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Mozilla Project: 2013-09-09

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All-hands Status Meeting Agenda

Items in this section will be shared during the live all-hand status meeting.

Friends of the Tree

Mardi, Kate and all of the Summit team for all of the work you have done for the Summit this year thanks for all of the hard work from all of the Mozillians

A big thanks to Chad Weiner for stepping in to help lead the Product Marketing team

Masatoshi Kimura for removing 1/3 of the enablePrivilege calls in our mochitest suite with an epic 275k patch

600 high-fives for Yousef Alam and William Reynolds, who spent three full days talking with students at Campus Party Europe last week. Over 600 students visited our booth to sign up for our Firefox Student Ambassador program.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, 10 September

  • MAKER PARTY: West Bengal, India: MakerQuiz@Dgp is an opportunity to review the performance of our participants of Hack Jam @ BCREC. There will be a test on HTML5 and CSS, followed by a quiz on Mozilla and Webmaker to help participants understand where they are strong and where they could use improvement.

Wednesday, 11 September

  • MAKER PARTY: Berlin, Germany: Hive Berlin is an opportunity for participants to get to know each other, learn about three exciting projects, present their own projects/learning opportunities, and then exchange/discuss ideas for collaborations and work.

Thursday, 12 September

  • PERSONA MEET-UP: 1st-ever Mozilla Persona meet-up is happening on Thursday September 12 at Mozilla San Francisco, 5:30pm-9:30pm local time. Dan Callahan, Zach Carter, and Didem Ersoz are hosting the meet-up, which will include a Persona overview, a Q&A, and a mini hack-session for those who’d like to get started with Persona right away. Feel free to spread the word. RSVP:

Friday, 13 September

Saturday, 14 September

  • MAKER PARTY: Central Region, Uganda: The eight-day Rural Youth TechNet 4 Students (ROUTES) is all about spreading digital literacy and celebrating the amazing things we can make and do thanks to the web by Mozilla. CPAUG will be hosting a Rural Youth TechNet 4 Students (ROUTES) at Masuliita Secondary Sch. in Wakiso District in to empower the youth on how to use social media in Education.
  • MAKER PARTY: Athens, Greece: Athens Plaython Maker Party is an opportunity for experienced coders or newbies to get started with remixing the open web. From coding their first line of HTML to building apps that change the world, Maker Party is a chance to connect with a global community of creators.
  • MAKER PARTY: Lagunes, Côte d’Ivoire: Mozilla Maker Party II is the follow up to the first Maker Event in Ivory Coast and is an Workshop to learn Web Making with Mozilla Webmaker tools.
  • MAKER PARTY: Delhi, India: the first and last party ! is an informal and small event trying to gather like minded people from all over the city, at its heart, just for an hour in the weekend evening. Anyone who loves the web and looking for networking, be ready to have some fun with the web with a sip of coffee at the cafe !!
  • MAKER PARTY: Rivière du Rempart, Mauritius: Marky party Mauritius continues the month after month Maker Party. The September event will be an introduction presentation to Mozilla and its products together with Webmaker party at the seat of the Global Rainbow Foundation Mauritius. This event was specially requested by the President of the NGO who was very keen to learn about the amazing things that can be done with the Webmaker tools

Sunday, 15 September

  • MAKER PARTY: Malaysia: Popcorn Story Camp Malaysia 2013 contains hands on sessions, talks, and hacks*! Revolutions in Media is the selected theme for this event. The event will be focused towards small groups of students and be led by individuals passionate about the web. As part of the Mozilla community, we’re helping build a brighter future for the Web. The concept is fun, interactive and leads to more exposure to the World Wide Web.
  • MAKER PARTY: Pittsburgh, PA: SparkFun Electronics Tour Stop: Scratch and PicoBoard gets you started with computer programming by making digital projects that respond to things in the real world, using Scratch and PicoBoard. From games with custom controllers to interactive animations, you can start making and sharing amazing creations. Learn from the pros at SparkFun Electronics, who are driving around the country, teaching workshops and spreading their passion for technology.
  • MAKER PARTY: Central Luzon, Philippines: Maker Party 2013 @ Bataan event will be a meeting up, making cool stuff and teaching others at the 2013 Maker Party at Bataan, Philippines. This event will focus on Webmaker Updates, Webmaking and Firefox Student Ambassador Program for College Students within the University Town of Balanga and the Province of Bataan.
  • MAKER PARTY: Tokyo, Japan: Mozilla Festival in Tokyo will have more than 25 organizations attend and show off their work, have open discussion and hold workshop etc. Maker Party will be held as a part of the event.

Product Status Updates (voice updates)

Firefox Desktop

Speaker Location: toronto (johnath)

  • Throw to Devtools!

Dev Tools

Speaker Location: portland (dcamp)

Firefox Mobile

Speaker Location: remote (mfinkle)

  • Problems/Fixes
    • Fixing an issue which broke new Nightly updates (bug 913842)
    • Fixed a hang/problem in WebRTC (bug 904784)
    • Fixed a crash related running WebApps (bug 901426)
  • Starting a project to improve that way we build Android UI tests (post)
  • Looking for feedback on GeckoView embedding interfaces and APIs (post)


No verbal update this week

Back to school with Mozilla Webmaker. Create a teaching kit on to help others learn.

Firefox OS

Speaker Location: None

  • Most of Firefox engineering is in Oslo for workweek hosted by Telenor.


Winners of the Amp Your Firefox add-on contest have been announced! Please cast your vote for the Best Overall add-on, and help us congratulate the winners using the #ampyourfirefox hashtag. Details here:

Grow Mozilla

Speaker Location: San Francisco

Help us build a history of Mozilla told by Mozillians. Please share your memories about this Mozilla milestone:

Note: If you’ve tried posting to the comments, but your comment didn’t show up get in touch with David Boswell. There spam filter can be a bit overly aggressive.


Presenter Title Topic Location Share? Media More Details
Who Are You? What Do You Do? What are you going to talk about? Where are you presenting from? (Moz Space, your house, space) Will you be sharing your screen? (yes/no, other info) Links to slides or images you want displayed on screen Link to where audience can find out more information
Kate Naszradi, Larissa Shapiro, Mike Hoye Summit Comms Sign-up! Summit sessions, fairs, site hosts Mozilla San Francisco/ Mountain View/ Toronto No. None Facilitator sign-up, Site Host sign-up,Summit Fairs sign-up, Mitchel Blog Post


Do you have a question about a Mozilla Project or initiative? Let us know by Friday- we’ll do our best to get you an answer.

Please note that we may not always be able to get to every item on this list, but we will try!

Who are you? Area of question Question
What’s your name? What do you work on? Is your question about policy, a product, a Foundation initiative, etc. What would you like to know?


Let’s say hello to some new Mozillians!

Introducing New Hires

New Hire Introduced by Speaker location New Hire location Will be working on
Byron Campen Asa Dotzler Mountain View Mountain View WebRTC platform engineering
Adam Rogers Christopher Lee Most likely in Oslo this week (nonverbal) In Oslo this week, normally Canada Remote – ON Product Manager, Firefox OS
Lenae Lukens Alan Chang Mountain View Mountain View Accountant
Jeannette Bartolome Sylvie Brossard Mountain View Mountain View Benefits
Randall Barker Brad Lassey Remote Mountain View Mobile Platform


Notes and non-voice status updates that aren’t part of the live meeting go here.

Status Updates By Team (*non-voice* updates)



Automation & Tools

We are now running XPCShell tests in parallel on our test slaves. Read all about it here.



“Mozilla thinks having “whimsical” micro-copy and animations will help it retain users, but for the most part, I think its idea to allow users to “constantly discover diverse content including apps, collections, articles, reviews, videos and more” in the store could be the winning concept here… Mozilla thinks having ‘whimsical’ micro-copy and animations will help it retain users, but for the most part, I think its idea to allow users to ‘constantly discover diverse content including apps, collections, articles, reviews, videos and more’ in the store could be the winning concept here.” – Frederic Lardinois, TechCrunch

7 Smart Reasons to Consider Using Firefox, Babble

Security tools and web browsers come together in Mozilla Plug-n-Hack, SC Mag

Cybersecurity Basics: Surf the Web Safely With These Browsers, Entrepreneur

Mozilla Launches Phase Two Of ‘Phones For Apps’ Program, Giving Firefox OS Devices To Devs Who Port HTML5 Apps, Engadget

Apple, Microsoft And Google Could Learn Something From Mozilla’s App Store Prototype, TechCrunch

Video: How Firefox OS will avoid the app discovery problems that plague iOS, Android, BGR

  • Dial-in: conference# 8600
    • US/International: +1 650 903 0800 x92 Conf# 8600
    • US toll free: +1 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf# 8600
    • Canada: +1 416 848 3114 x92 Conf# 8600
    • FR/Paris: +33 1 44 79 34 80, x92 Conf# 8600

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