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Mozilla Platform Meeting Minutes: 2012-05-08

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Platform Meeting Details

  • Tuesday 2012-05-0811:00 am Pacific
  • Dial-in: conference# 95312
    • US/International: +1 650 903 0800 x92 Conf# 95312
    • US toll free: +1 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf# 95312
    • Canada: +1 416 848 3114 x92 Conf# 95312
  • Warp Core Vidyo Room / SFO-Boardroom
  • join #planning for back channel



  • Kilimanjaro – Base Camp
    • Communications at the MoCo meeting yesterday – pivoting Kilimanjaro around B2G goals.
    • Product team working on defining “base camp”.
    • Posts to come on dev.planning.
    • Proceeding with triage today at 11:30am PT.

Notices / Schedule

  • We are here in the calendar. There are still 32 bugs tracking 13+ – if your bug has been fixed & landed, please update the status flags. If not, get back to work 😉
  • We held our FF12 post-mortem today
  • We’ll be holding our Rapid Betas scope overview during today’s channel meeting (2PM PT in Warp Core)
  • Automatic updates from FF3.6 to FF12 will be occurring some time in the next day
  • FF13 beta 3 will be going to build today, for a Friday ship
  • FN14 beta 1 (build #2) may be going to build today
    • More on the l10n ship strategy soon (hopefully tomorrow)

Firefox Development

  • some members of fx-team (dolske, gavin, mattn, zpao, fryn) are taking part in an “identity swarm” with the identity team today to try and help nail down and make progress on Identity-related work
  • bug 727120: ttaubert switched the Thumbnail service from using the cache to just using files on disk
  • bug 641892: contributor OHZEKI Tetsuharu added support for displaying multiple types of notifications at once. Great work!

Firefox Developer Tools

Add-on SDK

  • Dealing with the leaks and bustage caused by the bug leak fix bug 695480
  • Talking about add-ons on AMO using older versions of the SDK bug 751466


  • Perf work week May 14-18 (next week) in MV.
  • This week’s Snappy summary
  • Bas is working on slow downs due to borders and gradients. We should see some improvement in 3-4 weeks.
  • Incremental GC should turned back on soon (bug 750424, bug 750416).
  • Kyle’s big memory leak fix from last week turned out to occasionally cause leaks where there were none before (bug 751466).
  • Tim moved thumbnail storage away from network cache, which reduces cache contention and browser freezes (bug 744388).
  • Paulo continued nuking sync favicon api usage (bug 728168).



  • Compartment Per Global landed and stuck. Expect ongoing bug stomping to continue as the rest of the source base adjust to these patches (bug 650353). Bholley wrote this a post on CPG: . – bholley and luke.


  • SVG and CSS working group meetings this week (including joint meeting Wednesday)
  • likely some large changes to font size inflation coming soon to increase the size of the areas in which we make separate inflation decisions (bug 707195 and duplicates/dependencies)


Support for the new Opus audio codec has landed in Nightly, pref’d off. Set ‘media.opus.enabled’ to true to try it out. This was bug 674225.

There are some test files at

Opus is a new audio compression technology we’ve developed together with Microsoft (Skype), Broadcom, Google, Xiph.Org and other groups. It’s in the final stages of standardization at the IETF. It will be an essential component of our WebRTC (a/v chat) effort, but we also hope to get some traction with it as a baseline audio format for HTML.

We’re getting ready to land the first chunk of WebRTC on the tree to support getUserMedia() work (Camera API, etc). This will be preffed-off initially, and we’ll be calling on people to help when asked to do reviews, etc. This is a bit like docking a cruise liner in a narrow slip… so your help is appreciated.








Tree Management

  • stage/ftp/surf moved to scl3 datacentre on Saturday. Some fallout on Sunday/Monday. If you see any more issues (e.g. downloading builds/tests), please ping IT/RelEng.
  • april was another month of record load – 280 checkins in a day [1]
  • may looking like a high load month as well – 40,207 test jobs on may 3
  • RelEng starting to look at doing win8 builds on win64 build platform (thanks to jimm)
  • RelEng starting to look at migrating win32 builds to win64 platform (thanks to ehsan for help testing)


For updates to meetings please see the Security Review Calendar

Bugs marked sec-review-needed that need to be scheduled

ID Summary Status Priority
748945 Review iframe auto-height feature (part of seemless iframes) NEW
748949 Review changes to Cache-Control: no-cache on https pages NEW
749235 Security Review of Enable HTTP pipelining by default NEW
749334 SecReview: webapps OS level integration : Maemo NEW
749337 SecReview: Thunderbird should (semi-)automatically improve the security-related server configuration settings when it knows an improvement could be made NEW
749339 SecReview: Thunderbird auto-configuration database should be expanded & updated by regularly spidering every domain on the internet ( NEW
749341 SecReview: Teach FileSaver to take URIs as well NEW
749342 SecReview: “App-state” API, so that content knows when it becomes hidden etc. NEW
749344 SecReview: WebUSB NEW
749362 SecReview: WebBluetooth NEW
749363 SecReview: Preffing out CSS should be easier NEW
749364 SecReview: WebPrint (or WebIPP) NEW
749365 SecReview: API for “home screen” app locking display, listening for “wake up” button, etc. NEW
749368 SecReview: Use a pref to determine whether we auto-launch downloaded files NEW
749372 SecReview: Relax same-origin XHR restrictions for privileged applications NEW
749379 SecReview: [WebAPI] Proper WebAPI permissions manager NEW
749625 SecReview: (camera) camera support for desktop NEW
749378 SecReview: Network manager API NEW
749221 Security Review of Media Plugin API (MPAPI) ASSIGNED
749355 SecReview: WebContacts (or Contacts+) ASSIGNED
749233 Security Review of turn on “don’t load tabs until selected” by default / Tabs on Demand ASSIGNED
706184 TellUsMore: Security review REOPENED

Stability Report

Work Week

  • Stability work week will be June 11-15, 2012 in Mt. View


  • Planning for Rapid Betas is ongoing, will push out previously planned work for some time.
  • B2G and WebAppRT should probably get crash reporting as well, please coordinate with KaiRo to get this moving!



  • Some new regressions cropped up:
    • bug 751826 crash in mozilla::plugins::parent::_getproperty
    • bug 752414 crash in nsXPConnect::CheckForDebugMode @ JS_GetCompartmentPrincipals (still crashing after backout)
    • bug 752824 crash in nsXPConnect::CheckForDebugMode @ JS_GetInternedStringChars
    • bug 752416 crash in nsXPConnect::CheckForDebugMode @ js::AllFramesIter::AllFramesIter
    • bug 752391 crash in js::gc::MarkRange
    • bug 752495 crash in js::IncrementalReferenceBarrier
    • bug 752309 is current topcrash and a regression from compartment-per-global, bholley is on it.



Firefox 12

  • bug 640904 appears to still be the top signature on 12


  • Aurora top crashes are mostly libdvm crashes, bug 730890 was fixed in nightly, waiting aurora approval; remaining Libdvm bugs are as seen:
    • bug 751967 – crash on new tab/google maps galaxy nexus, ICS, 5.03 build
    • bug 751262 – Dalvik VM aborts and Fennec dies sometimes after Fennec and Android device are idle
    • bug 750965 – crash in libdvm with continuous reloading page after a while
  • Nightly top crashes; bug 748531 catches exceptions in JNI code. This was also fixed recently and may need to be aurora approved?
    • bug 752428 – crash in nsDOMWindowUtils::SetDisplayPortForElement
    • bug 752426– crash in mozilla::AndroidBridge::TakeScreenshot
    • bug 737128 – mozilla::gl::GLContextEGL::ReleaseSurface GL crash on Droid X
  • note: Nightly could be inflated due to QA testers testing and trying to get repro steps; also takes a while for a fix to have a crash fall off the chart.
  • Reminder: please update your builds to help show impacts of crash fixes

See Mobile Meeting for Mobile specific Socorro updates


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