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SeaMonkey Meeting Minutes: 2009-06-16

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SeaMonkey Meeting Details


  • Who’s taking minutes? -> Ratty

Action Items

(who needs to do what that hasn’t been recorded in a bug) We should assign people to the open items.


  • KaiRo will solicit opinions on whether to use the new “pretty names” system for our release builds that Firefox and Thunderbird are using.


  • Get permission from Google to use their geolocation JSON service [KaiRo]. Contact at Google says: “We don’t have a good estimate for when GLS will be opening up more broadly, but I will be sure to let you know when we take that step. Sorry that I can not be more specific at this time.” – We can only wait right now.


  • Should we have all NEW bugs that had no comment after 2005-03-10 mass-changed to UNCONFIRMED?
    • [KaiRo] has finally done the mass-UNCONFIRMing on Sunday, query tag for this change: mass-UNCONFIRM-20090614

SeaMonkey 2 Beta 1

Bug Queries

open blockers (1)
all blockers (2)
blocker requests (1)

  • SeaMonkey developers will need to nominate bugs that they think should be considered for blocking Beta 1.
    • IanN: more triage of the blocker nominations?
  • Tentative Beta 1 freeze date?
    • Thunderbird 3.0 beta 3 dates are still totally up in the air, what should we do?
    • They are waiting for Search to land and it’s looking quite close now but they still have more than 30 blockers left.
    • The main Search patch has landed. Standard8 thinks that a release freeze in 2 to 4 weeks is possible.
    • Tentative Beta 1 freeze date pushed back 2 weeks to the next meeting where we will decide on a hard freeze date.
    • We shall also need to do a L10n freeze at that time. We hope to release L10n builds off the automated harness KaiRo is working on.
  • Tabmail is still the biggest missing item. It needs a bit more work and reviews, but it’s reaching a usable state.
    • Prerequisite for Lightning which we would like to support.
  • Blocker bug 484175 (History Import from SeaMonkey 1.1.x is not working): how can we progress?
    • This is due to the order in which toolkit starts up. Discussions on various ways to fix this for SeaMonkey.

SeaMonkey 2 Beta 2

Bug Queries

open blockers (0)
all blockers (0)
blocker requests (1)

  • We might want to take bug 474701 depending on how it works out in Thunderbird.

Longer-Term SeaMonkey 2 Planning

open wanted (11)
wanted requests (17)

Bug statistics for last two (full) weeks: 29 new, 32 fixed, 43 triaged.

Major wanted/needed features:

  • Download manager aftermath:
    • bug 474622 InvisibleSmiley is working on some key hookups.
    • KaiRo fixed the OSX button images.
    • bug 495680 The import problem with downloads with the -1 (NOT_STARTED) status in the old download.rdf still needs to be looked at in toolkit, might be an easy patch once we know what to do with them.
    • IanN note significant slow down in the tree view updating.
  • Toolbar customization aftermath:
    • Ratty fixed a minor regression: bug 491676 problems with multistate-buttons.
    • bug 481862 We still need small button icons for modern in MailNews.
  • bug 456757 Modern theme update. prometeo has stepped up to work on this.
    • No News.
  • bug 460699 Make the default theme look better on mac.
    • No News.
  • bug 410613 OpenSearch. helpwanted.
    • We need to check if OpenSearch can support all our existing functionality, for example the INTEPRETS section in Sherlock search plugins. Mnyromyr will check on that, and on how extensible the Firefox code is.
    • We probably need to move this item to (or Beta 2?).
  • bug 460953 Port jminta’s kill-rdf to SeaMonkey where applicable.
    • There isn’t any urgent need for progress on this as long as we don’t break. It might be good for extensions if we to convert our folder pane to be JS-driven e.g. calendar wants to put items there.
  • bug 460960 Port Thunderbird tabbed interface to MailNews.
    • No News.
  • bug 348720 New icon set for “SeaMonkey Default Theme”.
    • No News.
  • bug 465504 Include an identity indicator in primary chrome (EV certificate UI). FIXED.
    • Modern Patch for theming the URL bar has been checked in.


Status Updates from developers – what are you working on, what’s the progress, any other comments? (feel free to add yourself to the list if your name is missing and you have interesting status).

xpcshell Tests & Leak Logs

  • Thanks to Serge Gautherie for finishing and landing bug 384339, this means that check-interactive works correctly even with tail_*.js scripts in xpcshell tests.
  • We have now have landed mailnews shutdown scripts for everything bar mailnews/db/gloda.
    • Therefore reported leaks for xpcshell-tests are either real leaks or issues in the testcases.
    • bug 498147 is the tracking bug for leaks in MailNews – bugs already filed for existing leaks.
    • Some leak bugs cover multiple tests as they are most likely caused by one issue.
  • mailnews/db/gloda will hopefully land soon.
  • Standard8 happy to try and help resolve leaks in new tests.







  • Usual testing, reviewing and commenting.
  • Triaging some of the new-unconfirmed old bugs.
  • Blocker triaging.


  • Fixing up some small things that had been lying around on my to-look-at list for a while (extensions update URL, search-rdf.dtd package omission), also fixed key warning about fishcam easter egg.
  • Fixed OS X to have button icons in new download manager, used new patch structure for Mac-specific default theme files for the first time.
  • Tested and verified that localized builds from comm-1.9.1 buildbots now even work when localization isn’t complete (en-US strings are inserted).
  • Updated new OS X VMs to 10.5.7 and tested new Parallels build, but that didn’t fix the instabilities, tickets are filed with Parallels.
  • Started working on release automation for SeaMonkey, a lot of it is working and with luck we might be able to use it for Beta 1.
  • Handled a few checkin-needed patches.
  • Did the big NEW->UNCONFIRMED bug change and ran into some problems with Bugzilla, but finally succeeded (not without some embarrassment).
  • Started 1.1.17 release process.
  • As always, my blog has more detailed status about my work.


  • Finally reviewed bug 494169 (tinderbox orange).
  • Filed&attached a patch to bug 497424 Port Bug 452162 (Lessen the number of cases where a restart is required on application update) to SeaMonkey installer.
  • Found a crash in MailNews, probably only a edge case bug 497894 SeaMonkey crashes after deleting parts of the mail address in the To: field after autocomplete.





  • Fixed File Upload (regression from bug 412822), only for toolkit download manager to break it before I could get reviews.
  • Fixed my own regression (bug 496046).
  • Fixed autocomplete tests (bug 494169).
  • Landed last part of EV UI (bug 465504).
  • Triaged some NEW-UNCO bugs.


  • Bugs Fixed:
    • bug 444917 It should be possible for an extension to reload Page Info on a different document (Port Firefox bug 388504).
    • bug 86400 Multiple page info windows can be opened.
    • bug 491676 Customizable Toolbars in SeaMonkey MailNews has problems with multistate-buttons.
  • Working on:
    • bug 491310 Port changes in the new Firefox Page Info implementation since the initial port.
  • Blocked on:
    • bug 481862 Small buttons for MailNews. Working on the CSS part.
  • Bug triage: MailNews, 3pane context menus, Error Console.
  • AgitProp and PR in


  • Fixed SeaMonkey bugs:
    • bug 497450 Port new bug 495533 crashtest leak threshold to SeaMonkey
  • Fixed (MailNews) Core/… (but SM related) bugs:
    • bug 384339 The check-interactive code executes head, tail scripts before the user runs
    • bug 471085 Intermittent hang/crash at end of ‘mochitest’ suite, triggered by test_videocontrols.html
    • bug 490028 JavaScript strict warning in chrome://messenger-newsblog/content/Feed.js and feed-parser.js; (Dv1) Fix newsblog.js too
    • bug 493008 Port |Bug 472093 – fix build system to use NTDDI_VERSION instead of random checks| to comm-central
    • bug 494769 [MacOSX] mochitest-plain: test_wav_trailing.html (and others) intermittently triggers “malloc: *** error: can’t allocate region”
  • And working on other areas… like
    • infrastructure to run tests
    • filing bugs for leaks in (TUnit) tests
    • doing an (experimental) Windows mozilla-central SeaMonkey build, reporting to bug 470184 issue tracking; looking forward to SM/m-c builds now that KaiRo is setting up the new buildbot slaves (bug 464325 follow-ups).




Any other business?

  • Should we use the “pretty name” system used by FF (and IIRC TB as well) for our release builds?
    • We would have structures and names like win32/en-US/SeaMonkey Setup 2.0 Alpha 4.exe
    • KaiRo will solicit opinions. Meanwhile we will continue not to use pretty names.

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