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Mozilla Platform Meeting Minutes: 2012-03-20

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Platform Meeting Details

  • Tuesdays – 11:00 am Pacific
  • Dial-in: conference# 95312
    • US/International: +1 650 903 0800 x92 Conf# 95312
    • US toll free: +1 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf# 95312
    • Canada: +1 416 848 3114 x92 Conf# 95312
  • Warp Core Vidyo Room
  • join #planning for back channel


Notices / Schedule

  • With the release of Firefox 3.6.28, we should consider closing out bugs that only affected 1.9.2
    • Note: Security bugs that we don’t plan to chemspill FF11 for do not need to be backported to the 1.9.2 branch at this point
  • Aurora 13 updates were enabled yesterday (3/19)
  • Firefox 12 beta 2 going to build today, to be released Friday
  • Major update from FF3.6 to FF11 going out this week
  • Today’s (3/20) channel meeting
    • Whether there are any chemspill drivers for a FF11.0.1
    • 3.6 EOL strategy, esp. w/r/t in-product communication

Firefox Development

  • Much of this week was spent dealing with followup fixes and test issues from the large landings from last week (new tab page/about:home)
  • Google search now uses HTTPS (and therefore SPDY!) across the board (bug 633773)
    • Patrick McManus is working on a “speculative connect” API that will help reduce search bar query latency (both for searches and suggestions) (bug 735543/bug 723628)

Firefox Developer Tools

Add-on SDK


  • Telemetry data is still in process of restore
    • Histogram data expected to be restored by 12pm PST today
    • Evolution data expected to be restored by Thursday morning
  • This week’s Snappy summary
  • 36 Snappy bugs were resolved in Firefox 13 (Aurora).
  • Avi landed smooth scrolling updates in bug 206438.
  • Mark has a new chart for Peptest results
  • Olli reduced CC lag observed after closing tabs like gmail, bug 734057.


  • If you were using the maple branch on Android, please switch back to mozilla-central nightlies now.
    • We’ve landed maple on mozilla-central.
  • We’re starting to look at our Q2 goals. If you have specific needs from graphics that aren’t covered in the preliminary stuff at Platform/2012-Q2-Goals#GFX, please let us know.





  • New DOM bindings for XHR is getting close. Target for landing is end of next week. (peterv, bz, bholley, khuey, bent, etc)



  • Two major cache performance improvements scheduled to land in Firefox 14, in review now. One patch greatly improves locking (723577), another moves more cache consumers to async cache APIs 722033.





Tree Management

  • B2G builders coming online bug 719491
    • not uploading to stage for now;
    • only to prove that mozilla-central checkins do not break B2G
  • win7 dongles to be installed as tests get fixed bug 710233


** In office or soft phone: extension 92 
** US/INTL: 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 then extension 92 
** Toronto: 416-848-3114 then extension 92 
** Toll-free: 800-707-2533 then password 369 
** Conference num 95435

Security Reviews & Threat Modeling Sessions Scheduled for this week

Date / Time Item
Mon Mar 19 / 13:00 PST None
Wed Mar 21 / 13:00 PST None
Thu Mar 22 / 10:00 PST In App Purchase (Apps)
Fri Mar 23 / 10:00 AM PST Available

Calendar and Meeting details

General Meeting Details 
* IRC Channel: #security 
* Etherpad: 
* Vidyo: (Room 9058)
* Dial-in Info (phone): 
** In office or soft phone: extension 92 
** US/INTL: 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 then extension 92 
** Toronto: 416-848-3114 then extension 92 
** Toll-free: 800-707-2533 then password 369 
** Conference num 99058

For updates to meetings please see the Security Review Calendar

Review Needed

  • Feature pages triaged to need review, review unscheduled
Feature Feature List Target Rel Prod Mgr Lead Engr Security lead Security status Security notes Last Modified
Client-side XPI construction Jetpack Add-on Builder 2 Daniel Buchner Piotr Zalewa/Sean McArthur `

sec-review-needed `


Add-On Tab API ` Add-on SDK 1.5 David Mason ` Dan Veditz

sec-review-needed `


Migrate Chrome settings and data Desktop Firefox 11 Asa Dotzler Makoto Kato, Marco Bonardo `

sec-review-needed `


Style Editor Desktop Firefox 11 Kevin Dangoor Cedric Vivier `

sec-review-needed `


Hang Detector and Reporter Desktop Firefox 13 Asa Dotzler Vladan Djeric `

sec-review-needed please sched with curtisk


Easy UI Feature Testing and “Success Evaluation” (integrate TestPilot like features) ` Firefox 13 ` ` `

sec-review-needed Please schedule with curtisk


Windows 8 Metro Firefox Desktop Firefox 14 Asa Dotzler ` `

sec-review-needed sched with curtisk


Speedy Session Restore Desktop Firefox 14 Asa Dotzler Dietrich Ayala `

sec-review-needed schedule with curtsk


In-content preferences Desktop Firefox 15 Jared Wein Devan Sayles `

sec-review-needed when ready sched w/ curtisk


DOMCryptAPI (a Crypto API in the DOM) Platform Firefox 15? Chris Blizzard David Dahl Brian Smith

sec-review-needed `


Better rendering of fonts for Windows Platform Firefox 7 Chris Blizzard ` `

sec-review-needed small team review Christoph, bsterne, John Daggett


FlightDeck as a Client-side App Jetpack FlightDeck 1.0 Daniel Buchner Sean McArthur `

sec-review-needed when ready sched w/ curtisk


IndexedDB Support for Multi-Process Firefox Platform Future, distant future. Chris Blizzard ` `

sec-review-needed 2011.10.17: sid recommends we wait on this one but likely needs a review.


Sharing textures cross-process for Electrolysis Platform Q4 of 2011. Chris Blizzard Chris Jones `

sec-review-needed `


SDK Support for Firefox for Mobile Addons Jetpack TBD David Mason Matteo Ferretti `

sec-review-needed `


Sign into the browser Other TBD Dan Mills Ben Adida `

sec-review-needed when ready sched w/ curtisk


Tip of the day Thunderbird Thunderbird 11 Jean-Baptiste Piacentino Sancus `

sec-review-needed `


Modern MIME Parser Thunderbird Thunderbird 14? ` Joshua Cranmer `

sec-review-needed sched with curtisk


Modern Address Book – V1 Thunderbird Under revision ` Mike Conley `

sec-review-needed `


Blocklist UX enhancements [Plug-ins] Desktop ` Kev Needham ` `

sec-review-needed `


Use PFS2 as Plugin Finder data source Desktop ` Kev Needham ` `

sec-review-needed `


Add plugincheck functionality to Add-on Manager Desktop ` Kev Needham ` `

sec-review-needed `


Bugs marked sec-review-needed that need to be scheduled

ID Summary Status Priority
549697 Add click-to-start form of disabled plugins NEW
733414 SecReview for SocialAPI NEW
711618 implement click to play permission model NEW
585958 webapps OS level integration : Maemo NEW
567365 Cache-Control no-cache on https page disables history NEW
664636 Thunderbird should (semi-)automatically improve the security-related server configuration settings when it knows an improvement could be made NEW
664637 Thunderbird auto-configuration database should be expanded & updated by regularly spidering every domain on the internet NEW
674047 Teach FileSaver to take URIs as well NEW
677302 Preffing out CSS should be easier NEW
722126 Can’t transfer File objects with postMessage cross domain NEW
729320 IndexedDB: Provide some amount of storage without a prompt NEW
711552 Create click to play UI for desktop ASSIGNED
80713 Need a way to specify an auto-height (size) for an IFRAME such that the frame is given the full height of the contained content ASSIGNED
674726 WebTelephony RESOLVED
728341 Security Review for Beta Release of App RESOLVED
706545 Implement a sync engine for apps exposed by navigator.mozApps RESOLVED

Stability Report


  • Fennec 10.0.3esr (current release!) now supported well by recently added ESR support.
  • Socorro now generates correlation reports for new Firefox versions 14.0a1, 13.0a2, 12.0 in addition to the 3 crashiest ones, which include current releases.
  • Only small fixups in tomorrow’s incremental release, as the big target now is to get ElasticSearch working ASAP.
  • If you have any specific issue you want solved in Socorro next quarter, please tell KaiRo about it.


  • Nightly – FF14
    • Top crashes appeared in single build then disappeared – bug 736507
    • bug 736761 – crash in mozilla::image::DiscardTracker::EnableTimer.
    • bug 736947 – OOM crash in mozilla::safebrowsing::HashStore::ReadHashes
    • bug 736944 – crash in nsAccTreeWalker::NextChildInternal @ nsIFrame::IsGeneratedContentFrame
    • bug 736695 – crash in nsGenericElement::UnbindFromTree , when I open Customize Toolbar with Video DownloadHelper 4.9.8 installed
    • bug 736815 – crash in js_ValueToBoolean – not a new signature but appearing in a bit higher volume on trunk.
    • bug 736830 – crash in js::types::TypeMonitorResult – reproducible
    • bug 704124 – Firefox Crash @ gfxContext::SetSource – reproducible
    • All Reproducible top crashes
  • Aurora – FF13
    • Just started shipping updates so better data in a couple of days.
  • Beta – FF12
    • bug 736524 – bug only appearing on Beta. It is now resolved.
  • Release – FF11
    • Some concern about Flash hangs but not sure if higher volume than normal. The fix that bsmedberg worked on for VS2010 doesn’t work in FF12 and FF11. For FF13 things should be fixed.
    • bug 722044 – add touch bad memory to skip list. This bug is blocked on a decision of which skip list to implement. Kairo is going to go through all the skip list bugs and make sure they are actionable.
    • bug 733892 – some concerns about this rising. Marcia going to work on trying to reproduce based on comments in the bug.


For Graph and Socorro work please see Testing Notes 03/21/12


  • Nightly
    • 9.92% bug 734624 java.lang.RuntimeException: An error occured while executing doInBackground() at
    • 7.64% bug 736003, bug 733325, bug 733324 TouchBadMemory
    • 4.39% bug 736124 org.mozilla.gecko.gfx.GLController$GLControllerException: createContext() failed
    • 3.09% bug 736007 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.sync.repositories.Server11R
  • Aurora
    • 12.61% bug 730890
    • 10.43% bug 734624 java.lang.RuntimeException: An error occured while executing doInBackground() at
    • 8.70% bug 730688 java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to resume activity {org.mozilla.fennec_aurora


  • Release
    • 36.92% Java_org_mozilla_gecko_GeckoAppShell_reportJavaCrash
    • 25.51% bug 694964 gfxSharedImageSurface::Open
    • 6.59% bug 715831 js::RegExpPrivate::executeInternal
  • ESR
    • 32.87% Java_org_mozilla_gecko_GeckoAppShell_reportJavaCrash
    • 24.93% bug 694964 gfxSharedImageSurface::Open
    • 8.38% bug 715831 js::RegExpPrivate::executeInternal


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