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Mobile Meeting Minutes: 2012-08-22

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  • Wednesdays – 9:30am Pacific, 12:30pm Eastern, 16:30 UTC
  • Dial-in: conference# 95312
    • US/International: +1 650 903 0800 x92 Conf# 95312
    • US toll free: +1 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf# 95312
    • Canada: +1 416 848 3114 x92 Conf# 95312
  • #mobile for backchannel
  • Warp Core Vidyo Room


  • Next merge is 2012-08-27 (~5 days from now)
  • Fx15b6 was built yesterday

Major Topics for This Week

WebApps Testday

QA is hosting a testday focused on WebApps in Firefox for Android.

Brainstorming Output

We are in the process of churning through the output of the brainstorming sessions held last week in Boston. Feature pages, bugs and research projects will start appearing soon.

Blog It

Lots of interesting things happened last week in Boston, besides Finkle’s inability to bowl well. Feel free to blog about the ideas you heard (or pushed) as well as any new things landing in Firefox. Tell Matt Brubeck if you want a feed added to


We got it! Only ICS and JB for now, but Gingerbread is in the works.

SDK bump

The required SDK version has been bumped to level 16, update your mozconfigs

Stand ups

Suggested format:

  • What did you do last week?
  • What are working on this week?
  • Anything blocking you?

Please keep your update to under 2 minutes!

James W. (snorp)

  • Last week
    • Fixed a Flash crasher, merged to Beta/Aurora
    • Started on new updater
  • This week
    • Continued on updater, talking to UX tomorrow to finish it up


  • Aug 7 – Aug 21
    • bugs various and sundry:
      • bug 778257 – fix js warning
      • bug 771575 – fix window.innerWidth/innerHeight values before document is painted
      • bug 779920 – fix clicking on things in iframes (recent regression from bug 770659)
      • bug 780699 – regression of the “don’t keep activities” behaviour
      • bug 776906 – thumbnails broken on nexus 7
      • bug 781676, 765156 – fix NPEs
      • bug 734496 – don’t apply resistance when zooming in overscroll
      • bug 782183 – log stack traces for all threads when robocop hangs sometimes
      • bug 780650 – clean up some of the robocop reflection code
      • bug 781220 – encapsulate LayerController inside LayerView for better modularity
      • bug 783208 – double tap to zoom out doesn’t work when at max zoom
    • readability 2.0 stuff
      • worked on XUL-iframe-window overlay on double-tap, need to debug and properly fix touch events dispatching
    • blogging
      • blogged about readability 2.0 prototype
      • tagged some bugs as mentored and blogged about it
    • boston work week
  • upcoming things
    • dive through about:memory to see if there are any obvious places to reduce memory usage
    • wrap my head around the bfcache code to see if we can serialize it to disk to save memory


  • Last week:
    • Bug 770456 Intermittent Robocop | testHistoryTab | View is null and can therefore not be clicked!
    • Bug 770461] Intermittent Robocop | testHistoryTab | Context menu has New Tab option (x2)
    • Bug 782242 Robocop: reflection problems
    • about:memory discussions: bugs 768470, 783227, 783230
  • Next:
    • Robocop on Panda boards, esp. bug 783639 PixelTest failures on panda
    • Bug 784242 PixelTest failures: Pixel at 100, 0 – Color rgba(0,0,0,255) not close enough to expected rgb(32,100,0)

Chris Lord (cwiiis)

  • Done
    • bug 782327 – Enable async video on mobile
    • bug 777260 – Fix transformed inactive layers in container layers (also on Aurora)
    • bug 782332 – Retained tiles should not be used with fixed-position layers (also on Aurora)
    • bug 779269 – ‘Fix’ Google PDF viewer displacement bug (also on Aurora)
  • Ongoing
    • bug 781516 – Fennec invalidation regression on Nightly (patch awaiting review)
    • bug 771154 – Large amount of over painting on some pages on fennec
    • Improving amount of invalidation being done
    • bug 783914 – WEBGL_depth_texture doesn’t work using ANGLE (low priority)
    • Blog about position:fixed work
    • Blog about invalidation work?

Chris Peterson

  • Done
    • bug 782508 – Enable use of hardware H.264/AAC/MP3 decoders in Android libstagefright omx plugin
    • bug 781748 – NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoInputConnection.onCreateInputConnection()
    • bug 783954 – Move mozglue utility code into org.mozilla.gecko.mozglue package
    • Started a blog!ย ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Next
    • Debugging bug 782830 – AwesomePlayer intercepts Stagefright video decoding on Galaxy S III
    • Investigate Stagefright hardware whitelist/blacklist


  • Done:
  • Pending:
    • bug 741808 Finish enabling URL classification in SafeBrowsing.js component
    • Aka SafeBrowsing on Fennec
    • More tests for SafeBrowsing
  • Blockers:
    • “Holidays”
    • bug 651860 revise safebrowsing UI for mobile

Brian N


  • First year anniversary at Mozilla! Yaaay!
  • Last Week:
    • Near complete edit-box thumb for cursor. Patch coming soon.
    • Submenu prototype. More work this week.
    • Squishy button has a better fix.
    • Started with a horizontally scrolling list.
  • This Week:
    • Ensured we are release-ready on tablets – bug 784203
    • Working on minor bugs like bug 784395 and reviewing patches.


Last week:

This week:


Last week

  • bug 771380 – Reorganize toolbar layout to better handle dynamic icons
  • bug 784683 – Don’t create temporary H1 element for title
  • bug 784682 – Penalize nodes with “hidden” class or id in Readability.js
  • bug 784680 – Remove utility nodes from WordPress blog posts
  • bug 784674 – Better byline fetching in Readability
  • bug 774914 – Convert divs with only a P element child into plain P elements
  • bug 782285 – Don’t offer reader in pages with too much reading competition
  • bug 784055 – Remove all code dealing with offsetWidth in Readability.js
  • bug 784050 – No need to remove stylesheets and style tags in Readability.js
  • bug 782348 – Fetch byline info from articles to show on Reader
  • bug 766948 – Implement new Reader style

Next week

  • Land browser toolbar changes
  • Better understand current performance issues in reader (memory usage)
  • Incremental improvements in the readability algorithm and reader front-end
  • Investigate testing infrastructure for reader mode
  • Blog about Reader Mode




  • Finish bug 716575 (move more viewport code into the Gecko platform).
  • Write up notes / blog posts from Boston.


  • Currently working on feedback solicitation UI – bug 774479
  • Also preparing a talk/hack session about mobile add-on development for MozCamp EU
    • Let me know if you have ideas for add-ons that I can use as inspiration

Scott (jwir3)

Last Week

  • bug 780258: Add API to specify max line box width. (Reflow on zoom platform support)

This Week

  • Finish position maintaining code for reflow-on-zoom prototype.
  • Blog about prototype for reflow-on-zoom and other events at Boston workweek.
  • bug 784375: Limit font inflation max ratio


  • Working on a prototype of a web app logic game based on Mario’s Picross [1] in the little free time I have.ย ๐Ÿ™‚



  • Past
    • Font Inflation Dialog
      • Bug 777652 – (Could not repo, worksforme) Return of the Font Inflation Dialog
      • Bug 779861 – The Phantom Font Inflation Dialog – Fixing up some styling issues
    • about:home
      • Bug 778811 – (checkin-needed) “No Top Sites” text on be removed on about:home
      • Bug 780486 – Top Sites title banner covers logo on about:home
      • Bug 781262 – AboutHome Promo Box
    • Bug 777450 – Long pressing a Flash video selects all the text on the screen
    • Bug 779321 – Switching to synced tabs list causes the current page to animate on 10″ tablets
  • Present
    • Bug 718437 – [meta] Long Press Context Menu
    • Bug 766389 – (Waiting on review) Add “My Apps” clickable to about:home
    • Getting level 1 committer’s access
    • Bug 725018 – Tapping on an input field does not zoom into it
  • Future
    • Next week is my last week…ย ๐Ÿ™
    • Intern presentation for next Thursday, 8/30, 1pm
    • Bug 716403 – (Probably not enough time) Hide the navigation bar while scrolling down content


Last week

  • work week



  • Figured out the Boston Commuter vs Subway distinction
  • Fixed updater/blocklist ping prefs (bug 783909)
  • Added more conservative GC settings for ARMv6 (bug 783912)
  • Filed bug to add MemoryObserver back into Fennec (bug 784040)


  • Triage brainstorming ideas, and bugs


  • dumping brain into the responsiveness / perceived performance list
  • sketching out some Private Browsing Mode thoughts
  • ermagerd, on vacation for two weeks starting Monday

Ian Barlow

Ian Barlow

Fx15 (and early 16) UX Review List here:


  • bug 774479 Google Play feedback solicitation, polishing copywriting and visuals (almost done!)
  • bug 771380 Working with Lucas on favicon/lock layout (almost done!)
  • Starting work on special browsing modes — Private Browsing / Guest Mode / User Switching
  • Safe Browsing UI Refresh – would be great to hit the rest of our error UI with this refresh, too (originally bug 582048 )
  • Assembling list of responsiveness tweaks to start trying (building on last week’s brainstorm session)
  • Talking to snorp tomorrow about making the Aurora / Nightly updater better
  • Working with Wes on some UX around web app testing

On vacation next week!


Long time no see! I’m starting to work on mobile againย ๐Ÿ™‚ Madhava and I still working on the specific tasks, but it will likely be security UX related. More updates soon!


Round Table




  • nhirata still on b2g more so.
  • nhirata is back from PTO (not like it matters as much…)

Socorro bugs


Breakpad Integration bugs

Please see Platform Meeting Notes for Stability report


  • Still working on v15 doc updates
  • Welcome Tyler Downer! Taking over user feedback, he’ll provide reporting on v15
  • I’m revamping how we provide feedback, so anything you want to see in this report, please let me know. Now is the time to get it included.

This is the summary of the Google Play, Input and SUMO Feedback for Firefox for Mobile 14.0.1 for the Week of August 20th, 2012.

Google Play Reviews:

Firefox Ratings on Google Play:

5 star 42,561 (+1,038, 65% of Growth)

4 star 16,682 (+239, 15% of Growth)

3 star 11,968 (+159, 10% of Growth)

2 star 8,169 (+54, 3.5% of Growth )

1 star 12,689 (+101, 6.5% of Growth)

Average rating: 3.74

Average Rating of this Week’s Reviews: 4.3

92,069 Total Reviews (+1591)

Trending Topics/Issues in Rating Comments (August 14th to August 20th):

  • Copy and Paste / Text Selection
  • UI Complaints (Hard to hit close tab button)
  • Crashing (Galaxy S3, Galaxy S, Galaxy Nexus, HTC Incredible S, Droid X, Desire S)
  • Freezing (Amaze 4G, Galaxy 3)

This is the summary of the Google Play, Input and SUMO Feedback for Firefox Beta for Mobile 15 for the Week of August 21st, 2012.

Google Play Reviews:

Firefox Beta Ratings on Google Play:

5 star 7,282 (+311, 57% of Growth)

4 star 3,210 (+119, 22% of Growth)

3 star 1,669 (+48, 9% of Growth)

2 star 859 (+23, 4% of Growth)

1 star 1,494 1447 (+47, 8% of Growth)

Average rating: 3.96 (+.01 from last week)

This Week’s worth of Reviews Average Rating: 4.1 (no change)

14,514 Total Reviews (+548)

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