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Thunderbird: 2013-09-17

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Remember to use headphones and mute yourself when not talking

Feel free to ask questions in the meeting either by speaking up or by asking them in #maildev on IRC.

Other ways to get in touch with us can be found on our communications page

Meeting Changes


Usul, jcranmer, Irving, clokep (hearing), mconley, tessarakt, aceman (hearing), sshagarwal

Friends of the tree

  • mconley nominates Chiaki Ishikawa++

Current status and discussions

  • Thunderbird 24 is out! (throttled) – FIREWORKS!!!
  • Thunderbird 17.0.9ESR is out! (unthrottled)
  • \o/

Action items from last meetings


Round Table

  • mconley
    • GSoC is wrapping up
      • Jon Demelo’s connector is pretty much done, and we’ve tested it against Radicale, and it seems to work as advertised. Ensemble now has theoretical connection support for CardDAV. \o/
      • Fallen’s got patches up for Thunderbird dev tools. He’s got Scratchpad working, as well as the Inspector, Web Console…and others. It’s really _really_ awesome. See
    • Chewed through some reviews yesterday. Still have to do more.
  • tessarakt
  • jcranmer
    • Getting reviews on the new header parser! Should land this week
    • Fixed the perma-bustage on our builds! Just down to the click-to-play plugin bustage
    • Probably busy for the next few days due to school
  • clokep
    • JS-Yahoo is ALMOST preff’ed on by default in Instantbird, working with qheaden to get this done in the next week
    • Will attempt to get this merged into Daily ASAP.
  • wsmwk
    • crashes – still no obvious big bad boys in beta, nor so far ~2 hr into release – will probably be a different story in a couple days. But it’s fascinating to see some early crashes that repeatedly hit the same user multiple times, that don’t have reported bugs – see
  • Usul
    • had semi organized test – which was a big fail. (maybe too many holidays?)
    • busy and burned out by day job – slowly following on stuff
  • JosiahOne (not at meeting)
    • Very busy now with classes now, however I still managed to land a few more theme patches in the past week.
    • New composer UI for Linux and Windows has been slow to work with for a bunch of reasons, however things seem to be functioning properly now. So hopefully it’ll be done within a couple weeks.

Question Time

  • Is there anything TB related planned for Summit?
    • That’s a really good question. I think the agenda is still very fluid.
    • I (clokep) would at least like to know who’ll be in each place and meet them!
      • clokep, mconley, jcranmer, JosiahOne, irving, wsmwk, will be in Toronto
      • A lot of Instantbird people will be in Brussels (aleth, Florian, Even)

Action Items

  • [Standard8] mconley nominates Chiaki Ishikawa for friend of the tree. Swag?
  • [Standard8] Are WADA and Aryx from previous nomination covered already?

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