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Thunderbird Meeting Minutes: 2009-11-24

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Thunderbird Meeting Details :


Action Items



  • Planning for a dry-run security firedrill build
    • Fire drill itself expected to happen after code freeze


Thunderbird 3 Developer Update

RC 1

  • Build 3 has been produced following a couple of blockers.
  • Expecting to publicly release RC 1 Today.


  • Blockers are mainly web site updates.
  • Remaining blockers are either trackers, or test-only/build changes to support the security & stability releases.


QA Updates

  • Testing Build2
  • Testing Build3
  • Getting ready for the bugs that will be reported against RC1

3.0rc1 topcrashes (not representative of what we should expect from 3.0 “release”)




fixed 11-20

bug 529995



bug 528843






bug 00000


possibly fixed by bug 505221 10-14

bug 513543



3.0b4 topcrashes – slight update, see previous meeting

Marketing Updates

IT update

  • Thunderbird 3.0 RC1 Builds


Done / Cleared

In Progress / TODO


  1. Top 5 GS Thunderbird 2 Support Topics (code in progress: ) basically the same as last week
    1. Cannot send email
    2. Cannot receive email (AT&T POP server outage on November 20th)
    3. migration to Vista and Windows 7 from XP including email and address books and from Outlook and Outlook Express
    4. attachments not working
    5. F-Prot false positive as of November 20 – Carsten is looking at it – bug 530582
  2. Thunderbird 3 Beta Top Support Issues (starting to monitor to see what we can improve for post 3.0)
    1. Lots of folks want Thunderbird 3 RC 1 which is great!
  3. SUMO for MoMo tracker ticket:
    1. Gary Cunningham Lee now has full sftp/scp access so theming work should complete next week. Gary also has access for Get Satisfaction MoMo Branding, should be done this week.
    2. Initial SuMoMo content complete with bugs for P1 and P2 – help us out! assign yourself a KB bug and write some KB articles
  4. Key Support stats from the following graphic:
    1. approximately 25/ day (172/7, slightly lower than last week if we subtract the Raindrop topics)
    2. total new topics:172 total replies: 64 (Ruby Code)
      1. date:20091117 #new support topics:20 resolved:16
      2. date:20091118 #new support topics:27 resolved:9
      3. date:20091119 #new support topics:22 resolved:9
      4. date:20091120 #new support topics:26 resolved:12
      5. date:20091121 #new support topics:16 resolved:3
      6. date:20091122 #new support topics:12 resolved:2
      7. date:20091123 #new support topics:11 resolved:3
    3. #replies from non MoMo folks: 38 from pasa (thanks), 1 from gyurrika (thanks!) MoMo folks: 1 from Wayne Mery (thanks) 78 from Roland, Bienvenu 23 (thanks!), 1 from Tom (thanks!) 1 from Kent James (thanks) 5 from Lighning team (thanks!)
    4. happiness metric: API doesn’t have happiness emotitags, asked GS staff about that, code in progress:, manual happiness metric = 108 – 78 = 30 (26 last week), 49 Hendrix messages (generally Hendrix messages are unhappy but this week we had 1 happy messages) – bug to track down Hendrix for Thunderbird 3 and get rid of it as much as possible


Status Updates




Last week:

  • Drafted longer-term roadmap pages
  • 3.0 driving
  • Patch for “Write” with no configured accounts (bug 524863)
  • A few short reviews; not as many as hoped

This week:

  • Roadmap iteration, including feature & component roadmap driving
  • 3.1 planning
  • Review catchup

  • Reviews (trying to do a few a day to slowly catch up).
  • Triage, RC1 bug fixes and respins etc
  • bug 529668 Fixed broken test on trunk
  • bug 520797 In compose message, missing “Display Name” for accounts’ from-identities in Sender dropdown


  • Reviews and Driving
  • Fixed bug 521867 IMAP internal date not maintained when detaching attachments
  • Made comm central trunk build with moz 1.9.2 after fix for bug 515051 landed bug 529057
  • Fix tabs on trunk by faking out nsIBoxObject along with the tree box object, bug 516912
  • Started working on bugs that missed 3.0 for 3.1



  • audited and cleaned up numerous crash bugs
  • triage
  • 3.0 litmus test results vetting
  • rediscovered junquilla
  • filed crash & hang bugs:
    • bug 529429 crash [@ morkTable::CutRow(nsIMdbEnv*, nsIMdbRow*)
    • bug 530291 crash objc_msgSend | nsBaseAppShell::Release()
    • bug 528345 startup crash [@ columnName] in sqlite
    • bug 530447 (moved to core) startup crash [@ nsWindowWatcher::OpenWindowJSInternal(nsIDOMWindow*, char const*, char const*, char const*, int, nsIArray*, int, nsIDOMWindow**)
  • bugzilla whine broke in bmo upgrade to v3.4.4, so unable to monitor new crash bugs with <1 day resolution
  • bug 530403 filter age in days should default to “is less than” found missing in TB … SM has it, but we don’t!


  • Dale has the gloda integration with the Search Messages window mostly working now.
  • I’ve been working on a variety of FUMLUB issues, and just general bug fixing/stability.
  • Hopefully getting the Eudora 8 beta 8 out next week.




  • Testing
  • Testing
  • Testing


Last week:

  • Looked up more ISP data and filed some bugs on the isp page
  • Icon bugs on Vista and OSX bug 530520 bug 529933
  • Lightning icons bug 494598
  • Uploaded sources

This week:


Last week:

This week:

  • Review more bugs.
  • Write some more code, and tests.
  • Continue to help students with ISPDB.


  • Fixed (or in-progress) MailNews Core bugs:
    • bug 459693 Eliminate nsFileSpec and nsIFileSpec (references) from MailNews
    • bug 456860 Improve msgCompSMIMEOverlay.js and msgReadSMIMEOverlay.js
    • bug 523820 Remove old MOZILLA_1_9_1_BRANCH ifdefs from comm-central code


  • Lightning 1.0b1rc1 currently planned for Wednesday
  • Held beta release for bug 529326 since it drastically improves performance and is an easy fix.
    • Patch checked in, will be contained in tomorrow’s nightly
    • Simon blogged about this today.
  • Possible regression bug 529853 needs to be debugged, might further hold up release.
    • Patch pending review, will hopefully make it into the tree today
    • If so, we can continue with the plan to spin rc1 on Wednesday.
    • Nightly users with builds after 2009-11-07 might need to do some manual steps to avoid the error message in the mentioned bug. Will blog about this after the patch is checked in and the nightly is ready.


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