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Firefox/Gecko Delivery Planning: 2013-07-10

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Schedule & Progress onUpcoming Releases

Firefox Desktop

Current Releases

Beta (23)

  • Firefox 23.0beta4 (Desktop) shipped yesterday, two betas a week is going well
  • Next Beta going to build tomorrow
  • Mixed Content Blocking looking good, no major support issues or red flags from top sites

Firefox Metro

  • Iteration #10 finishes this Friday on July 12.
  • Good possibility of development completion date not shifting from December 6 this iteration.
  • QA has 8 stories left to review for Iteration #9 regression testing.
  • Draft Metro Q3 goals will be reviewed with Product today.

ID Summary Priority Status
879113 Defect – Start screen shows black tiles when there is no internet connection P1 ASSIGNED
831910 Story – Use the Auto-Complete Screen P1 ASSIGNED
869940 Story – APZC – Part II: Development P1 ASSIGNED
891664 Defect – Unable to flip remember password pref P1 ASSIGNED
881995 Defect – Snapped view Alignment for Bookmarks an Recent History is off and tiles are cut off P1 ASSIGNED
831978 Story – Browser can display tab-modal, metro-styled prompts – Part I P1 ASSIGNED
886109 Defect – Occasionally while running tests the browser never paints P2 ASSIGNED
831942 Story – Initiate a file download and display the downloads app bar – Part I P2 ASSIGNED
890626 Change: Force on the updater add-on compat option when selecting Metro+Desktop updates P2 ASSIGNED
856712 Defect – HTTPS certificate Visit Site/Add permanent exception buttons are not working P2 ASSIGNED
844642 Story – Telemetry opt in and out in Firefox Options P3 ASSIGNED
856264 Defect – if context menu visible, tapping and holding another link will not produce new context menu P3 ASSIGNED
792576 Story – Implement OMTC for Metro UI P1 RESOLVED
831972 Story – Crash reporting P1 RESOLVED
870390 Story – Disable forced D2D backend in metro P1 RESOLVED
872780 Defect – Metro Firefox uses 7-10% of CPU when idle P1 RESOLVED
875892 Defect – The urlbar auto dismisses when it shouldn’t after loading a page P1 RESOLVED
879565 Change – Scroll bars should act like in other metro apps when using mouse P1 RESOLVED
882042 Defect – Horizontal scroll bar blocks values in richlistbox popup menus P1 RESOLVED
885005 Change – Update the url link to privacy policy webpage P1 RESOLVED
878619 Defect – Pressing “Enter” after pasting into the “Navigation App Bar” through the context menu doesn’t always work P1 RESOLVED
831915 Story – Implement Tile Widget and Groups – Part I P1 RESOLVED
857862 Defect – Selection monocles don’t show up on sites using content editable (like P2 RESOLVED
887621 Defect – Bookmark & Pin states are not changing when selected P2 RESOLVED
888033 Change – add a pref to disable navigation handles P2 RESOLVED
888329 Defect – Mouse scrollbars remain visible on the first browser we open P2 RESOLVED
889970 Defect – Selection expands automagically in the urlbar after a drag + tap P2 RESOLVED
890751 Defect – Find bar should not display when the start screen is loaded P2 RESOLVED
886624 Defect – Tests fail on HiDPI systems P2 RESOLVED
888067 Defect – Combined bar shouldnt appear on the js error console panel P2 RESOLVED
843236 Defect – Send the correct DOM keycodes in keyboard events from metro widget for US and non-US keyboards P2 RESOLVED
883554 Defect – Clipboard empty after copying due to other applications having the clipboard open P2 RESOLVED
889039 Change – Re-enable add-on compat check by default when doing updates through Firefox P2 RESOLVED
881971 Defect – There should be some default bookmarks in a fresh metro profile P2 RESOLVED
886584 Defect – Enable horizontal scrolling with swipes that begin over a tile P2 RESOLVED
875975 Change – It should be possible to stop navigation by pressing the ‘escape’ key while a page is loading P3 RESOLVED
890764 Defect – Navigation App Bar not visible at times when loading websites P3 RESOLVED
886589 Change – Add infrastructure for tapping center of elements rather than relying on hard-coded offsets P3 RESOLVED
887357 Defect – Metro-enabled Nightly ignores command line flags from icon pinned to the taskbar (but not from the command line itself) P1 VERIFIED

Firefox Mobile

Current Releases

Beta (23)

  • Beta Reviews are looking good, a couple of positives around x86 support
  • Dynamic URL Bar is good to go from security and privacy standpoint but we do need to converge on some final blockers which include: bug 853986, bug 890006, bug 877602, bug 886576
  • FHR: We are good to go from a privacy standpoint upon the fixing of about:healthreport’s bug 890104 which Laura has jumped on, thanks. We are also needing bug 888440 to be fixed prior to 08/06 GA

Aurora (24)

  • Uplifting (yay) bug 872806 – Distribution support for add-ons
  • Getting sec reviews lined up for: NFC Bump for tab sharing, Geolocation services, WebRTC
  • en-GB, sv-SE and ca-ES are on track

Nightly (25)

  • We are getting super close to turning SkiaGL ON for Android
  • Also getting close to landing page actions
  • We are on track to add: Ukrainian (ua-UK), Irish (ga-IE), South African English (za-EN)
  • Check out the Settings UI cleanup in the latest nightly an note this recent addition to the effort :bug 891115 – [Meta] Move add-ons management into Settings

Developer Tools

  • feeling poorly today, no audible. 🙁
  • uplift patch for Jetpack bug 878877 should be ready today, ping Mossop for the gory details.
  • Jetpack: Place API and Australis work landed and stuck for Q2. Q3 projects spinning up: add-on devtools.
  • Devtools: remote inspector landing in meaty chunks, planning Q3 projects: authoring, resourcemaps.

Feedback Summary


Feedback around HiDPI font changes in 22 has decreased. We’ll be updating our existing SUMO article and would suggest offering a snippet to point users to the article.


No update, Firefox 22 is awesome.

Market Insights from the Product Marketing Strategy Team

Desktop / Platform


  • Google released Chrome 28 with Blink rendering engine replacing Webkit [1] for Windows and Chrome OS. Also in Chrome 28 are fixes for critical security vulnerabilities [2] and rich notification capabilities currently used by a few services – Gmail, Google Drive, Spotify, RSS feeds, Ouistiti, etc [3]. The Blink fork from Webkit attempts to remove unnecessary code, optimizes bottlenecks in rendering, utilizes code parallelism more often, [4] and gives Google greater freedom to introduce new features via its services while offering the same to developers.
  • Google requiring browser conformity certification for Smart TVs to get YouTube content [5]. Samsung needed 3 months to get that certification. This is being seen in the market as potentially a move to force adoption of Android-based Google TVs instead of open HTML5.


  • Opera employee reveals that they swapped Presto with Chromium as the rendering engine to focus on innovation in the browser rather than untangled Presto’s code throughout the browser [6]. This helped Opera 15 focus on Speed Dial (bookmarks in browser window), Stash (research collections), Discover (pre-selected content), and Off-road Mode (SPDY for faster rendering).


  • Amazon is quietly testing streaming Flash videos to Silk browsers on Kindle Fire [7] by splitting workload between the cloud and the device. The difference in Amazon’s attempt from similar attempts in Opera and iSwifter on Apple is its use of AWS to scale to vast volumes of such content, reducing a few negatives associated with Flash.


  • Google is preparing for the launch of the first Motorola device designed by the company. The OEM logo has been revised and added the tagline “a Google company”. A teaser ad for the phone has been put out that reveals that the user value proposition revolves around having been produced in the US and allowing greater customization on the part of the user. Tagline: “Designed by you. Assembled in the USA.”
  • Google continues its strategy to deconstruct the operating system by allowing more of its parts to be changed and downloaded individually from the Google Play Store.
  • Android version distribution numbers for July show Jelly Bean with 37.9% has passed Gingerbread (34.1%) as the most used platform. They are followed by Ice Cream Sandwich with 23.3. All of the other Android version have less than 4%. Important because it shows a slow down of Android fragmentation, also facilitated by the lack of a Key Limi Pie launch at Google I/O this spring.
  • The French competition authorities confirmed that they are reviewing the app stores of Apple, Google and Amazon for possible antitrust violations. The agency is worried about the user’s (in)ability to switch once they purchase apps / content from the platform native app stores. A French newspaper also reported concerns around pricing rules that make economic feasibility difficult for developers.
  • India has moved up to become the world’s 3rd largest smartphone market, according to a report from Strategy Analytics. It is only preceded by China and the US. India is growing four times faster than the global average, with 165% year-over-year growth, compared with the global average of 38%. An important factor for the growth is improved distribution. Besides Apple and Samsung, there are a set of local brands that act in the country, such as Micromax, Karbonn and Spice, all Android OEMs.

Marketing, Press & Public Reaction


““With no apparent weaknesses and generally strong finishes all-around, combined with near-native start times, greatly-improved hardware acceleration scores, and almost-perfect reliability, the latest version of Firefox soundly wins this installment of the Web Browser Grand Prix.”

  • Windows 8 test program launching today — goal is to acquire 2,500 Windows 8 users on our Nightly build
  • Reenabling JavaScript by Default: Working on communication plan to let users who have disabled this know what we’re doing. (Bug
  • Consumer Value Proposition Discovery: Research vendor has been selected
  • Search Engine Optimization: Vendor selected, kickoff once paperwork is in order (new vendor, sigh)
  • Australis: Currently creating Beta campaign strategy for Engagement team
  • Indonesia Community Campaign: Viking finalizing campaign plan and goals – Johnath let’s chat about this ; )
  • Emerging Markets Paid Search Test: Launching a test to find this ad channels CADI (our new nifty acronym for “cost per ADI”) in Brazil and Indo

Planning Meeting Details

  • Wednesdays – 11:00am PT, 18:00 UTC
  • Mountain View Offices: Warp Core Conference Room
  • Toronto Offices: Finch Conference Room
  • #planning for backchannel
  • (the developer meeting takes place on Tuesdays)

Video/Teleconference Details – NEW

  • 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 99696 (US/INTL)
  • 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 99696 (US)
  • Vidyo Room: ProductCoordination
  • Vidyo Guest URL

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