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Mozilla Platform Meeting Minutes: 2010-12-07

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Notices / Schedule

Firefox 4 beta 8

  • Waiting on sync changes
  • Driving blockers to zero, hopefully will converge in the next couple days
  • QA needs at least a week. If we build Thursday we might not be comfortable releasing by the following Thursday

Firefox 3.6.13 and 3.5.16

  • Created build #3 of 3.6.13, released it to beta on Monday
  • Still plan to release on this Thursday, December 9th

Blocker Report

Firefox 4 Beta

Blocker report for Firefox 4.0.beta8 (as of 2010-12-07 11:07:47.826151-08:00)


      blocking: 193
         fixed: 181
          open:  12

Open Blocker Assignees

   Philipp von Weitershausen [:philikon]:   5 +++++
                         Patrick McManus:   1 +
                  Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap):   1 +
              Michael Morgan [:morgamic]:   1 +
                        Myk Melez [:myk]:   1 +
                      Axel Hecht [:Pike]:   1 +
    Nobody; OK to take it and work on it:   1 +
                      ben turner [:bent]:   1 +

Outstanding Review Requests

                  1 +
              1 +
            1 +

        Total outstanding flagged review:   3

Firefox Development

(from our goals):


  • [ON TRACK] API-Complete Jetpack
    • Joint with Jetpack team
    • Currently working towards feature-complete beta SDK
  • [ON TRACK] Stand up basic Firefox with Electrolysis

Developer Tools

  • [NEW] Ensure that Firefox 4 ships with a compatible version of Firebug
  • [NEW] Publish a roadmap for integrated developer tools in Firefox, including console, inspection, and js debugging
  • [NEW] Develop long term plan for Skywriter maintenance/support


(there is a team-by-team goals breakdown, as well)

  • [ON TRACK] Finish Firefox 4 blockers.
  • [ON TRACK] Support Firefox Team to stand up a browser on Electrolysis.
  • [ON TRACK] Ship Firefox 4 final with layers composition accelerated using:
    • OpenGL on Mac OS X;
    • Direct3D on Windows.
  • [ON TRACK] Ship Firefox 4 final with content accelerated using Direct2D on Windows Vista/7.
  • [ON TRACK] Ship Firefox 4 final with better Opentype font feature support using Harfbuzz on all tier-1 platforms, and text rendering performance equal to or better than Firefox 3.6.
  • [ON TRACK] Ship Firefox 4 final with full WebGL 1.0 support turned on by default on all platforms that support OpenGL.
  • [DONE] Integrate Opentype santizer library
  • [ON TRACK] Play back video on Fennec without blocking on main content thread
  • [ON TRACK] Integrate codec ARM optimizations
  • [ON TRACK] Ship indexedDB
  • [ON TRACK] Ship HTML5 parser
  • [ON TRACK] Ship HTML5 forms (current set)
  • [ON TRACK] Ship GC compartments work
  • [ON TRACK] Proof of concept implementation of a proxy based DOM binding
  • [ON TRACK] 30% performance improvment on the Cal_* tests in Zimbra
  • Performance 15% improved over Oct 1 Sunspider perfomance
  • Performance 15% improved over Oct 1 v8 performance
  • Continuous ARMv7 Android and Maemo JS Shell regression and performance testing in place
  • [ON TRACK] Drive blocker list to zero.
  • [ON TRACK] Develop implementation plan for OOP content accessibility.
  • [ON TRACK] Fix and ship multi-process plugins on Mac
  • [ON TRACK] Fix and ship asynchronous plugin painting on all plaforms
  • [ON TRACK] Fix and ship content processes on Fennec


  • 119 betaN, final, and Fennec blockers (-4 w/w)
  • OpenGL composited layers on Fennec update (jrmuizel)
    • Can be turned on (layers.accelerate-all pref) on trunk.
    • Known bug: Changing orientation of device, or resuming fennec, breaks all drawing.


  • Blocker count slowly dropping, now 103
    • Many bug fixes in hand


  • Major remainders from compartment landing fixed (beta8 blockers). Many thanks to mrbkap and gal.

Tree Management

  • Fallout from our fun last week hunting down new orange caused by DNS:
    • Friendly reminder that the RelEng Sheriff can re-trigger tests or even builds of specific changesets for you.
    • Cutting off external network access to test machines. See dev.tree-management thread here
  • IT needs to rearrange test minis in the new colo. Proposed dates are December 17th, December 23rd. This will require a full working day with little or no test coverage. bug 616658
  • Win7 debug unit tests enabled
    • last known perma-orange for xpcshell – bug 610654
    • who can make xpcshell run faster on Win7? [1] It runs pretty slow. The other test suites did not get affected (except reftest a little bit)
      • xpcshell takes quite long on win7 and increases the end-to-end times
      • shall we keep on running xpcshell only on win2k3? shall we proceed with the switch? who can take ownership of making xpcshell faster on Windows 7?
      • we would like to stop running unit tests on win2k3 a couple of days after the last perma-orange on win7 gets fixed but this depends on answering the previous question.


  • Pulling WebSockets for Firefox 4 due to a security problem with proxy upgrade negotiation. (inherent problem with standard, spec in flux)
  • String freeze: [blocking with strings] has 10 bugs, 6 prelanded strings, 4 new strings. I’m losing track, bug 616015 and bug 616014 were filed without/wrong whiteboard and blocking+. (Axel) [blocker noms with strings]
    • file bugs with [strings] in the whiteboard, request blocking, and CC :Pike. Johnath is to triage those.
  • Blocker re-triage next week.
  • Branching for Fennec4.0b3, Firefox4.0b8, and what branches to use so that post beta3/beta8 fixes can land, to be revisited later this week. (discussion in meeting with legneato, stuart, joduinn, catlee).

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