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Firefox/Gecko Delivery Planning: 2013-07-31

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Schedule & Progress onUpcoming Releases

Firefox Desktop

Current Releases

  • FF23 RC is built and with QA
  • Merge Day is on MONDAY August 5, 2013
  • Release Signoff for FF23 happened (here are notes)
  • Mixed Content Blocking will ship, throttled at 10%

Beta (23)

  • Final 23.0b10 Desktop shipped yesterday, mobile should go out shortly

Firefox Metro

  • Iteration #11 ended on Friday July 26.
  • Team completed 77 story points across 34 features which resulted in an increased average team velocity of 63 story points per iteration.
  • Increase in average team velocity caused the Expected Forecasted Date to contract by 1 iteration to November 11 – Development Iteration #18.
  • QA achieved 100% coverage for the regression testing across Iterations #1 – #10.
  • Team achieved a 33% reduction in defect rates from the previous iteration.
  • 17% of our existing features have a defect/change bug blocking them.
  • Iteration #12 runs from July 29, 2013 – August 12, 2013.

ID Summary Priority Status
895669 Change – override about:addons to disable a metro custom page P1 ASSIGNED
888236 Defect – Crash in nsIFrame::GetNearestWidget P1 ASSIGNED
845152 [MP] Story – NewUI – Access and dismiss the new Firefox app bar P1 ASSIGNED
886321 [MP] Story – APZC – Part III: Polishing P1 ASSIGNED
831924 [MP] Story – Access the tabs bar P1 ASSIGNED
892512 [MP] Story – Make the Start UI Responsive P1 ASSIGNED
895515 Change – Firefox Start bookmark tile theme changes based on latest comps P1 ASSIGNED
895519 Change – Firefox Start Top Site tile theme changes based on latest comps P1 ASSIGNED
898651 defect – find in page option in start page is superfluous P1 ASSIGNED
886563 [MP] Story – Browser can display tab-modal, metro-styled prompts – Part I P1 ASSIGNED
895921 Defect – Tab bar not appearing when selecting links from flyouts P2 ASSIGNED
890153 Defect -OSK overlapping searched words using “Find in Page” if website not scrollable P2 ASSIGNED
891688 Defect – Caret selections not always appearing when tapping inside text areas embedded in iframes P2 ASSIGNED
898457 Defect – Horizontal scroll bar visible in settings and about panels P2 ASSIGNED
886942 [MP] Story – Initiate a file download and display the downloads app bar – Part II P2 ASSIGNED
895457 Defect – “Remember password” buttons are not visible when in snapped view P2 ASSIGNED
897121 Defect – Browser error: FlyoutPanelsUI.PrefsFlyout is undefined P2 ASSIGNED
856264 Defect – if context menu visible, tapping and holding another link will not produce new context menu P3 ASSIGNED
896097 Change – Remove on-screen buttons when auto-complete is visible P2 RESOLVED
896757 Defect – Remove “>” from narrow version of grid title strings P2 RESOLVED
890148 Defect – “Find Bar” transition sluggish/slow P2 RESOLVED
896766 Defect – Disable tile selecting and context appbar in snapped view P2 RESOLVED
899623 Defect – Intermittent browser_topsites.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold. (this.activeTileset.clearSelection is not a function) P2 RESOLVED
876816 Defect – Flyouts should have standard widths P3 RESOLVED
898370 Change – Disable crash reporting when running with -metrodesktop P2 VERIFIED

Firefox Mobile

Beta (23)

  • Fixed and uplifted just in time for our last beta <3 bug 891607 – content is initially cut off when viewing in landscape mode
  • We’re ready to ship our targeted features INCLUDING DYNAMIC URL BAR WHOOOOO!


Aurora (24)

  • Fixed and uplifted, bug 894938 – Content permission prompts don’t work when prompt requestor is an iframe
  • It sounds like we’re moving Wallpaper out of Fx24 to Fx25, instead b/c we figured out a way to support it sans permissions- this is just fresh off the press bug 886996

Nightly (25)

  • Landed! Working on fixing any fallout bug 866232 – Support having multiple APZC instances attached to the layer tree
  • Furiously landing patches requiring string changes for Fx25 in time for merge
  • We are making about:home great. We want to be sure Fig is stabilized before we merge to m-c so we have identified Fx26 as a new release target

Developer Tools

  • (late addition, last meeting keeps going too long)
  • ‘black box libs’ landed and stuck, you can now skip stepping into common libraries like jQuery bug 875034

Feedback Summary


Sentiment Report for Firefox 22 is coming this week, please watch your inboxes.

No feedback issues, ready for Firefox 23.


Sentiment Report 22 is live.

Feedback is stable for Release and Beta, ready for Firefox 23

Market Insights from the Product Marketing Strategy Team

Desktop / Platform


  • Microsoft announced an updated version of its modern.IE tools for Internet Explorer 11 Developer Preview [1] along with 3 additional offerings: 25% off Parallels Desktop 8 virtualization for Mac until August 19th, new virtual machines for testing IE11 on Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 [2], and a free screenshot service powered by that shows how a site renders across browsers and devices. Microsoft is also offering $11,000 as bug bounty to identify new vulnerabilities in IE11. Also coming in IE11 is WebGL support with CORS for security [3] and Companion Web to enable websites to be built for multiple devices [4]


  • Chromecast received positive reviews after its launch last week [5], was sold out in several channels quickly [6], and had to stop the free Netflix promo [7] due to demand.
  • New digitally-signed malware hijacks Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts via Chrome plugins (and Firefox too) [8].
  • Google Chromebooks positioned for Enterprises with value proposition of freeing up IT professionals to “spend time on innovation, not maintenance” implying “high uptime, low service costs and scalable deployment of new Web-based applications and content”. The Play store currently sells the Acer C7 for $199, Samsung Chromebook for $249, and the high-end Pixel for $1299. [9]


  • Google is expected to unveil the Moto X device at an event in New York tomorrow, the 1st of August. It is the first that was designed after the OEM’s acquisition by Google.
  • Google has revealed the 4.3 version of Android, that introduces improvements to multi – user support and stricter parental controls. There is support for Open GL ES 3.0 and DRM APIs. The list of updates points to a focus on the tablet form factor, that is more likely to be shared in the familiy and that has greater needs for smooth graphics support and copyright protection.
  • Foxconn, recently renamed to FIH Mobile, is rumored to be planning to design and sell its own line of smartphones and to be aiming for a carrier – centric distribution model. Foxconn has also applied for a 4G license in Taiwan, that would further diversify its business.
  • Huawei has decided to shift its main focus to Europe and pull out from the US, claiming that the North American country proved to be a “commercial disappointment”. The Chinese company has been looking to sell more network equipment in the US among concerns on the security and privacy of the solutions they offer.
  • A Nokia executive has come out to say that Microsoft must evolve the way it operates to make Windows Phone a success.
  • All three major Russian operators have stopped selling the iPhone among dissatisfaction on the tough contractual requirements that Apple has. The three carriers, Vimpelcom, MTS and MegaFon blamed “draconian contracts” and “harsh conditions … especially in the marketing department”. Russia is a market with 180 million subscribers with a particularly tough environment for high – end devices, as subsidies are not allowed.
  • Rumors of a cheaper version of the iPhone have emerged again, this time with more consistency. They mention a plastic cover for the device as well as availability in different colors. Launch data would be around September, just in time for the holiday gifting season. Important because the iPhone would be approaching the space that Firefox OS is competing in. It is not expected that they would be direct competitors right off the bat, but it is something to keep watching.
  • Chinese mobile users over-index in the reading, utility and productivity usage categories, as reported by Flurry Analytics.

Marketing, Press & Public Reaction

Product Marketing:

  • Consumer Value Proposition Discovery: Test positioning statements finalized and field within Brazil, India, and Indonesia will start next week [Laura]
  • Mixed Content Blocking: SUMO let’s sync on user outreach around this
  • Search Engine Optimization: Second week of Engagement. Their first batch of recommendations to increase the amount of paid search traffic to our site (and thus, downloads) is due 8/09 [Laura, Tim, WebProduction]
  • Paid Search FunnelCake in Indonesia and Brazil: Launched last week but currently frozen since tracking isn’t working on our end. This test will give us a firm cost per ADI in these two emerging markets via our Paid Search ad channel. [Laura]
  • First Run Testing: New round of tests live. Winner will be tracked against current control in two funnel cakes which will help us understand the relationship between the First Run page and ADIs. [Jen B]
  • Australis Redesign: Finishing up Beta Launch Plan this week. When is this landing in Nightly? [Laura]
  • Firefox 23 Launch: Launch next Tuesday. Main feature the new Social API Share functionality [PR]


Members of the security team at Black Hat with press coverage surrounding the Mozilla/ Blackberry announcement with Peach Fuzz testing and Minion.

Firefox in the news:

Planning Meeting Details

  • Wednesdays – 11:00am PT, 18:00 UTC
  • Mountain View Offices: Warp Core Conference Room
  • Toronto Offices: Finch Conference Room
  • #planning for backchannel
  • (the developer meeting takes place on Tuesdays)

Video/Teleconference Details – NEW

  • 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 99696 (US/INTL)
  • 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 99696 (US)
  • Vidyo Room: ProductCoordination
  • Vidyo Guest URL

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