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Places Meeting Minutes: 2009-05-18

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Places/Status Meetings/2009-05-18

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Places Team Meeting Details

  • Mondays at 9:00am Pacific
  • #places

Work Priorities

  • Blockers (5, +4,
    • bug 489038 – Selecting and/or deleting tags in the Library causes Firefox 3.5b4pre to hog the CPU and become unresponsive (dietrich), has various patches to increase Library responsivness.
    • bug 493538 – Crash in [@ nsNavHistory::RecalculateFrecenciesInternal(mozIStorageStatement*, int)] (mak), found cause, patches on the way, needs review edilee
    • bug 490035 – “Script is busy” warning from places flush script on initial migration (mak), has patch for batch migration (make it really faster). Interrupt the thread work to allow UI updating could be hard though, helpwanted.
    • bug 491719 – Ctrl+H and Ctrl+Maj+H both display an empty history (ddahl), ready to land
    • bug 491520 – Tag autocomplete prevents changing the case of tags, when adding tags (mak), has new patch needs review/hints from gavin
  • Blockers Nominations (1, +1,
  • Needs branch landing (1, +1,
  • Wanted (33, -1,
  • Possible Wontfix (45, -1,
  • Places bugs on m-c but not yet on 1.9.1 (39, +8,
  • Waiting for approval1.9.1 (9, +5,
  • Requiring tests (in-testsuite?) (83, +1,

QA Issues

  • Tracy
    • will get on track with verifying fixes as they land (next nightly)
    • focus will remain on 1.9.1 branch ’til final release.

Status updates

  • sdwilsh
    • bug 455555 – async location bar queries (just got more complicated [READ: threadsafety issues with stuff we use]. ETA unknown, but will update dependency tree)
  • mak
    • working on blockers (see above for status)
    • done reviews
    • bug 483980 – Allow history/bookmark observer components to register with a startup category. Looking into this, fixed leaks and a possible Places bug.
    • bug 493538 – Crash in [@ nsNavHistory::RecalculateFrecenciesInternal(mozIStorageStatement*, int)]. Most likely blocker.
    • bug 392193 – first run migration / import from ie, opera and safari browser can be slow, migration should use “run in batch”. Landed with awesome numbers.
    • bug 488966 – Add a last_visit_date column with an index to moz_places. Need to prepare unbitrot patch for 1.9.1.

  • adw
    • bookmarks initialization is not fault tolerant bug 478912 – Posted another new WIP with a new approach. Next: tests.
    • clear recent history/privacy blockers
      • CRH deletes places, not visits bug 491883 awaiting Johnathan’s review. Patches are really simple.
      • Places toolkit bug 491983 (removeVisitsByTimeframe) landed on trunk. Awaiting Dietrich’s review of 1.9.1 patch.
      • selected option in privacy pref pane not sticky blocker bug 490199 – Landed on trunk and branch. (Follow-up bug 493527 nominated for blocking3.5…)
    • clear recent history dialog polish – requesting review or approval1.9.1
  • ddahl
    • bug 491719 blocker – French Localization uncovered SQL binding issue: Patch up, needs tiny tweak, one final test where I alter the build’s locale file. Then check-in. Branch patch will differ by one colon char (i think)
    • bug 492379 Good start on downgrade script for nightly users. I hope to be back on this (and finish) tomorrow.


  • MDC
    • the migration guide needs history api and dynamic container examples. (dietrich)
    • the design documents linked from MDC need to be written. can probably cull from the old design overview docs.
    • Documentation non-existent:
      • dynamic containers (MaK77)
        • will do as soon as they are working properly


  • bug 489173 Issue with size of places.sqlite and Google Toolbar

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