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Thunderbird: 2013-06-11

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Remember to use headphones and mute yourself when not talking

Feel free to ask questions in the meeting either by speaking up or by asking them in #maildev on IRC.

Other ways to get in touch with us can be found on our communications page

Meeting Changes

Action items from last meetings

  • Ping Standard8 about his action items
    • (ongoing) Standard8: Document flags to tb-planning
    • (ongoing) Standard8: Follow up with metric numbers being public
      • Pinged again on 2013-06-11, should be going through final approvals
    • (2013-04-02) Standard8: Investigating possibilities for dropping second ESR release channel whilst maintaining mainstream the same as the ESR releases.
    • (2013-04-02) Standard8: arrange for swag to be sent to WADA and Aryx who are our awesome FotT.
    • Community as a whole: Decide “who is supposed to plan our dances?”
    • rkent: Send a proposal to tb-planning
      • Standard8’s feeling is that we don’t need a council…but if people want to step up and organize stuff, use tb-planning to get that ball rolling. Standard8’s personal opinion is that if we have a council, that we’re just putting names on people, and we should just act as a community.
      • Irving thinks that rkent’s concerns are that there are aspects of what we’re doing *outside of code* (get-togethers, $$, policies / directions) that he feels uncomfortable not knowing who is in charge of that. Do we as a group have $? And if so, how do we go about deciding what to spend it on?
      • Standard8 will think about this a bit more.

Critical Issues

  • The tree is orange. Crazy orange.
    • adw said he’s going to look into fixing the spell-checking bug (test fail is bug 881222)…if he gets the chance. (bug 880595 related?)
      • Great, then aceman looks at the other tests.
    • XPCShell on windows, Standard8 thinks we caused them, and aceman is looking at them
    • aceman is looking at one wrt customizing toolbars (most of them fixed, 1 remaining on OS X).
    • There’s a weird one for account settings (test-retest-config.js), and Standard8 is having trouble reproducing it.
      • aceman is looking at that one too, attached patch attempt to bug 881361. (Already identified some oddity of calling wait_for_modal_dialog() vs. wait_for_new_window() on that same window…)
      • Normal and packaged debug builds aren’t failing for Standard8 for bug 881361
    • Standard8 has a script to use with hg bisect when finding a regression from mozilla-centra


  • If there’s anything you want into the next big release of TB, 24 is the train you want to ride. You have until the merge on the 24th. Go go go!
  • Lightning in TB 24 has ical.js landed, but it won’t be enabled until at least TB 25, due to the risk

Round Table

  • mconley
    • Cleared out some reviews, but things are getting slow as Australis prepares to land on m-c
    • My GSoC students are kicking butt:
      • Philipp has a patch up that gives Thunderbird the devtools debugger! \o/ Will review as soon as I can.
      • Jon Demelo has been studying up on CardDAV. He’s got Ensemble built, and all of the tests passing, and he’s gotten familiar with Task and Promises. We’ve got a local version of Radicale being installed to test against, and he’ll have his first test case written soon.
  • Standard8
    • Filed a few issues on the tree
    • Caught up on a few reviews, more soon
    • Various feedback, investigation into bugs
    • Been talking to Anne-Marie about marketing
  • jcranmer
    • DXR updating discussions
    • Sunbird code is now dead
    • Finished bug 870565 (much simpler build system, don’t ask me to summarize what it actually does because it’s complicated)
    • Porting to – CPPSRCS, CMMSRCS, EXTRA_COMPONENTS in patches, DEFINES on todo list, CSRCS complete
    • Adding INSTALL_TARGETS to c-c, cleaning up rules in makefiles
    • Awaiting review for bug 869865 (eliminate master xpcshell manifest)
    • Neil is a slow reviewer 🙁
    • Most of my reviews are done
  • aceman
    • Cleaning up some test failures and more to come. Just need reviews and help from platforms other than Linux.
  • roland
    • i made wsmwk, matt and cameleon admins with all privileges so theoretically they should be able to deactivate sp*mmers’ accounts and delete sp*m on SuMoMo
    • I see this “Unable to open the temporary file C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Temp\nsmail.tmp. Check your ‘Temporary Directory’ setting.’ ” issue when I run McAfee on Windows 8 with Thunderbird 17. If I turn email attachment scanning off in McAfee then the problem no longer occurs. Therefore it appears to be something that could be a McAfee issue. Therefore I have emailed McAfee about this. WORKAROUND: disable scanning of email attachments.
  • JosiahOne
    • Pretty much only have time to work on redoing the Composer UI across platforms. (Targeting TB 25, don’t want a drastic change in 24)
    • Small UI changes. Widget fixes.
  • wsmwk

Action Items

  • Action for mconley to talk to Fallen about debugger used for Mozmill and XPCShell tests

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