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Thunderbird Meeting Minutes: 2009-09-15

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Thunderbird Meeting Details :


  • Who’s taking minutes? –> Bienvenu
  • Minute taking Schedule. Talk to davida for schedule changes/additions.

Action Items


  • We should engage the beta testing community in helping with the what’s new and release notes pages, especially explaining why we’ve changed things, and how to get back to the old behavior. jenzed suggested an MDC page.
  • Planning for a dry-run security firedrill build


  • Autoconfig process
    • Mostly on hold during b4 push
    • Webapp currently being tested to fix some initial problems, will open up for broader testing soon
    • davida will be working with gozer on moving the webapp into a preview release
    • hopefully getting some review time from a django person
    • bwinton has been coordinating with Greg and students
      • 5 students across Canada
    • Join the ISPDB Google Group to participate in the discussion


Thunderbird 3 Beta 4

  • Build Process Started
  • This week QA testing builds and release note preparations.
  • Plan is to ship one week after builds are generated, with 2 or 3 days baking if we need to make a new build.

Thunderbird 3

  • Schedule (proposed, may change):
    • Final l10n String Freeze: Tuesday 29th Sept 23:59 PST
    • Approvals/Blockers only: from Tuesday 6th October 23:59 PST
    • Aiming to start RC1 builds on: 3rd Nov.
    • Subsequent RCs as necessary.
  • Please set bugs to assigned status (as well as owner to you) if you want to do them.
  • If you have other bugs assigned to you that you don’t want to do, please reassign or discuss with drivers.
  • If you see what look like theme/css issues, especially on Windows, please file a bug, with a screenshot, and the version of Windows you’re running. We need some way of marking these bugs to attract drivers’ attention.

QA Updates

  • We had a interesting test day – with many bugs being filled. Thanks to everybody who participated. Thank you to everyone who participated.
  • New search component under Thunderbird (see wswmk’s update)
  • We are working on testing Thunderbird 3.0b4 this week. The sign-in system is good and we might have reached critical masses in order for that system to work.
    • if you want to participate send me an email with the os you are using (
    • Starting to monitor Crash-stats for higher usage of the first official build.
  • Reminder for developers to add unit tests when they add new features, or at least raise the in-testsuite flag on the corresponding bug.

Marketing Updates

IT update

  • SUMO 1.3 installed in Preview
  • Release automation
  • Looking at expanding build capacity (esp. on OS X)


  • first draft of tutorial is now “live”
    • cruft removed
    • content updated and “Thunderbirdified”
    • structured to allow for plugging-in other code samples (extensibility)
  • working on dev-doc-needed bugs
  • editing / consulting with Roland / support
  • housekeeping how-tos (cleaning up new structure, tagging, linking, etc)
  • when developers don’t have 3.0 blocker bugs, they should spend some time working with Jen, documenting what we’ve done in 3.0


  1. Top 5 GS Support Topics
    1. How to access and receive Hotmail from POP
    2. Email all gone/disappeared
    3. Thunderbird won’t start on Windows
    4. Unable to transfer email from Windows to Windows
    5. Cannot send email – get password prompt
  2. Draft Support Plan for Thunderbird 3 – to be heavily iterated this week with rebron
  3. Support Day: September 17, 2009, 9:30-5p.m. Pacific including Vancouver Mozilla Service Week event in the afternoon:
  4. SUMO as Knowledge Base for MoMo evaluation in progress with gozer
  5. Key Support stats from the following graphic:
    1. approximately 15 / day
    2. total new topics:82 total replies: 72 – fell a wee bit behind because of the long weekend
    3. have ruby code in progress to semi-automate metrics, relies on manual tagging
    4. #replies from non MoMo folks: 4 from Tom (thanks!) MoMo folks: 8 from Standard8 (thanks!), 2 from Rafael (thanks!) to be filled in later new users:
    5. happiness metric: to be filled in


Status Updates



  • message header coding and review work
  • misc driving

  • Reviews and Driving
  • bug 514858 Cannot disable Shredder start page, regardless of setting
  • Finally able to push – bug 511240 Provide feedback for loading of content within content tabs – as the core patch went into 1.9.1.
  • Satchel is now built by default in TB 3 (bug 510378).
  • Got an initial patch semi-working for pop3 on bug 338549 Mailnews account password prompts at startup no longer serial.


  • Reviews and Driving
  • Make sure smart folders persist the sort settings when we sort, bug 516143
  • fix temporary hang leaving saved search folders before the search completes, bug 516388
  • Fallback to all folders mode if we get an error starting up in folder pane rebuild, bug 516176
  • Fix deleting from gloda search results view, bug 515860
  • Make smart folders the default mode, and add new special folders to the right place in smart folders, bug 492922
  • Don’t bother the user with imap alerts about failed connections when shutting down, potentially part of bug 494014
  • Fixed bug 515516 smart folders accounts gets marked as local mail folder account, preventing us from creating an actual local folders account
  • Fix initial sort of listed faceted search results, which fixed a crash showing that list.
  • Make auto config the wizard for new profiles, bug 511308

Next week:

  • On vacation Sept 16-18th
  • rc1 blockers

  • Thunderbird 3 Beta 4!
  • Sunbird OS X l10n repacks working again

  • reviews and driving
  • focus on gloda faceting search results
  • continuing on release blockers
  • Bryan will be demoing TB 3.0 B4 in Vancouver tomorrow, specifically faceted search.


~4 weeks of info

  • bug 442222 Update About > Credits for Thunderbird3
    • major updates of credits is in 3.0b4, as described in the bug
    • will post to mdat and drivers about accepting nominations after webform has been updated. please make nominations for credits based on the webform description (which may change shortly). We are using a criteria of the person made a significant contribution to a feature or features in thunderbird 3 / made a significant investment of time, with useful results … contributions can range from dev to bug triage to QA to marketing and more. Note, this is somewhat broader than “the release would not have happened were it not for their involvement.”
  • monitoring crash stats and crash bugs for 3.0b4. filed:
    • bug 513315 crash [@ nsScriptSecurityManager::GetCurrentJSContext()]
    • bug 512171 crash [@ nsWindowSH::GetProperty(nsIXPConnectWrappedNative*, JSContext*, JSObject*, int, int*, int*)]
    • bug 515243 startup crash [@ nsGetInterface::operator()(nsID const&, void**)]
    • bug 515999 crash [@ nsTHashtable<nsBaseHashtableET<nsCStringHashKey, nsCString> >::s_InitEntry(PLDHashTable*, PLDHashEntryHdr*, void const*)]
    • bug 516047 crash [@ nsXULTreeGridCellAccessible::GetAttributesInternal(nsIPersistentProperties*)] (3.1a1 topcrash)
    • bug 512678 crash [@ nsPurpleBuffer::Put(nsISupports*)] during address autocomplete
    • bug 516427 crash (no laughing allowed)
  • bug triage
  • banging on gloda / search – looking good
  • updated Component Watch List wiki
  • search component
    • facet + gloda front end bugs (fixed and open) moved to search component
    • quick search bugs (open) moved to search component
    • do we want Search Messages and saved search folders to move to search component? thinking yes for SM and no for saved search (i.e. keep in folders and message list)
    • waiting on moving more – many should be triaged rather than just mass moved, like this subset (55 bugs). there are many more (184 bugs)
    • set your bugmail watches to search@thunderbird.bugs!
  • setup vista build environment
  • hosted Gary for 2 weeks – a good guest!


  • Some issues with the recent Eudora/Penelope beta are having us do a new beta based on TB 3.0b4 source code. Will be out soon after TB 3.0b4 is released.
  • Having problems with arrow keys and Cut/Copy/Paste/Undo/Redo/SelectAll shortcuts not working in composition windows on Mac. Other shortcuts work, but having trouble figuring out what’s causing those few not to work.

  • Released SeaMonkey 2.0 Beta 2 on Saturday – now has tabmail and can install Lightning!



Last week:

  • More press tour/end game planning.
  • Meetings w/ various mozilla marketing/evangelism folks.

This week:

  • Focus on b4, web site content, press handling.
  • Prep for following meeting with board/mitchell.
  • Tb 3 press demo dry run next week (maybe).


Last week :

  • Organized test day
  • Organized test week
  • Participated to Faceted search test day
  • Following and participated in Litmus 2 discussions
  • Triage

Upcoming week :

  • Release testing for 3.0b4
  • Release testing for 3.0b4
  • Release testing for 3.0b4

  • This week:
    • More faceting layout work
    • And blog about the process
    • Account preferences sizes bug 416263 bug 516472 bug 516586
    • Vista autoconfig a11y issues
    • Some other Vista theme fixes


Last week:

This week:




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