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Mozilla 2 Meeting Minutes: 2008-05-28

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Mozilla 2/StatusMeetings/2008-05-28

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  • opening mozilla-central for general checkins is tracking bug 422754
    • daily meetings – unit-test failures are possibly VM loading issues or some difference between different VMs – for the moment, we’re moving some known-good machines from Firefox
    • bhearsum working on codesize test… some assumptions have changed
    • performance regression was a fluke… a clobber fixed it 🙁
  • Consolidated post-1.9 planning wiki pages are pending. Damons is merging the work week spreadsheets into a single location tbd.

Status Reports

  • jimb
  • dmandelin
  • taras
  • bsmedberg
    • XPCOMGC stuck on a mozilla-central merge… jorendorff do you need help with that?
  • jorendorff

Discussion Topics

Actionmonkey performance measurements and MMgc fixup: status and plan of attack.

  • ignore incremental for the moment, since we can’t use it with the cycle collector anyway?
  • stats on PR_Lock taking a long time?


  • tune GC-from-alloc
  • per-thread freelists
  • mochitest crash
  • general profiling
  • MMgc debug performance
  • 64bit
  • maybe valgrind

Getting jimb unstuck on TC-MMGC to work on other things…

Purpose of this meeting (general, or just tamarin, MMgc, code rewriting, etc.)

Getting mobile into hg?

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