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In the Mozilla community we have a lot of meetings. There are large meetings such as the weekly whole-project meeting, the Firefox meeting. There are smaller meetings with small groups such as the mac team and the mozilla2 group. The agenda and minutes for most of these meetings are kept on, which is useful for keeping a record, but it can be hard for people who just want to skim the meeting notes.

I’ve written a script which will automatically post meeting notes on this blog, for syndication on This means anyone who keeps in their feed reader will be able to skim meeting notes the morning after the meeting.

I hope that publishing these meeting notes will improve communication between various working groups within the organization. I also hope that publishing the meeting notes will encourage meeting organizers to take better notes from meetings: I’ve found, when away on vacation, that it’s hard to figure out what happened in some meetings because the notes were unavailable.

If you run a meeting and would like it added to my script, please file a bug and cc me! You could even post a patch: I keep the script configuration in a mercurial repository.

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