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Thunderbird Meeting Minutes: 2009-12-22

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Thunderbird Meeting Details :


Action Items



  • Planning for a dry-run security firedrill build
    • Standard8 to set up checklists, with luck will be able to drive this early Jan.


Friends of the Tree

Thunderbird 3.1 (Lanikai)

  • The schedule is still in a bit of flux, but mostly right. Feedback requested.

Thunderbird 3.1a1


  • comm-1.9.2 branch cut: ???
  • String/code freeze date: 2010-01-12 (Tuesday)
  • l10n-mozilla-1.9.2 freeze date: 2010-01-18 (Monday)
  • Build/relbranch date: 2010-01-19 (Tuesday)
  • Ship date: 2010-01-26 (Tuesday)

Thunderbird 3.0.x Developer Update

  • 3.0.1
    • Aiming to base off of Gecko
    • Schedule Highlights:
    • Code Freeze: January 8, 2010, 11:59pm
    • Beta Period: January 13
    • Estimated Release Date: January 20

QA Updates

  • Had a good bugday in terms of closing bugs.
  • Over the last week 50% of the bugs resolved where duplicates
  • 260 new bugs, most are 3.0 related.
  • Having a bugday this week




# of crash
Checked in

bug 505717

EscapeFromSpaceLine(nsIOutputStream*, char*, char const*)

Unassigned [tb30xwants]

bug 519962

_purecall | nsPrefBranch::freeObserverList() | nsPrefBranch::Observe(nsISupports*, char const*, unsigned short const*)


bug 505016

_purecall | nsXPCWrappedJS::QueryInterface(nsID const&, void**)

Funambol contacted.



bug 536308

arena_dalloc_small | arena_dalloc | free | sqlite3_free | pcache1TruncateUnsafe


Notes: 1) 7 days of crashes 2) Top 5 comprise only 19% of all crashes, Top 10 is 29%

Marketing Updates

  • Press Watch: Continued Thunderbird 3 mentions How to set up a new computer, Thunderbird 3.1 mentions happening
  • Working on PR and GS contracts
  • Targeting Tb3 Release Party for All Hands.
    • Distributed parties targetted for late January or after. Folks interested in throwing their own should contact

IT update

  • comm-1.9.2 unittest and bloat builders are up
  • 5 more Win2k3 build machines in staging
  • Lightning 1.0b1rc1
  • Lots of buildbot cleanup and loving
  • MacOSX 10.5 comm-central nightly builds are back
  • Standard8 mentioned bloat builders are crashing; if anyone’s interested in working on the problem, please have a look and/or contact Standard8



  • Doc day: no contributors 🙁
  • new SUMOMO articles / sumomo posting problems
  • Get Satisfaction: sort out account, review questions to determine article topics

TODO / In Progress

  • Mission control / autoconfig (also new issue with documenting prefs)
  • finalize / blog Content Tab docs
  • support doc locations (521665)


Abbreviated report since I am sick, full report on December 29, 2009

  1. Thunderbird 3.0 Top Support Issues
    1. Kaspersky DLL and KPT issue causes blank windows after upgrade from TB 2 to 3 – still awaiting exact Kaspersky executable version and exact Kaspersky DB version in order to notify users on GS
    2. Add-Ons: Where is Lightning? – beta is out, congrats to Lightning team
    3. Compact Header
    4. Untick use name and password
    5. 4GB Gmail issue – Bienvenu working on fix for Thunderbird 3.1
    6. duplicate folders after TB2 to TB3 upgrade
    7. opening IMAP text attachments is broken
    8. sometimes have to delete SMTP password after upgrading from TB 2.0 to 3.0 in order to send email
    9. Smart Folders UI is not intuitive
  2. SUMO for MoMo aka SuMoMo
    1. theming almost done, last 10%, in this case the SUMO search, is the hardest, pushing for before Christmas
    2. since SuMoMo uses SSL, waiting for GS to give us GS widget code that works with SSL, expecting a fix before Christmas (not rocket science since since all the GS widgets except the Satisfaction Search widget that we are using allow SSL)
    3. JenZed is going to help with SuMoMo content, thanks Jen!
  3. Key Support stats from the following graphic:
    1. asked SUMO folks for help
    2. as well blog post asking for help
    3. approximately 100/ day (707/7 new topics still 3.5x higher than week of Dec 1, # of visitors 15X higher than Dec 1: 29000 compared to 2000, down from 35000 last week)
    4. total new topics:707 total replies from employees and contributors: 297 up from 126 last week, thanks everybody! (Ruby Code)
      1. date:20091215 #new support topics:119 resolved 21
      2. date:20091216 #new support topics:117 resolved 18
      3. date:20091217 #new support topics:107 resolved 23
      4. date:20091218 #new support topics:83 resolved 28
      5. date:20091219 #new support topics:57 resolved 10
      6. date:20091220 #new support topics:66 resolved 17
      7. date:20091221 #new support topics:75 resolved 29


Status Updates




Last week

  • draft / announce 3.1 plans
  • propose testing policy change
  • code-review & driving work
  • thunderbird support work

This week

  • On vacation starting 12/23/2009, returning 1/4/2010






  • triage incoming 3.x bugs via whine reports focusing on major, critical, crash
  • cleanup autocomplete bugs, “resurrecting” regression bug 497722 Compose Address auto-complete … not ordering based on frequency

crit bugs filed:

  • bug 535028 [@ szone_free | free | ConvertUsingEncoderAndDecoder(char const*, int, nsIUnicodeEncoder*, nsIUnicodeDecoder*, char**, int*)]
  • bug 535029 startup [@ nsPrefBranch::freeObserverList() | nsPrefBranch::Observe(nsISupports*, char const*, unsigned short const*)]
  • bug 535056 [@ mozHunspell::SetDictionary(unsigned short const*)]
  • bug 535061 crash [@ Hunspell::spell(char const*, int*, char**)]
  • bug 535070 hang sending large attachment
  • bug 536312 startup [@ fts3GetVarint]
  • bug 536310 closing thunderbird [@ arena_dalloc_small | arena_dalloc | free | sqlite3_free | sqlite3VdbeDelete]
  • bug 536308 [@ arena_dalloc_small | arena_dalloc | free | sqlite3_free | pcache1TruncateUnsafe] and [@ pcache1TruncateUnsafe ]



  • Buildbot: patches could land, so SeaMonkey can run vanilla buildbotcustom now
  • Switched comm-1.9.1 to pull chatzilla from hg and use “frozen” extensions from named COMM_1_9_1_BRANCHes




  • Q1 Plan and proposal w/ PR agency completed.
  • Web site updates for Tb3 typos/errors and Lightning.
  • Support issues through GS and email.
  • Wrapped up final invoices for various pr/design/web site vendors.


  • GS contract extension.
  • Snippet localization.
  • Tb3.0.1/3.1 web site requirements.
  • Vacation through January 3rd.

  • Tried to normailzed smtp issue for 3.0.1
  • Organizing and participating to the weekly event

  • On vacation next week.



Last week:

Next week:

  • Bug people for reviews.
  • Review my patches so I don’t look like a hypocrite.
  • Work on bug 525070, bug 533680, and the netbook extensions.
  • Book tickets for the All-Hands.


  • Fixed MailNews Core bugs:
    • bug 484799 make {package,installer} should rebase on windows






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