

  • [ON TRACK] Finish Firefox 4 blockers.
  • [ON TRACK] Support Firefox Team to stand up a browser on Electrolysis.
  • [ON TRACK] Ship Firefox 4 final with layers composition accelerated using:
    • OpenGL on Mac OS X;
    • Direct3D on Windows.
  • [ON TRACK] Ship Firefox 4 final with content accelerated using Direct2D on Windows Vista/7.
  • [ON TRACK] Ship Firefox 4 final with better Opentype font feature support using Harfbuzz on all tier-1 platforms, and text rendering performance equal to or better than Firefox 3.6.
  • [ON TRACK] Ship Firefox 4 final with full WebGL 1.0 support turned on by default on all platforms that support OpenGL.
  • [ON TRACK] Integrate Opentype santizer library
  • [ON TRACK] Play back video on Fennec without blocking on main content thread
  • [ON TRACK] Integrate codec ARM optimizations
  • [ON TRACK] Ship indexedDB
  • [ON TRACK] Ship HTML5 parser
  • [ON TRACK] Ship HTML5 forms (current set)
  • [ON TRACK] Ship GC compartments work
  • [ON TRACK] Proof of concept implementation of a proxy based DOM binding
  • [ON TRACK] 30% performance improvment on the Cal_* tests in Zimbra
  • Performance 15% improved over Oct 1 Sunspider perfomance
  • Performance 15% improved over Oct 1 v8 performance
  • Continuous ARMv7 Android and Maemo JS Shell regression and performance testing in place
  • [ON TRACK] Drive blocker list to zero.
  • [ON TRACK] Develop implementation plan for OOP content accessibility.
  • [ON TRACK] Fix and ship multi-process plugins on Mac
  • [ON TRACK] Fix and ship asynchronous plugin painting on all plaforms
  • [ON TRACK] Fix and ship content processes on Fennec


  • OpenGL composited layers turned on by default on OS X.
    • Couple of regressions we know about:
      • Some QuickDraw plugins don’t draw. bug 583499 This means Quicktime on 10.5. 10.6 is pretty much unaffected because most 10.6 machines will run Firefox in 64-bit mode, and we don’t support QuickDraw in 64-bit mode.
      • Subpixel AA doesn’t work on certain pages – bug 582223.
  • We need to install resistor dongles on all our Snow Leopard boxes. bug 600899
    • Otherwise, when we ask CGL for an accelerated pixel format, it returns NULL.

Tree Management

  • yesterdays downtime went fine
    • landed bunch of changes into production: details in bug 593081
    • moved another 86 machines to new colo during yesterday morning downtime, now >50% of machines in new colo.


  • [Beltzner] Potential strategies for Beta 7
    • Proposal A: Continue to Wait
      • disable failing tests and merge GC Compartments to TM and m-c today or tomorrow, block on re-enabling failing tests
      • gets us 40,000 nightly testers earlier, but scope of outstanding changes may negate that testing
      • builds would not be until next Wednesday or Thursday
      • would likely want to tag & branch for beta7 so tree could re-open
      • Note: no nightlies on the beta7 RELBRANCH – only nightly testing would be on m-c
    • Proposal B: Ship B7 Without GC Compartments
      • not sure how tied to JM correctness the work is
        • Firebug and some other extensions would break, so we’d have to push out “extension-targeting freeze”.
      • would it invalidate feature/API freeze?
      • could move to builds as early as this Wednesday
      • means that GC Compartments lands with the other backlog of changes
  • [Tomcat|away during the meeting] Help testing OpenGL on Mac Trunk Nightly’s and give us feedback
  • (bsmedberg) Java signature dialog kicks in the hang detector – bug 555699 – We currently can’t fix this because the Java dialog occurs in yet another process. The options are
    1. ignore the problem, probably screw some corporate environments
    2. blacklist Java so it always runs in-process (stability and potential exploit surfaces get worse)
    3. wait for Oracle to respond

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