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Mozilla Platform Meeting Minutes: 2010-10-19

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Notices / Schedule

Firefox 4 Beta 7

  • still waiting for GC compartments to land on the relbranch
    • compatibility issues with JetPack and Firebug
    • stability issues (see roundtable)
    • minor theme tweaks are being landed in both places

Firefox 3.6.11

Firefox 3.5.14

Blocker Report

A handy list of Firefox 4 triage queries is available:

Firefox Development

(from our goals):


  • [CARRY OVER] API-Complete Jetpack
    • Joint with Jetpack team
  • [NEW] Stand up basic Firefox with Electrolysis
    • Joint with Platform
    • UI may not be functional, should launch and open a web page.

Developer Tools

  • [NEW] Ensure that Firefox 4 ships with a compatible version of Firebug
  • [NEW] Publish a roadmap for integrated developer tools in Firefox, including console, inspection, and js debugging
  • [NEW] Develop long term plan for Skywriter maintenance/support


Breakdown of all 2.0 blocker and current assignments. Shows a lot of items in unassigned lists (nobody, general.js)

There are about 31 crash bugs where the blocking status has changed since Oct 13th. We removed the dups.

There are about another 22 crash bugs in the nomination queue we would like to get triaged so we have a handle on all the blockers.


  • Direct3D 10 layers backend will be turned on by default RSN.
    • Needs one or two prerequisites to land first.
    • Will give us some pretty great Ts/Txul wins because we no longer create a D3D9 device.
    • Will also help us with newer hardware, like NVIDIA Optimus, which doesn’t handle the D3D9/D3D10 interop very well at all.
    • Should also get us some perf wins on some heavy rendering sites.
  • This means that DirectX 9 will only be used on computers incapable of Direct2D, such as XP machines.


  • dbaron’s CSS 2.1 testsuite results: [1]
    • Significantly better than Webkit and Opera, a little behind IE9
  • Blockers (including SVG and Widget)
    • 2 beta8 blockers
    • 35 betaN blockers
    • 96 final blockers
    • 14 requests need triage
  • Risky issues:


  • Blockers
    • 0 beta8 blockers
    • 2 betaN blockers
    • 10 final blockers


  • ES5
    • Landings
      • strict this landed in TM, also in m-c, to be in b7 soon (bug strictThis
    • Current work
      • Making eval in strict mode not affect the variable set of the calling code (bug 514568)
      • Refactoring of eval code (bug 604504)

Tree Management

  • Sunday’s downtime successful. New infrastructure in place, so 650castro has better redundancy, and better bandwidth capacity.
  • new firewall deployed during Sunday downtime had a bug related to h323 data
    • this caused intermittent network failures whenever anyone started h323 traffic.
    • Firewall patched with fix from vendor at ~09:30 Monday, so we *think* all is good.
    • meanwhile, if you still see builds/tests failing because of network issues, please file bug in and we’ll triage.
  • yesterday’s power outage in 650castro
    • cause unknown, IT still investigating


  • [blizzard] I need some XUL experts
  • [smooney] Problems with Stability of the Trunk – less stable then we were before.
    • 2010-10-17, 4500 crashes on the trunk with 31K active users
    • 2010-10-13, 1400 crashes on the trunk with 30K active users
    • With a similar user set, our crashes have increased by more than 3X.
    • More details at
  • [ctalbert] Mcote recreated the blocker report stuff that we had in the run up to 3.6

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