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Mobile: 2014-11-26

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Topics for This Week

Work Week
Next week we are meeting up in Portland with the rest of Mozilla. Lots of opportunities to chat with your own team, but also with other teams. Go to meetings to learn about 2015 Initiatives. Hack on amazing, cool stuff – not on normal bug work. Leverage the opportunity.
We have had a few meetings about new password-related work in Mobile & Desktop & Cloud Services. We are landing some “parity” features in Fennec soon. We are also looking ahead to new features too, including: Password generation, password strength, LoginManager form heuristics and more.
Reading List
In addition to working on client-side features, Mozilla has also started working on a Reading List service that would sync data across platforms – Mobile and Desktop.

Tracking Review


  • Next Build:
ID Summary Status Assigned to
1049138 crash in VisitNextEdgeBetweenRect NEW Eugen Sawin [:esawin] (esawin)
1050832 OMX Plugin could not be initialized in Android L Preview (Loading OMX Plugin: nullptr) ASSIGNED James Willcox (:snorp) ( (snorp)
1062758 crash in nsObserverService::RemoveObserver(nsIObserver*, char const*) NEW
1081560 Opening recent tab from awesomescreen with kbd closed results in blank page REOPENED Robert O’Callahan (:roc) (Mozilla Corporation) (roc)
1085742 crash in nsAutoPtr<mozilla::CacheData>* nsTArray_Impl<nsAutoPtr<mozilla::CacheData>, nsTArrayInfallibleAllocator>::AppendElement<mozilla::CacheData*>(mozilla::CacheData* const&) NEW :Ehsan Akhgari (not reading bugmail, needinfo? me!) (ehsan.akhgari)

5 Total;
5 Open (100%);
0 Resolved (0%);
0 Verified (0%);


  • Next Build:
ID Summary Status Assigned to
936099 We should use new Android 4.4 full-screen modes to draw content underneath the toolbar and status bar NEW Lucas Rocha (:lucasr) (
987223 No visible H.264 video playback on MPEG-4 AVC (part 10) (avc1) (Planar 4:2:0 YUV) on Android 4.0 devices NEW Edwin Flores [:eflores] [:edwin] (edwin)
1058160 Specify main activity org.mozilla.fennec.App with a default intent over ASSIGNED Nick Alexander :nalexander (nalexander)
1063867 Add telemetry flag for resource-constrained builds NEW
1064669 GooglePlayServicesUtil.isGooglePlayServicesAvailable takes ~212ms during startup REOPENED Wesley Johnston (:wesj) (wjohnston)
1065190 [meta] Improve Android version conditionalization NEW
1071690 WebGL content disappears NEW Robert O’Callahan (:roc) (Mozilla Corporation) (roc)
1072423 Autophone – support split APKs for 2.3/later ASSIGNED Bob Clary [:bc:] (bob)
1073554 Visible seams in webpages while panning NEW Matt Woodrow (:mattwoodrow) (matt.woodrow)
1073772 Releng work for producing two ARMv7 APKs to target different API ranges REOPENED Jordan Lund (:jlund) (jlund)
1074536 Padding for integrated Statusbar overlaps with addressbar when statusbar is hidden NEW Lucas Rocha (:lucasr) (
1079584 Persist delayed search events on disk ASSIGNED swaroop.rao
1079874 crash in java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.toolbar.BrowserToolbarTabletBase.setButtonEnabled( NEW Lucas Rocha (:lucasr) (
1079875 crash in java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.toolbar.BrowserToolbarPhoneBase.<init>( NEW Lucas Rocha (:lucasr) (
1079891 Search widget not available for adding to a Android homescreen on the Android One (and likely other devices); fixed widget size can not fit on the device NEW Wesley Johnston (:wesj) (wjohnston)
1080749 Add nightly jobs for new splitapk Android builders ASSIGNED Jordan Lund (:jlund) (jlund)
1083271 Big regression in taskjs benchmark 2014-10-08 NEW Matt Woodrow (:mattwoodrow) (matt.woodrow)
1089210 Crash without breakpad on NEW Milan Sreckovic [:milan] (milan)
1089417 regression: not rendered correctly NEW David Baron [:dbaron] (UTC-8) (needinfo? for questions) (dbaron)
1090300 crash in mozilla::MediaCodecDataDecoder::DecoderLoop() REOPENED James Willcox (:snorp) ( (snorp)
1093826 Don’t build GeckoView for resource-constrained builds NEW Nick Alexander :nalexander (nalexander)
1096090 Android Aurora 35 fails to play videos on Asus Memopad NEW James Willcox (:snorp) ( (snorp)
1097116 Some frames not displayed in short video REOPENED James Willcox (:snorp) ( (snorp)
1098390 Graphic buffer garbage shown and persists when entering full-screen (video/regular content) in Android 5.0 (Nexus 5) NEW Lucas Rocha (:lucasr) (
1098421 Aurora stops unexpectedly when trying to launch Search Activity from the widget NEW :Margaret Leibovic (margaret.leibovic)
1100100 Downloaded file can’t be opened from “Downloads” page NEW Wesley Johnston (:wesj) (wjohnston)
1100126 Flickering green screen while playback video in different devices ASSIGNED James Willcox (:snorp) ( (snorp)
1100361 Could not install/update to latest Nightly on Gingerbread NEW
1100439 Tinted status bar not working in Android 5.0 ASSIGNED Stefan Arentz [:st3fan] (sarentz)

29 Total;
29 Open (100%);
0 Resolved (0%);
0 Verified (0%);

Friends of the Mobile Team

Give a shoutout/thanks to people for helping fix and test bugs. Make sure friends also get awarded a badge. New contributors are highlighted in bold.

  • Chun-Min Chang fixed bug 1071197 – Ensure user-triggered mouse events are not treated as synthesized

Stand ups

Suggested format:

  • What did you do last week?
  • What are working on this week?
  • Anything blocking you?

Please keep your update to under 2 minutes!

James W. (snorp)

<Read Only>

  • Ironing out a few remaining issues on bug 1097116
  • Trying to get a proof-of-concept standalone MP3 parser coupled with MediaCodec for next week
  • Figuring out why openh264 stuff won’t load


<Read Only>

  • bug 1091758 – Add relative path to filenames in BHR data
  • bug 1101031 – Handle crashes in update service
  • bug 1093098 – crash in org.mozilla.gecko.ANRReporter.requestNativeStack
Working on
  • e10s telemetry
  • bug 1103101 – Start the telemetry module in content processes
  • bug 1103036 – Allow ContentChild to perform tasks on shutdown


Last week

  • Standalone WebRTC
  • Visible seams bug

Next week

  • Portland

Randall Barker

<Read Only>

Last Week:

Next Week:

  • Work week.
  • Get desktop WebRTC player using new version of standalone WebRTC library.

Eugen Sawin

Last week

  • PTO
  • Janus Proxy
    • Add-on updates (HTTPS PAC, removed deprecated options)
    • Test server serving PAC via HTTPS and HTTP (for compatibility) now

Next week

  • Mochitests for screen orientation locking (having issues with enforcing full screen on Android)
  • bug 1093179 – Page-position on not always remembered when navigating back

Brian Nicholson

<Read Only>

  • iOS – Keyboard scrolling implementation
  • iOS – Miscellaneous login view fixes
  • Tiles upload testing


Last week

  • bug 1077035 – Thin pixel bar seen in unselected tabs in the new tablet UI
  • bug 1098459 – Remove dead area on the right of “new tab” button
  • bug 1100904 – Implement UI transitions tracker
  • bug 1101784 – Don’t clip to padding in tabs panel grid
  • bug 1102836 – Close button hit area tweaks in tabs panel
  • bug 1073125 – Run trimage on all new_tablet image assets
  • bug 1098433 – Tabs tray on non-7″ tablet looks crowded
  • bug 1100894 – Don’t smooth scroll tab strip when restoring tabs on startup

Next week

  • Bugs tracking Aurora
  • Wrap up new tablet UI v1


<Read Only>


  • Passwords UI done, writing tests/learning about JavascriptTest!
  • Onboarding








<Read Only>


  • New tablet
    • bug 1085487 – Correct new tablet menu bar item alignment
    • bug 1100021 – New tablet toolbar buttons are broken on devices with hardware menu buttons
  • bug 975837 – crash in java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot handle null URLs in enterEditingMode at org.mozilla.gecko.BrowserApp.enterEditingMode(


  • New tablet
    • bug 1020534 – Tablet toolbar icons hard to read on dark lightweight themes
    • bug 1091587 – Improve Private tabs’s empty view layout on new tablet UI
    • bug 1085771 – New tablet UI: LWTheme background should be displayed on tabstrip
  • bug 1085837 – Intermittent testAppMenuPathways | application crashed [None]


  • bug 939350 – Create Python linter wrapper
  • bug 983437 – Delay FHR pruning until the screen is off


<Read Only>

  • 4-day weekend! \o/
  • Reading list planning.
  • l10n fixes.
  • Phone screens.
  • Distributions work.
  • Reviews et al, as always.
  • Sync iOS stuff.


Working on


<Read Only>

Projects for this cycle:

  • Support Firefox Account “locked” status
    • on track — patches have r+ in bug 1080242, testing with rfkelly and the Cloud Services team
  • Migrate legacy Sync 1.1 devices
  • Pushing Synced Tabs home panel through Aurora bug remotetabsv2
    • color fixes landed
    • antlam wants bug 1071887 so I’m planning to do it (and bug )
  • Starting Reading List sync service
    • no progress
  • Gradle integration
    • landed |mach gradle|
    • improved omnijar rebuilding, much faster
  • buck integration
    • evaluated and rejected in favour of Gradle; planning a blog post to drill into this



Martyn Haigh


  • Lost and found my voice – hurrah.



  • iOS Work: Sharing functionality is pretty much finished. Last bits need to be merged in and we have some small bugs.
  • First (tiny) Fennec patch: 1100439 – Tinted status bar not working in Android 5.0

Started two ‘iOS Feasability Research’ documents:

Rest of this week:

  • Finish that Fennec patch and find another started bug (suggestions?)
  • Continue with iOS work. Not sure what part yet other than the small bugs in the Sharing extensions.



Working on


  • Past
    • Tablet V1 bugs
    • A lot of Search work
    • 105 UX work and meetings
    • Onboarding sync up
    • Sending/saving tabs story boarding
  • Upcoming
    • Onboarding meeting with Arcadio
    • Passwords project
    • More Search
    • More 105
    • FENNEC TEAM needs gear!
    • bug 1058818: Doorhangers need love
    • PTO week after Mozlandia!


One Oh Fiver goodness:
105 tap-prototype — constantly updating prototype.

Intern interviews.

Machine is on the fritz. Just setting up a loaner.


  • Contiuned my 105 Design Document (
  • Started sketching and prototyping some navigation ideas, looking at content hierarchy and flow
  • Some good initial discussions with Chronicle people and how it relates to mobile
  • Readling list meetings
  • Lots of interviews + covering for Sevaan/Hello (he is PTO)
  • Transition stuff



Feature Focus

  • Roadmap in Trello
  • Coming Monday would’ve been funnel review… thoughts on some folks meeting up to do this live at some point in PDX?


  • Wednesdays – 9:30am Pacific, 12:30pm Eastern, 16:30 UTC
  • Dial-in: conference# 99998
    • US/Toll-free: +1 800 707 2533, (pin 369) Conf# 99998
    • US/California/Mountain View: +1 650 903 0800, x92 Conf# 99998
    • US/California/San Francisco: +1 415 762 5700, x92 Conf# 99998
    • US/Oregon/Portland: +1 971 544 8000, x92 Conf# 99998
    • CA/British Columbia/Vancouver: +1 778 785 1540, x92 Conf# 99998
    • CA/Ontario/Toronto: +1 416 848 3114, x92 Conf# 99998
    • UK/London: +44 (0)207 855 3000, x92 Conf# 99998
    • FR/Paris: +33 1 44 79 34 80, x92 Conf# 99998
  • #mobile for backchannel
  • Mobile Vidyo Room

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