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Mozilla Project Meeting Minutes: 2009-11-09

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Friends of the Tree

  • SethB wrote in, “Friend of the Tree nominations to Staś Małolepszy and the entire l10n community, including Francesco (Italian team), Coce (German team), Eduardo (Esperanto team), Timdream (Taiwanese team), Julen (Basque team) and many others (see Bug 525857) who stepped beyond the world of localization and provided web development and testing to make sure the 5 years website was working in 27 languages.”
  • Krupa wrote, “I’d like to nominate Truman Smith as a “Friend of the tree” for being our automation genie and helping MozwebQA beef up our automation test coverage.”

Development Updates


( Projects | Status | Goals | People )

Firefox 3.6 (Namoroka)

  • Firefox 3.6 Beta 1 now has over 200,000 daily users; this is the fastest beta adoption we’ve ever had.
  • Nightly and beta users are encouraged to help us by reporting add-on compatibility
  • zpao’s “session restore optimization” patch landing this week for real for real
  • main development focus is on Firefox 3.6 Blockers
  • last week at the development and delivery meetings we decided to issue frequent updates to Firefox 3.6 Beta users on that update channel; aiming for the first update to be this week with:
    • DLL blacklisting patch (see bug 524904
    • syntax changes for CSS gradients (see bug 513395)
    • cycle-collector patch to stop cycle collection instead of crashing (see bug 521750)
    • other changes since beta codefreeze (link coming)

Firefox Future

  • some final decisions to be made about theme layout for 3.7 so we can start on implementation
  • building a Firefox 3.7 requirements and investment document

Team News


  • News from the CrashKill front:
    • Now that we’ve shpped dbaron’s patch for bug 521750, we’re starting to see more movement from vendors who are causing the issue. Last week, I received responses from Move Networks, Relevant Knowledge (comScore), and DTToolbar and they claim to be making the required fixes to keep them from crashing the world.
    • For problem binaries where we can’t find fixes, we’ll be using dll blocklisting to keep them from loading. For details see bug 524904. This has landed already, and we’ll see it in the betas.
    • For the list of dlls to block, see bug 525103.
  • Blockers:
    • P1: 3
    • P2: 59
    • P3: 1
    • Other: 16
  • Team blocker numbers:
    • Layout: 6
    • Content: 12
    • GFX: 12
    • JS: 23

Branch work: Firefox 3.0.x / Firefox 3.5.x / Thunderbird 2.0.0.x





Last Week

Bugzilla Update

Release Engineering

  • super-fast turnaround on 3.5.5 last week -> 13h15m (!!!)
  • thanks to Armen for his work on getting that Fennec multi-locale build working
  • new talos suites coming online soon (downtime now-ish)
  • need help with bug 524014 – mochitest-plain failures on Mac OSX debug builds
  • new n810s acquired last week (40), coming online as we get cards for them
  • reminder: planned poweroutage on Saturday Nov 14 at MV office. No mobile coverage for the weekend.


Test Execution

Web Dev Testing

Metrics, Accessibility, Localization, Community


  • Worked on 21 crash bugs last week. See tracking page.
  • First crash test checked into our mozmill repository! For bug 481775. (Props to henrik, catlee, and dwitte)

Test Development

  • Mozmill 1.3 Beta is available
  • Orodurin project (New Mobile Test Automation Framework) code repo is announced.
  • Test Dev team is onsite this week, cranking away on the second floor, stop by and say hi if you’re in MV.




Five Years of Firefox





  • 25% Worldwide Market Share
    • On the same day Firefox turns 5, Firefox also surpasses 25% worldwide market share for the very first time (according to Net Applications… their weekly reports are subscriber only, so I don’t have a link).


  • Firefox 3.6 documentation progressing nicely, on track to wrap up by ship.
  • The Web developer survey is still open – take a sneak preview at the results and help spread the word about it.
  • Mozilla participated at TPAC, discussing File API, Storage, security, DOM Events (including Multitouch) with all browser vendors


  • We released Jetpack 0.6 which adds APIs for preferences and menus. Check out Aza’s cool video!
  • This week we’re releasing the Jetpack Gallery, which like the Personas gallery gives writers of Jetpack features a convenient place to share them.
  • We also released Test Pilot 0.3, which uses the same technology as Jetpack to allow streaming in updates to extensions.
  • Weave 1.0 Beta is coming out this week. We’re hoping to get out Weave 1.0 proper by the end of the year, so please help us “eat our own dogfood” by trying out Weave as part your daily browsing – ESPECIALLY if you use Fennec!

Developer Tools

  • The first preview release of Bespin Embedded is due out this week.
  • We’re also planning to have generated API docs available to help people who are hacking on Bespin.


  • Total compatibility up to 45% with 3.6.* (up from 34% last week)
  • Hard work on the update queue has reduced it from 201 on 11/1 to 129 today.
    • Wait time is now down to roughly one week and we hope to get it under a week soon
    • We’re going to focus on nomination queue with goal of getting both down to manageable levels


  • AMO 5.3 froze last Thursday. Launch scheduled for 11/12.
  • SUMO 1.4.2 launched last Thursday.
  • 5 Years site went live.


This past week we saw the localization community work on the following:

  • FF 3.6 beta release
  • Fennec beta 5 release
  • FyFx
  • Release notes for fx 3.5.5
  • Google snippets
  • EU ballot initiative research campaign
  • All the mobile pages intended to be read on a desktop and mobile devices,
  • Thunderbird in product pages, Thunderbird localized landing pages
  • Seamonkey 2 marketing materials.

FxFy is a great implementation of the open web, with web dev and localizers working to overlay subtitles using javascript on a open video. Blog post to come.

Foundation Updates

  • Mark blogged about a One Mozilla strategy to use a unified Mozilla brand across all of our public communication. This doesn’t change the fact that Mozilla is made up of distinct legal organizations, but focuses on what we’re all doing instead of how we’re organized.
  • Two weeks until the Jetpack for Learning design challenge deadline. Inviting all smart add on developer and educators to submit ideas. It’s simple.


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