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Mobile: 2012-11-28

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  • Next merge is Week of 2013-01-06
  • Fx18 Beta 1 shipped

Major Topics for This Week

Private Browsing

First set of patches have been reviewed. Likely to land this week. This will allow for initial PB testing in Nightly.

Fx17 & ARMv6

Quick napkin calculations show a slow uptake of ARMv6 devices over the first week of Fx17. As of Nov 26th, we have 0.1 % of active device installs on ARMv6. For comparison, we had ~1% when Fx17 was on Beta.

Stand ups

Suggested format:

  • What did you do last week?
  • What are working on this week?
  • Anything blocking you?

Please keep your update to under 2 minutes!

James W. (snorp)

  • Last week
    • Hiding header
    • Bug 808595 – Firefox mobile (Nightly) doesn’t obey ‘only over Wifi’ setting for downloading updates on Sunday/early Monday (MEZ)
    • Bug 813675 – Updater doesn’t work with proxy
  • This week
    • Off Monday/Tuesday
    • More work on hiding header
    • Profiling work for B2G


  • Nov 21-28
    • bug 813204 – remove redundant touch listener notifications from js -> java
    • bug 792603 – disable reader mode on devices with less than 512 MiB of MemTotal
    • bug 807998 – free dirty heap pages on memory pressure
    • bug 814418 – make fennec build with NDK r8c (pending review)
    • went through all the open bugs blocking 800673 and WFM’d a bunch; fixed a couple:
    • bug 775511 – disable panning and scrollbars when in full-screen mode
    • bug 768887 – hide url bar when rotating in full-screen mode
    • bug 783521 – hide tabs sidebar in full-screen mode
    • bug 815684 – send some logcat info with crash reports (pending review)
  • Next
    • triage font-inflation bugs with scott to get some good examples of constrained-height problems that we can work on
    • continue working on armv6 + thumb and other memory-reduction things


  • Last week:
    • bug 813858 Intermittent robocop shutdown failure with no summary…
    • bug 814481 Intermittent robocop “DMError: Invalid process line: Test results for FennecInstrumentationTestRunner=.”
    • bug 814496 SUT: long-running exec’d process corrupts response to future commands
    • bug 814805 Android xpcshell tests: chmod permission problems on rooted device
    • bug 815699 xpcshell test_NetUtil.js fails with SIGSEGV on Android
    • bug 814767 devicemanager: mkDirs optimization
    • bug 813724 Determine if it is possible to run Android tests in emulator-x86 – on-going
    • bug 816131 Determine if it is possible to run Android tests in virtualbox – on-going
  • Next:
    • bug 815786 Disable testCheck3 (rck3) in Talos
    • bug 742804 Dialog dictates user to attempt to save downloads elsewhere
    • bug 815726 fennec consumes 55% cpu and 350MB+ RSS, then reboots frequently on panda boards ?
    • bug 761987 Intermittent Android shutdown, crashtests/468771-2.xhtml, basn2c16.html crash [@ nssCertificate_Destroy]  ?
    • Small backlog of unresolved robocop issues: bugs 770483, 769524, etc.
  • Stalled/blocked:
    • bug 810471 Crash on startup during various tests
    • bug 768491 xpcshell on android hangs or crashes on exit, on tegra only

Chris Lord (cwiiis)

  • Done
    • bug 783368 – Low-res tile cache for tiled layers (mostly r+, green try, will push soon)
      • This bug fixes several other progressive-tile related regressions, such as bug 810278
  • Now/next
    • Fallout from bug 783368:
      • bug 814437 – Major talos regression in checkerboard tests
      • bug 814864 – Low precision tile rendering takes too much time from high precision
    • Progressive-tiles related invalidation issues (probably)
    • Mentoring morrison to help snorp with bug 716403 (Request to hide the navigation bar when scrolling down content)
    • Going on PTO from December 8th – January 1st (inclusive)
  • Low priority/blocked
    • bug 798539 – Jerkiness at the end of panning
    • bug 788522 – Enable asynchronous opacity and transform animations
    • Blog about invalidation work
    • Blog about low-res tiles work
    • bug 785069 – tcheckerboard2 has regressed substantially since Jul 22nd
    • bug 792415 – Covered areas of fixed position elements are not rendered
    • bug 783914 – WEBGL_depth_texture doesn’t work using ANGLE (low priority)
    • bug 800475 – Fade in new content tiles


  • Past week
    • Thanksgiving
    • Landed bug 814886 – java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: invalid selection offsets
    • Been working on bug 811755 – Holding backspace in a designMode editor repositions cursor
  • Next week
    • Continue on bug 811755 – Holding backspace in a designMode editor repositions cursor
    • bug 810249 – Some VKB are not triggered in landscape mode
  • Low priority/Blocked
    • bug 809329 – Duplicate letters when Xperia pro keyboard has suggestions
      • Waiting for feedback from bug reporter
    • bug 810821 – Tapping on url bar with Samsung Galaxy Note’s II stylus doesn’t have url text selected
      • Just requested a Galaxy Note


  • Last week:
    • bug 815883 – fix WebRTC builds for ARM chips with neon FPUs
    • WebRTC on Android linking issues
  • Next week:
  • Notes:
    • FOSDEM: I signed us up and I see cwiis volunteerd to hold the talk.

Brian N

  • Done
    • Bug 813057 – Google search engine field stops resizing if suggestions change during animation
    • Bug 813346 – getBitmapFromDataURI() assumes fixed-length data URI header
    • Bug 810732 – Fennec tests are not running on Nightly
  • Next
    • More Fx19+ bugs


  • Almost ready to land first set of Private Browsing patches. bug 806927 and bug 806937
  • Working on optimizing ShapedButton. bug 814224
    • Adding states instead of levels for Tabs and Menu button.
  • Re-created back/forward button in code
    • Supports persona and private-browsing.
  • Next:


Last week:

  • Continued working on Bug 783312 – Make top sites customizable on about:home
  • Another round on Bug 681805 – [TABLETUI] Hide forward button when there is not forward shistory… (edit)
  • Blogged about webapps. Hoping to keep this out calling out webapps that are doing things well.

This week:

  • Finish working on Bug 783312 – Make top sites customizable on about:home


Last week

  • bug 709433 – animate awesome bar transition from tab bar to keyboard input
  • Brainstorming ideas with Margaret to track and attract new coding contributors to Fennec

Next week


(Can’t make the meeting today, but not much has changed)

  • Helping kill Gaia blockers
  • Training people to help kill Gaia blockers
  • Met with lucasr to brainstorm ways to improve contributor acquisition/retention/quality (he’ll give an update on that)

Scott (jwir3)

Last Week:

  • Family over for Thanksgiving (so it seems like just yesterday that we had a meeting…)
  • bug 803719 : Reflow-on-zoom should zoom in and snap into a piece of text.

This Week:

  • bug 803719 : Reflow-on-zoom should zoom in and snap into a piece of text.
  • bug 800805 : Reflow on zoom moves the position sideways on the screen incorrectly.
  • bug 806430 : Panning not working on some sites if reflow on zoom is enabled.
  • bug 808031 : Double tapping to focus on a text column does not work (B2G).



  • ate turkey


  • Working on RelEng patch for x86 builds



  • Reviews
  • Fixed some search engine bugs (bug 815076 and bug 762046)
  • Fixed support for multiple-profiles (bug 809942)
  • Added actions to context menu for HTML video (bug 701785)
  • Blogged about Android x86 test build


  • Traveling to MV/SF next week

Ian Barlow

In progress

  • Customizing about:home – I owe Wes some feedback 🙂
  • Tab menu refinements in progress
  • Private browsing polish
  • Guest mode
  • Multi-search
  • Starting to run low on bonus bugs, need to re-up
  • Really have to start blogging again 😛

UX Bonus Bugs

bug 716403 Scroll header off screen: Double bonus bug – 2 boxes of cookies to whoever fixes this! Snorp working on it!


  • bug 792407 Colour difference between title bar and in content UI background
  • bug 715258 Favicons are low quality for internal / local pages
  • bug 716051 Favicons are low quality for Mozilla-owned web properties

Title bar

  • bug 784362 Fix forward button bg alignment (tablets)



Round Table



  • Ideas to track and attract new coding contributors to Fennec (Lucas & Margaret)


Google Play Reviews are jumping up significantly. We are now at a visible 4.1 stars on the Google Play store. There aren’t any major issues SUMO has seen, yet. I’m still recovering from thanksgiving weekend feedback piling up. A full report is coming.

This Etherpad has all the information we’ve seen come in so far, no major problem devices we didn’t point out already (Samsung Admire)


  • Wednesdays – 9:30am Pacific, 12:30pm Eastern, 16:30 UTC
  • Dial-in: conference# 99998
    • US/International: +1 650 903 0800 x92 Conf# 99998
    • US toll free: +1 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf# 99998
    • Canada: +1 416 848 3114 x92 Conf# 99998
  • #mobile for backchannel
  • Mobile Vidyo Room

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