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Mozilla Project Meeting Minutes: 2008-08-11

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Meeting Details

  • 1:00pm Pacific time (20:00 UTC until November 2, 2008)
  • Mozilla HQ, 1st floor conference table
  • +1 650 903 0800 x91 Conf# 8600 (US/International)
  • +1 416 848 3114 x91 Conf# 8600 (Canada)
  • +1 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf# 8600 (US Toll Free)
  • join #staffmeeting for backchannel

note: all participants are muted automatically; if you want to talk, press *1 to un-mute yourself

Friends of the Tree

  • Myk Melez writes in to nominate Archaeopteryx as a friend of the tree for his tireless work as an AMO reviewer. “Archaeopteryx reviews a lot of extensions, but he also goes above and beyond, discussing issues in IRC and filing bugs on problems he finds. His feedback is really useful!”

Please send FotT nominations to This is a great opportunity for the community to recognize those who go above and beyond, so please tell me when you see that happening. Thanks.

Development Updates

Fx / Fx 3.0.2


  • simultaneous release with 3.0.2

Firefox 3.0.2

  • code freeze scheduled for Friday, August 15th
  • see schedule/tracking page for more info
  • plan is for this to be the version that will be used for Major Update
    • still need to work out plan for when we offer it

TB 3

  • Shredder Alpha 2 release candidate built; testing in progress
  • Will be scheduling platform full-text indexing meeting for early next week (probably Tuesday or Wednesday); will announce in dev.planning & elsewhere

Gecko 1.9.1

  • Proposed Gecko Shiretoko 1.9.1 Beta 1 Freeze: Still planning for Tuesday, August 19 @ 11:59PM PDT. Like the Firefox section says below, we’ll be discussing this more in tomorrow’s Firefox meeting.
  • Interesting queries related to Gecko 1.9.1
  • 21 1.9.1 blockers.
  • 138 wanted bugs
    • 26 P1s. These are bugs we feel would really, really make a good release if we had a solid handful completed.
    • 44 P2s. These are medium complexity bugs/changes that are nice to have.
    • 38 P3s. The lowest priority bugs for this release. These are the ones that we will definitely take, but the others take priority.

Firefox 3.1

  • canonical feature list being assembled for tracking (based on feedback from post-mortem at Mozilla Summit)
  • will be evaluating progress to date at tomorrow’s product delivery meeting
    • code freeze for next milestone is Aug 19
    • l10n freeze for next milestone is Aug 15
    • some developer overlap with might cause schedule risk



  • nothing of note 🙂

Release Engineering

  • Unittest downtimes this week
    • Move machines QA network to Build network, change to use same version of buildbot, same user a/c. One step closer to unifying Build and Unittest machines.
    • doing 1.9 unittest machines 8am PST Tues morning
    • if all goes well, will do moz2 unittest machines Thurs night.


firefox 3.0.x

  • Bug Triage, bug fix verification
  • Created patch for A11y related crash: bug 423176 [marcoz]

Firefox 3.1

  • Worked on Test Plan and updated the features list and QA owner for each one. [tchung, ctalbert]
  • Worked on Beta1 specific Test Plan [tchung]
  • Test Development
    • Developing test plan for Worker Threads [Adam]
    • Tested new video implementation and may have found a way to make the controls accessible to screen readers, by putting them always outside the video element. Am working on a blog post and possibly a GreaseMonkey script. [marcoz]
    • Filed several Video/Audio/Layout bugs, including a few crashers. [mw22]
    • Automating browser control tests from the Litmus BFTs using Gristmill [hasham]
  • Bug fix verification [tchung, others]

JavaScript/Tracemonkey Testing [bc]

  • Added support for running JavaScript shell tests on 1.9.1 tracemonkey using JIT. Have tested locally.
  • Performed a shell test run using 1.9.1 tracemonkey with JIT and filed several assertion bugs.

WebDev Testing

Test Tools


  • Gave a “how to write mochitests” preliminary session for Hasham, Paul C and Akira. This will be given again as a open invitation brown bag presentation soon. [harthur, ctalbert]
  • Wrote script for “easy” running of tests on N800, need to add retrying behavior for when fennec dies.


  • Planning for European Developer Day in October [Clint, Marcia, tomcat]
  • Help a Test Day for the Location Bar on Friday, Aug 8th. It was a pretty quiet day. It’ hard to compete with the Olympics opening day. Results
  • Put final touches on the Firefox 3 with screen readers FAQ on Sumo and blogged about it. [marcoz]





  • Black Hat: Please update Chofmann’s recap on the Intranet if you attended.
  • COSCUP 2008, Taipei, Taiwan: Mozilla is co-sponsoring and Gen Kanai is attending.
  • BarCamp Bangkok, August 30 – 31: Mozilla is co-sponsoring and Gen Kanai is participating.
  • Events Triage Call: Join us at 10 a.m. PDT on August 13th. Dial-in: 650-903-0800, ext 91, id 248.




  • MDC relaunch still scheduled for Thursday, August 14th, although some work is taking longer than expected.
  • Please attach your summit materials (presentations, notes, videos, etc.) to your session page at the wiki. Asa to send mail to all attendees with prodding.

Mozilla Labs

  • Snowl
    • Snowl 0.1 experimental prototype released last week;
    • lots of feedback via blog comments, AMO reviews, blog posts, news articles, discussion forums, bug reports, etc.;
    • reviewing feedback and figuring out where to take it next.
  • Ubiquity
    • Ubiquity 0.1 prototype will be released this week: Ubiquity Description, Command Tutorial
    • It’s an exploration of connecting the web with language, looking at lower-cost ways of extending the browser and exposing cross-site functionality with linguistic command lines.

Webdev, Add-ons, AMO

  • Working on AMO perf release, code freeze Monday
  • Socorro was rewritten in PHP over the weekend (lorchard!!), looking to cluster it and resolve 500 ISE issues with outdates Pylons reporter this week
  • Working on archive policies for crash reports
  • Graph server is fully moved over to Hg and documented, 0.4 milestone is next — focusing on perf issues (triage is this week)
  • Testing new MDC as needed
  • Addressed a couple of security issues: upgraded SUMO Live Chat, fixed AMO cookies


  • 3.0.2 / 3.1 updates
  • Thai localization sprint. Here is the Twitter feed.
  • Localization efforts in Uganda over the weekend resulted in a translation of Firefox into Luganda. Thanks to Friedel Wolfe for helping with this.
  • Axel and others set up separate l10n repos in Hg and then Axel worked tirelessly to migrate our locales over to Hg. Special thanks to Axel for doing this…amidst the dot-release for Firefox (where we hope to add several languages), Axel is getting our localization community ready for 3.1 by preparing Hg. Seriously great work!

Foundation Updates

  • CAs and related issues
    • Frank gave final approval to a request from Wells Fargo to include a new root CA certificate for EV use (bug 428390) and filed bugs 449393 and 449394 for the corresponding NSS and PSM changes.
  • Other
    • Frank and Gerv were on holiday all week.
  • Upcoming activities
    • Gerv will be on holiday until August 20.


Other Business

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