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Mozilla Project: 2013-01-14

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All-hands Status Meeting Agenda

Items in this section will be shared during the live all-hand status meeting.

Friends of the Tree

Thanks to the 47 new developers who joined Mozilla by making their first contributions to Firefox 18 and to Seif Lotfy for generating the metrics to let us thank them 🙂

Christian Holler for making the jit-test suite run in parallel (bug 827960) thereby decreasing by a few hours the cumulative computer wall time spent running these tests, allowing more jobs to be performed on the build infrastructure.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, 16 January

  • At 2:30pm in the accessibility room or #accessibility on irc we will be having a quick chat about accessibility website related stuff, – satdav
  • Brownbag: Designing Meaningful Security and Privacy Experiences (in a world where nobody cares?)

Thursday, 17 January

Today is sumo day – on its ask a question day all day

Saturday, 19 January

Next Week

Wednesday, January 23: Meet the WebFWD Teams!

(1) We’ll have a noon brown bag with our 7 WebFWD teams who are graduating from the program. They will present their projects to Mozillians at noon in 10FWD, Mountain View. Join us or tune in to Air Mozilla to learn more about their projects.

(2) For those Mozillians *in* Mountain View, we’ll be having a meet and greet in Warp Core at 3pm. This will give you a chance to ask directly meet the teams, ask them specific questions, explore how they may fit with your project (or vice versa).

Our teams are listed at – we hope you will join us!

Product Status Updates (voice updates)

Firefox Desktop & Mobile

Speaker Location: Mountain View (johnath)

Firefox OS

Speaker Location: Dietrich

  • Berlin meetup was fantastically productive, bringing the number of release-blocking bugs down to *7*. View the dashboard. Huge thanks to Ashley for coordinating the event, and to DT for hosting.
  • Next steps are to work with partners to identify and close the final bugs required for certification by all parties.
  • As of immediately, use the blocking-b2g flag instead of blocking-basecamp, nominating issues by setting the value to “tef?”. More detailed instructions for post-1/15 life will be sent to the lists this week.


Title Presenter Topic Media More Details
Project Kick Off Form – Bringing Projects to Launch Quickly & Responsibly Michael Coates – Presenting from SF New Project Kick Off Form Slides

Introducing New Hires

New Hire Introduced by Speaker location New Hire location Will be working on
Romain Gauthier Jb Piacentino Paris Berlin WebRTC Service and applications
Nick Desaulniers Bill Walker Mountain View Mountain View JavaScript Mind Reader Jedi
Q Fortier Amy Rich Mountain View Mountain View Senior Windows and UNIX Systems Administrator
Sandip Kamat Paxton Cooper Mountain View San Diego, CA Staff Product Manager, Firefox Mobile OS
Sricharan Kasetti Paxton Cooper Mountain View San Francisco Senior Product Manager, Firefox Mobile OS
Gregory Maxwell Robert O’Callahan Aukland Mountain View Codec Engineer
Larissa Shapiro Paxton Cooper Mountain View Mountain View Product Management Operations
Leonid Yeykelis Cori Schauer Mountain View Mountain View User Experience Researcher


Notes and non-voice status updates that aren’t part of the live meeting go here.

Status Updates By Team (*non-voice* updates)



  • Affiliates
    • no update – the project has been put on the back burner while the group works on Mozillians & Flicks
  • Firefox OS
  • Marketplace / AMO
  • Mozillians
  • MDN
  • Socorro
  • SUMO
    • Continuous deployment, no updates
  • MozTrap
    • Tested 1.3.7 – bulk add/edit tags, syncing between versions



Foundation Updates

  • Dial-in: conference# 8600
    • US/International: +1 650 903 0800 x92 Conf# 8600
    • US toll free: +1 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf# 8600
    • Canada: +1 416 848 3114 x92 Conf# 8600

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