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Places Meeting Minutes: 2009-03-02

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Places/Status Meetings/2009-03-02

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Places Team Meeting Details

  • Mondays at 9:00am Pacific
  • #places

Work Priorities

  • Blockers (1,
    • One blocker owned by dietrich should be closed out this week.
  • Wanted 29,
    • Will re-triage these once we have a better plan for what is going to happen with 3.1
  • Bugs targeting 3.1 (19 from 26,
    • Will re-triage these once we have a better plan for what is going to happen with 3.1
  • Possible Wontfix (3 from 2,
  • Places bugs on m-c but not yet on 1.9.1 (45 from 33,
    • This is big. We need to make sure we have things requesting approval that are safe to land on branch.
    • Bug owners should ask for approval and dietrich will triage later today.

QA Issues

From last meeting, the following things had open action items:

  • Everything is A-OK

Status updates

  • sdwilsh
    • need to finish up work on bug 480211, then it is back to async location bar searches.
  • mak
  • adw
    • Re: sprint bug 480340:
      • Setup MySQL DB to collect places stats (thanks sdwilsh) which you can POST to at (and also GET for a table of people who have POSTed)
      • Updated JS script that compiles places stats:
        • Computes number of livemark containers
        • Computes number of livemark children
        • Computes a places DB “ID” to associate with stats
        • POSTs to aforementioned web site
      • So now we only need to get people to copy and paste the JS into their JS consoles, and the rest is taken care of. But, is there an easier way than using the JS console?
    • bug 451151 finished, checked in
  • ddahl
    • sprint patch is up bug 479089 – Dietrich would like more configuration options. Looking at that today. Would love more feedback. Tests by ddahl and adw.
    • working on bug 410196 just need a more “permanent fix”, current patch is not comprehensive.
    • Patch up for an autocomplete test bug 479089 (needs review)
    • In contact with Tracy about the test suite for the PlacesController, etc. Added Tracy’s spreadsheet bug 475977 will start on those this week.
    • Finished off some non-places work last week related to the updater.


  • Bugs with dev-doc-needed (
    • mak77 will go through his bugs and fix missing docs

From last meeting, the following things had open action items:

  • need documentation on how to write SQL queries against the places back-end, for core developers.
    • Invariants and triggers (sdwilsh)
    • Check over existing documentation for outdated information (sdwilsh)


  • B4 targets, create a list of bugs/features we could work on for B4, and evaluate current approval queue.
    • will use wanted flag.
    • dietrich will re-triage wanted so we can safely use this.
  • Favicons expiration
    • bug 460300 and followup bug 476636: users don’t expect them expiring with cache (bug 480873)
    • Need to establish when exactly the cache is cleared, and then evaluate our options

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